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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Batman' trailer

So dark you can't tell what is going on. Nirvana plays and this looks crap.

'Wonder Woman: 1984' trailer


'Justice League: The Snyder Cut' trailer

Well, it is less orange and there is Iris.

'Undergods' trailer


'I'll Be Gone In The Dark' promo


'The Vow' trailer

The NXIVM cult is exmained. There are videotapes and this looks mmm.

Best Lines:

“Highest IQ in the world.”

“Hijacked the human brain.”

“Didn't seem joyful.”

“Earn my authority.”

“No way to leave. Ever.”

“This is their choice.”

“Consequnces are harsh.”

'I Hate Suzie' promo

Billie Piper's veneers are horrible.

'Land Without God' promo

“Nobody believed us back then. And they still don't.”

'SNL: Wild Wild Country' skit

“Trash hicks.”

Ben & Jerry's caramel chew chew – okay.

Chicken sushi – mmmm.

Red pesto – nice.

Recall the Eden restaurant?

My ex doesn't live in regret. I have questions my ex doesn't care to answer. My ex is mean spirited. Who knew my ex was such a terrible guy? Everything about him was awful, he had a nefarious nature. My feelings of exclusion are deepening. I have had years of anguish. My ex has wilful disregard. He inflicted harm and I'm fundamentally unhappy. Is my ex an irritrevable loss? My ex ditched me in the most dismissive way possible. My ex has manifest faults and my ex is rife with betrayal. He's universally indifferent. I expected his goodwill. My ex has malicious knowledge and my ex dismisssed me contemptuously. Gladness went from my heart and I feel utterly unhappy. How did things get irreparably damaged and extremely sour with my ex? I'm never able to forgive him for what he did. My ex is inexcusable.

I'd try cacik and sambar.

I cleared out 12 more tapes. No big deal, no big deal. What does it matter? So much time and effort when into them and out they go in another bin bag. Videotapes faded into obsolescence. 📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Pay a terrible price.”

“Golf society outing.”

“Not seeking conflict.”

“Invite only event.”

“Mass high society dinner in a pandemic.”

'The DNA of Murder With Paul Holes' Quote:

“Never opened in your presence.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“National watch list.”

“Bring us food and the weapons of war.”

“Vulnerable list.”

“Dreaded r rate.”


“Most hated opponent.”

“Designed to have no answer.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Trust rating.”

“When distrust in an “establishment” is weaponised by people who prey on a collapse in accountability.”

“Escalation of challenging behaviour.”

“Didn't like her frustration.”

“Violation of order.”

“Bringing discord.”

“Deny any hostile intent.”

“Let the past drag down the present.”

“Never countered a scandal he didn't want to brazen out.”

“Change bias.”

“While things may be bad, they are perhspas quite as bad as many people think they are.”

“People tend to exaggerate the rate or extent of this change.”

“Fear shapes our perceptions.”

“The Akkadian word for epidemics translates literally as “certain death”.”

“Crowd diseases.”

“Akkadian was the language of the peoples of Mesopotamia, the first urbansied civilisation in the world,”

“Epidemics back then killed huge proportions of populations, emptying entire cities.”

“Fuelling scepticism.”

“Disaster management.”

“Enthusiasm gap.”

“Get 'good' attention.”

“The vagaries of wind that governs both their lives.”

“Special disease unit.”

“A person's private life is sensationally made public.”

“Contagion and rational thought are not natural compansions.”

“Finds its highest purpose in nostalgia for aerial bombardment.”

“False history.”

“Eastenders suspended its catalogue of everyday urban despair for the first time in 35 years.”

“It must be ego-crushing when people are routinely disappointed to see you.”

“Famous name-twin.”

“Christo-fascist politician.”

'The Librarians' Quote:

“Sod off deadities.”

'Expedition Unknown' Quotes:

“Where do you fall on the spectrum of belief?”

“Uniquely and unnaturally violent.”

“A lot and I mean a lot.”

“Blockade runner.”

'The Fugitive' Quotes:

“For him, confidence is fatal.”

“Why haven't you caught him yet?”

“You don't even speak English good.”

'FTWeekend' quotes:

“Viewed as irretrievably banlieue.”

“Just dislodged their second prime minister in 10 months.”

“Lacks all conviction-”

“General discontent.”

“Thrilled by the narcissm of small differences.”

“Past failure.”

“Belief didn't dimish with the coming of the Romans.”

“Nothing lonelier than sitting at a dining table surrounded by empty chairs.”

“An ambience with tear gas at the exits.”

“Ignored by the elite.”

“Reflective mood.”

“La lose.”


“Unlovely suburbs.”


“Chanted hate songs at each other,”

“Increasingly proletarianised.”

“Came to distain it.”

“Shame of France.”

“HP Lovecraft is a bad writer who will not go away. He's been dead more than 80 years,”

“Cultural theory department.”

“In dreary New England, a monstrous truth is found in an ancient book/meteorite/artefact. Investigation reveals further traces of a power from space/another dimension/under the ground. Having briefly seen an unearthly power that dwarfs mankind itself, the protagonist goes mad/prays to forget/writes a memoir.”

“Failed prose artist.”

“Lovecraft is proof that an absolutely terrible writer can be a sort of literary genius.”

“Who reads them today?”

“Indifferent universe.”

“The rot underneath the veneer.”

“Nonhuman weirdness.”

“Social floorboards are being pulled back and the things glimpsed benath them, seething and diseased, appals us.”

“Provide atmosphere with their chants.”

“Fortress for the rich.”

“Exclusionary construct.”

“Scorned by the world.”

“Riot-torn suburbs.”

“Bold and irrevocable surgical decision.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“A woman who bullied her gym teacher until he quit his job.”

“Personal traumatic story.”

“Dresses like a lazy lumberjack.”

“Ditched me for the prom queen, but it all worked out, because she is now my stepmother.”

“A bunch of really old people who live in apartments in New York and there's a monkey.”

“I don't get 'Friends' either.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Inclusive national conversation.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Absolute ferocity.”

“Variance of opinion.”

“React with even greater fury.”

“Vicious theatricality.”

“Unspeakable actions.”

“Extreme rage.”

“The populance withdraws indoors.”

“Squeeze themselves into socially acceptable parameters.”

“Opinions get reinforced by constant agreement.”

“Convinced he was under attack by black magic forces.”

“Illustrious precedent.”

“Accept all this largely without resentment.”

“Even threatened me with theatre tickets.”

“Not above posting dog faeces through an enemy's letterbox.”

“The event of the year! Serge has a bath!”

“Era of disaster.”

“Tore down the achievements of centuries.”

“Entertain shameful suspicions.”


“Intense national opprobrium.”

“Making her decisions because she's deemed incapable of doing so by herself.”

“In case he thinks we have an agenda against him.”


“Grimness to come.”

“Leper island.”

“Anyone who holds unfashionable opinions must be exiled in perpetuity.”

“The revenge he intends to exact.”

“Never seen the force of his anger, but people have.”

“Awoke to a horrific new reality.”


“Public hatred.”

“Moral reset.”

“The time she planted a lemon pie in Serge's face in a Paris nightclub and then threw herself into the Seine, or the night their sommelier forced him to sing at gunpoint.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Blizzard of oz.”

“Moral duty.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“The trade's reputation.”

'Phantom Of The Soap Opera' Quotes:

“She had thought it for housewives or the housebound.”

“The random el nutso.”

“Soap Opera Stabber case.”

“A clever maniac.”

“Then I'm leaving.”

“That would help you to get there.”

'Red Dwarf' Quote:

“The prat version of Rimmer!”

'Urban Legend' Quotes:

“She's doing a performance art piece to commerate the massacre!”

“Really going to enjoy watching you bleed to death!”


Urban Legend (1998)

'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Quote:

“Klingon prison stuff!”

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