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Movie Reviews: Hounds Of Love + Den Of Thieves + Reborn + Only 👎👎👎👎

Hounds Of Love (2016)

This Australian movie is of questionable merit. A girl is abducted by a creepy bogan couple. They had another girl prisoner before her and she ended up in a shallow grave. The new abducted girl has to get away. There is staring and a growing perception that this is BAD. She is changed to a bed in this low rent film. This was appalling and it had no intoxicating mandess.

Worse – much worse – was to come. This was uninteresting and there are misperceptions. The disturbed couple are problematic. TPTB have a complete indifference to taste. This does not evocatively detail madness and common place abuse. The bogans aren't contented. People drift further away from the truth. There is no frankness just nudity. There is no rational argument. The bogans attract ire. This was not compelling just seriously annoying. This film's failings are clear.

Den Of Thieves (2018)

This is a boring Gerard Butler heist movie. A city reeks with ineffable and intolerable horrors. Cops are dubious and dire. This was sleazy and balefully freighted with darkly turbulent absurdly comic times. There are brutal realities and this was unglamorous. People have quiet fury and contempt for the world. Plot and quality lurk undiscovered. Baddies plan a 30 million dollar heist and people have relentless fury. There is a twist and Brian Van Holt and 50 Cent co star.

Best Lines:

“Forcibly remove you.”

“Poor fool.”

“Big bad lieutenant.”

“Pause for dramatic effect.”

“Unfit bills.”

“30 million dollars nobody's looking for.”

“Sports and military.”

Reborn (2018)

Barbara Crampton, Michael Pare, Rae Dawn Chong and Chaz Bono star in this 'horror' that is bad and full of bad acting.

Only (2019)

This was a mind-meltingly shallow with no buzzing menace or unrelentingly go forward aggression. It's day 400 of something. There is irresponsible behaviour and a ruined city and a post plague society and unforgivable terrible stupidity. This was incompetence and full of deluded and deatched people.

There was irritating silliness and sheer nastiness. This was utterly daft and people with unreconstructed views have sociopathic delusions. This was not utterly gripping just quite unbelievably bad. This was inherently ridiclous and the world is a dark, nightmarish place in this complete and utter disaster. There is no decency just despicability. There is malignant neglect of logic and icy contempt for sense. A virus wiped out women. This was gloomy and there is no accountability. This was dark and annoying. There are repercussions and disastrous consequences. People are begrudging and this was abysmal and there are travails and disappoinments.

Best Line:

“Rebirth and repopulation.”

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