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Star Trek: The Next Generation 4x04 + The Enemy Within (2019) 1x01&1x02 Reviewed

Suddenly Human

A human boy (Chad Allen) is found on Talarian ship. Crusher thinks he is being abused. Worf does not discuss with the boy what it is like being raised in an alien society. Picard get the boy, Jono, to obey by yelling at him. Jono is not complying. Jono is sexist and has a tangible connection to the Talarian people. Worf is chiding. Jono is 14!

Jono's grandmother is a Starfleet admiral but she is irrelevant to Picard. Men have total dominance in Talarian society. Jono is not grateful for the opportunity to rejoin humanity, in fact, he's vehemently opposed to going home. People ignore what's culturally important to Jono. His main cultural identity is Talarian and he feels displacement and has serious difficulty. There are no social considerations. Talarians have a deadly reputation. Jono is warehoused in Picard's quarters – which is weird.

The Talarians are sexist, xenophobic murderers and child stealers. Troi is ever useless. There is no allegiance switching by Jono. Picard is insufferable. Jono sits in the dark listening to angry Talarian music. There is terrible understanding. How can Jono speak English? Jono has long since forgotten his human heiritage and human name. Wesley and Jono barely interact. Wes likes banana splits. Picard gets stabbed by Jono so Jono is sent home to the Talarian who killed his parents and stole him. Diverse communities. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Their colony was over-run.”

“Pain is not a consideration.”

“So that I don't have to touch an alien.”

“This is called a spoon.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: “Suddenly Human” | Tor.com


A CIA woman, Erica, is arrested, vilified and convicted for spying. Morris Chestnut plays an FBI agent and he hunts the big bad terrorist. There are attacks and Erica has been in jail for 3 years. Will Keaton (Chestnut of 'V' and 'Legends') is an FBI agent who had a fiancee who died in pursuit fo the big bad Mikhail Tal. Erica J. Shepherd is his nemesis. Erica has a daughter named Hannah.

John Finn guest stars. Erica pulls faces but doesn't help herself or explain. Keaton screams at Erica and other like a loon. There is bad acting and Keaton is the worst. Anna Cruz an analyst is kidnapped. There is more bad acting and Erica knocks out one of her teeth. She has an ex and Anna Cruz is an obvious mole/traitor/tool of Tal. Erica reveals a secret which she should have done 3 years ago. Erica blames her daughter for what happened. Oh FFS Erica. Tal has spies and Erica does a speech full of paranoia about Tal's threat. This was okay but one can see why it was cancelled.

Best Lines:

“Most hated woman in America.”

“Benedict Arnold of our generation.”

“Hunting a shadow at night.”

“This is all you have?”

“You live in a glass box.”

“Worst traitor in the last 50 years.”

“No redemption for people like you.”

“Walking threat to national security.”

“Being hated by your country.”

“Save this country.”

Black Bear

Tal wants revenge for what was done to him. Erica ruined her own life. This ep was crappy through and through. The title card is boring and various supporting characters are jerks. They are unrepentant excoriating people. Erica excuses her obscene betrayal and has detached love for her child. There is no instinctive trust and Erica's daughter is a bigger idiot than her mother. People are oblivious to the impact of their behaviour and mood. There is talk of Cuba and Erica is cryptic. Anna Cruz kills a guy. This was not enormously suprising. There are horrendous consequnces for all concerned. Anna Cruz left her fingerprints all over the wire she used to kill a man. Will anyone notice?!?!? This was mediocre and the acting was unrelentingly dreadful.

Best Lines:

“1 woman in a pair of handcuffs – what are you scared of?”

“You'll be listening?”

“I have to.”

“It is our job to care.”

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