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Movie Review: Peppermint (2018) 👎

This was Jennifer Garner's flop comeback movie. A woman loses her family to the cartel. Some rich bitch sneers and picks a fight with a child. A cartel boss inspires fear. The trial of the cartel killers goes badly and the woman flees and vanishes for 5 years. Gun shops have military grade hardware in them? How did Riley (Garner) learn martial arts skills, rob the bank where she worked and rob a gun store? How did she get to Hong Kong at one point? How did she get to Europe and into cage fighting and set up 4 new IDs? How did she get back to the US after 5 years? She kills her family's killers and the corrupt judge who let them go. She kills the DA and some lawyers and decides to kill more people due to insurmountable grief. Riley kills people and punches the rich bitch who caused all this to happen in the face. Riley binds a wound with a sanitary pad and somehow does not bleed to death. This was idiotic. A cop lets her go at the end. Sequel setup?

Best Lines:

“On the wrong side of the grass.”

“Do. You. Remember. My. Name?”

“Explosive rope.”

“House burnt down with him in it.”

“I'm going to burn your house down now Peg with you inside of it.”

“You'll spend more time in prison than me!”

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