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Biohackers (2020-?) 1x01 + The Disappearance 1x05 Reviewed


Mia arrives at uni to be a med student and finds unconventional roommates, Dr Lorenz and her research assistant Jasper. Mia appears well intentioned but there will be a train attack in 2 weeks time. There is uncertainty.

Will the baddies prevail? Innocence has been shredded, Mia has bad flashbacks to the loss of her brother. As rubbish as life can often be, it can get worse. This was not majestically thrilling and this verges on the to be forgotten. But I may give it another ep. Mia has hidden depth and the doctor is a venerated woman but she is a pantomine villain.

There is skulduggery afoot as fellow students plot biohacking. Injustices are allowed. There is shrieking. Only 1/2 of the incoming class will make it. The living legend doctor lurks. There is a glow in the dark mouse and the students ride bikes and party. Mia is woebegone. Jasper has a roommate. This is an incredibly murky, tricky and confusing world. Mia faces an abnormal new normal. There are people flagrantly breaking rules.

There is a relentless tide of songs. Things are unsteady and unpredictable. Who are her adversaries? Jasper has a secret lab. There is an external negative influence. Who is up to no good and causing trouble? There is manipulation of power. On the train, Mia says her name is Emma. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Want a beer?”

“I don't usually drink before noon.”

“The youtube tutorial might have been mediocre at best.”

“We make god obsolete.”

“What is the future of medicine?”

“Integrating delicious meat flavours into mushroom DNA so that livestock farming becomes obsolete.”

“Against people who are.”

“This is your future.”

“Best in your class.”

“Here you are average.”

“Kill the subjects.”

“Soft science.”

“End our species.”

Burial Grounds

This is detrimental. People have poor opinions and largely negative views. Others have evasive reactions. This was unimpressive and lacklustre and celebrated mediocrity. Henry is disparaging. There is drama, pettiness and arrogance. This show was a disappointment. These people are the saddest losers. Henry is vexatious.

Neil Napier of 'Helix' lurks. Henry rants about a tree and rants about Anthony. There is no extreme urgency or narrative possibilities. Cops are stupid. This was not visionary or fascinatingly strange. Henry has no concept of gratitude and rants more. Luke is called stupid. Where is the perv's son? Henry is the worst and why is he so weirdly obsessed with his grandson? Henry has entitlement. Henry wants his dead wife exhumed to look for a clue.

Why is Henry so awful? There is a bunker. Katherine has the Florence Nightingale effect and falls for her patient (Napier). Ooops, baddie alert, he is the perv's son and her half brother. What's in the needle? Henry rejected the perv's son when he begged to live with his mother and siblings. Henry had privilege and entitlement. The perv's son is resentful and has motive to eliminate.

Henry is still obsessed with the useless Anthony. How does the murderer tie in? I'm confused. I finally learn that Napier's character is called Fred. Henry's wife did get reunited with Fred despite Henry's horrible lies.

Best Lines:

“Why the hell should I care?”

“I have ruined my family.”

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