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Trailers, Quotes & 35 Tape Tales

'Biohackers' trailer

This is a dubbed German drama about a medical lab and secrets. Mmmm.

Best Line:

“I'm gonna finish her.”

“You are the creators of tomorrow.”

'Hungry Ghosts' trailer

Don't push the past away.

'Class Action Park' trailer

The world's most dangerous theme park and how many people died in the wave pool?

'Utopia' trailer

“This is our undoing.”

'I, Tonya' promo

“That girl is your enemy.”

'(Un)Well' trailer

“Prey on housewives and mothers.”

'The Crown' season 4 promo

Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) and Diana.

How many marriages has Anne Heche wrecked? Hers and other peoples? Does she still think she's on 'Another World'?

My ex shredded my heart and dissuaded me of notions and he has effrontery. I thought I was cherished. My ex isn't much into remorse and I've a sense of grievance. I can't take any more disappointment. I feel long suffering and my ex caused unrestrained disappointment. I'm frustrated and unimpressed. My ex has a lack of engagement. My ex have a devastating effect and he's unable or unwilling to explain. My ex considers me irrelevant. My ex refuses to talk to me, which I regret. I feel completely alone and isolated and I have their frustration bordering on anger. My ex is irrational and unreasonable. My ex made false promises and my ex shows little sign of a desire for change. I saw my ex in an idealised romantic light. One can have endless speculation about my ex. My ex remains eerily unaltered in his awfulness and my ex is capable of malevolence. I feel despair and desolation and he had false pretences. He intentionally hurt me. I initally had disbelief at my ex – then extreme anger.

Andrew Robinson was in a 'Murder She Wrote' ep which also had a tabloid headline alledging Socks had been kidnapped by Martians complete with clipart. The tabloid also had a tasteless Azaria Chamberlin reference.

I had 35 videotapes, didn't check them just noted the various tv shows and movies they had on them and into the black bin bag they went. What does any of it matter now? Video tapes haven't been made since 2008 and VHS players not been made since 2012. 📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼

Vhs Tapes High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

Maxell M240 Video Tape: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Oh Neil Marshall, what happened to you?!?

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Ensure he could be easily controlled.”

“A man whose actions test even the most persuasive argument that evil does not exist.”

“Drifting existence.”

“Consigned to history.”

“Emotive symbolic value.”

“Never as good as a film featuring Chaka Khan as a chicken ought to be.”

“A world now temporarily inaccessible to most of us.”

“Little loved by humans.”

“Weary of advice.”

“Rendered unconscious by him.”

“People of a certain vintage.”

“Show his then girlfriend just how tough he was,”

“Believes inherited wealth somehow bestows great wisdom and facility.”

“Remain synonymous.”

“Usually given as a reward.”

“Designed to elicit cheques.”

“Near career-ending.”

“Later beat Adolf Hitler in to second place in a French poll to find the most hated man in the world,”

“The home phone line was once the centre of everything.”

“Landline has dropped out of favour so much.”

“Based on their own lives, experiences and norms - and privilege.”

“Stole my future.”


“Barbarism, superstition and ignorance covered the face of the world.”

“There were no Dark Ages.”

“Unhindered by theology.”

“Innovation was esteemed,”

“Sensing the mood was darkening,”

“Uttered the words that will define her legacy.”

“More than a dozen rangers were enlisted to ensure the celebrity couple saw lions.”

“Reassert his hold.”

'Ireland: am' Quote:

“Weren't impressed by.”

'Mandy' Quote:

“My toe got eaten off by a piranaha.”

'True North' Quotes:

“How can you lose a balaclava?”

“Firebreathing accident.”

'Dark Advent' Quotes:

“Retribution to plan.”

“Stilled voice of Man.”

“Purgatorial fate.”

“Human buzzards living off a dead world.”

“No future here...only a day to day present.”

“Hoped fervently so.”

“He stared at the monstrosities inside the pie case.”

“A private reverie of hopelessness from which there was no way out.”

“We have seen the enemy and he walks among us.”

“Pained resignation.”

“He was forever beyond her pity.”

“You ain't the typical road trash.”

“Wherever you'd take them, someday we'll be there too.”

“I'm the poorest loser you'll ever meet.”

“Something seriously bizarre about that dude.”

“His smile could frighten young children into fits of screaming.”

'Seaquest DSV' Quote:

“You up for some trouble?”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Await a decision on their fate.”

'Tvnow' Quotes:

“She's choosing to do it.”

“Take a nosedive in terms of opportunities.”

“Dramatic truths.”

“She's absorbed lots of personalities and been formed by other people.”

“Can anticipate everything without even realising. It allows you to tune out.”

'Murder Comes To Town' Quote:

“Not often something of note happens.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Beloved community.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“You've become a cool kid, uh? My money was on shut in or serial killer.”

“It's not all arms trafficking and praying to the moon.”

“The dribbler, I know it well.”

“I can't believe we're not walking at graduation.”


“Maybe get behind being seen in public with him.”

“Worthy of telling other people about.”

“I'm not worried we're going to be murdered here tonight.”

“Died in a super depressing way.”

'How To Get Ahead To Medieval Court' Quotes:

“Your high royal presence.”

“Turn wrathful.”

“Day of joyful gladness.”

“Portent of doom.”

“Warrior down to his gore-flecked bootstraps.”

“Surrounded themselves with their special people.”

“Provoked resentment, even scandal.

“Not without taint of an obscene relationship.”

“Dance around their whims.”

“Copious multitudes.”

“Something to be dreaded.”

“Porpoise soup.”

“Exactly who was being washed here.”

“Arrest you violently.”

“Kings of the future.”

“Ring of kingly dignity.”

“Loyalty and time were running out.”

“His etenral monument.”

“Proved his final undoing.”

“Overtaken by fate.”

“Overthrew the proud.”

“Lousy king.”

“Tyrant's charter.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Agreed form of words to use.”

“Head of political risk”

'Great Continental Railway Journeys' Quotes:

“Strictly controlled culture.”

“Saw what was coming.”

“What was his fate?”

“Negative attention.”

“Biggest and last miscalculation.”

“Spectacularly wrong.”

“Shocking bit of behaviour.”

'Malcolm In The Middle' Quotes:

“We drove 3 blocks before aunt Claire let go of the door handle.”

“What does castration mean?”

“Ask your mother.”

“Drive a golf cart over a catered dinner and into a swimming pool.”

On classic 'Hollyoaks': Nancy is a reporter not a teacher. Brendan is framed for a murder he didn't commit. Brendan has murdered lots of people. Silas lurks. He was the first serial killer on the show, we see Will before he became a serial killer and before he was killed by another serial killer. We see doomed Texas. Bredan's 'acting' consists of twitching, rolling his eyes and sniffing. Ste cries. Amy is seen as is poor doomed Doug. Warren is fat. Brendan has a total and utter lack of empathy. There is no steadiness. This impedes one's enjoyment. Some chav screams. There is deliberate ineptitude. A damning picture is painted. The chav Lynsey screams some more.

Best Line:

“Meaning you've got a bad taste in men.”

Watched an '{Un}Well' (2020) ep 'Fasting' – it's about alternative health and the quacks and nuts it attracts. Are people falling victim to false promises? There is disordered eating and biohackers and a man drinks egg yolks. Silicon Valley companies are cultish. It is abundantly clear that these people are nuts. There are dark promises and rising meance from gurus. People expect transformative things. The benefit of fastings does not seem even vaguely plausible. Tech bros are incurably corrupt enduirng villains.

There are a hopeless tangle of pathologies on display. There is no constant vigilance and no positive motivating factors. Gurus can have a malign effect. What is leaky gut? Gurus have obfuscation and ignore how fasts are decried. There is a myriad of horros on show. A woman bewails how a con artist guru caused the death of her obviously eating disorder afflicted husband.

The gurus ave intractability and cause serious doubts. One feels an angry reponse to this. These gurus should be in disrepute. Gurus push veganism. The gurus are insufferable people and there is poignancy and utter moral wretchedness and a terminal lack of empathy. People are not decent or respectable. This was not much loved. These gurus should have peripheral attention paid. There is horrible sincerity by Gurus despite them being opportunists.

Best Lines:

“28 days. Water only. It sounds ominious.”

“Go back into the past.”

“Who invented breakfast, lunch, dinner?”

“Default state of humans is not eating.”

“Winners really win big.”

“Change the way we eat.”

“Thoughtful pause in the consumption of food.”

“Fasting window.”

“Eating window.”

“Bro-y world of extreme dieting.”

“Cat friend.”

“Male eating habits.”

“Hunger cues.”

“Turn away from food.”

“Water only fasts.”

“Fat, sick and miserable.”

“Sounds ominious.”

“Refeeding syndrome.”

“On full life support.”

“Very serious health concerns.”

“Dead decaying flesh.”

“Intense and sometimes miserable experience.”

“Didn't fit into my lifestyle.”

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