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Dceased Dead Planet Issue 2 Reviewed

Arsenal, Constatine, Zatanna and others fight zombies. How do they have clean clothes? Jason bores. Swamp Thing lurks. What is happening in Australia? Where did Harley Quinn get glasses? What is the Tower Of Fate? Jason is perfectly okay with Damien being Batman – oh come on! There was effort here.

There's a cure. Everyone could have been saved. Damien kisses the new Wonder woman. Who is Cassie? You think people would be more vigiliant. There is a grave threat to what's left of humanity. Zombie Plastic Man shows up. People die. Who is the greater evil looking on with cold, uncaring eyes? This was okay after issue 1 was a spectacular underachievement. Nobody notes that Bruce Wayne was a deluded plutocrat and that the immediate future looks bleak.

Best Lines:

“Kept out every Blighted One...”

“His wound is beyond medicine.”

“So many layers of dread. Like some kind of horror cake.”

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