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A Traveler

A creepy man shows up in a remote Alaska jail at Christmas. Greg Kinnear stars. The stranger is obviously evil. There is so much talking. Aliens invade and this was bad.

Best Line:

“Tripping on cheese log.”

Scream Therapy

Betty thinks Dan and Linda are mocking her and her miserable existence. Linda never interacts with the kids. Betty can't resolve problems that have arisen. Fate has often been cruel to Betty and this was ultimately wearying. This was hideously fascinating and Dan has rigid determination to mistreat Betty. Dan and Linda plan to move. There is generalised mayhem. Dan and Linda collude in shameful nonsence.

Dan spends money on his whore. Betty has irrational rage and a future without Dan wasn't a future Betty felt she could abide. Lessons are unlearned. There are unguarded remarks and Dan and Betty have petty vindictiveness. Betty has a sombre expression. Linda's voice is on the answering machine. People fail to intervene. Dan has absolute inner certainty. Cassette tapes are used. Dan has his secretary type up Betty's tirades. Betty is a hate factory. Dan has acolytes and fines Betty. Linda is all how wonderful it is to be loved by Dan. There is mutual distaste.

Patty McCormack guest stars. Betty and Dan are vengeful. Betty ignores advice. Dan is happy with the power that he believed he had. There was no madly creative vision and Dan is the pole star of human evil. Dan is joyous at Betty's breakdown. Betty has ominious prescience. Linda co-signs Dan's legal letters to Betty. Dan says Betty is incredibly dangerous – yet provokes her. Betty is unmangeable. Dan makes Betty give HIM money. Betty has impatience. Dan would deeply regret his actions.

Dan won't go to conflict resolution. There is trashy appeal. Betty wants financial security and says Dan was meant to protect them. This was mediocrity and Dan's dodgy actions go unchallenged. Linda smugs. Dan is President of the San Diego bar. Dan is warned off by a judge. This is an unfortunate way of life and an unruly time. There is a self-reinforcing culture of aggressive behaviour.

People express concerns. Dan and Linda act in disgraceful ways. Betty is quite distressed at Dan's deliberate hurt. Betty is dissipating and increasingly fearful. There are ominious problems and Betty's sons have colds and lice as Dan is useless. Betty is beleguered. Betty fails to comprehend. Dan refuses to compromise.

Betty has unprecedented anger and rising uncertainty. There are huge ramifications and chaos and Betty is berated by her son. Betty has no attainable goals and is left gibbering by humiliating, degreding judgments and forseeable situations. Dan manages assiduously to ruin Betty. Things reach very serious proportions. Dan ruthlessly enforces rigged court orders.

There is silencing behaviour and Betty has absolute certitude. Dan is problematic. Dan has terrible determination. People wait for Betty to finally come to her senses and agree a peaceful resolution. Betty loses another laywer and crucial decisions are made. Dan is overly restrictive. Dan is an opinion former and jail is invoked as a necessity for Betty whilst Dan proposes to Linda.

Best Lines:

“Entitled to my attention.”

“Extremely objectionable.”

“I warned you.”

“Not doing this to bait you.”

“The goddam sequin lightbulbs.”

“Position statement.”

“Stop screwing the whore long enough to return my call.”

“She sounds so evil...it's like 'The Exorcist'!”

“Slum where you live.”

“My sanctions for this month.”

"Take the whore to the party I should be going to.”

“Smelled like a foot.”

“Never think you didn't care.”

“Enraged by your actions.”

“Spread those perceptions as fact.”

“He wouldn't have his lifestyle without me.”

“Paying them late costs more.”

“His whore.”

“Walks around filthy and sick.”

“Make me forget that I'm angry.”

“Assured me countless times.”

“You gave us to him.”

“Linda to go away.”

“He walked away.”

“Daddy robbed me of everything on earth!”

“I have a lot to vent.”

“Contempt filings and postponments.”

“I am done with this.”

“Can't stop or she won't.”

“Nobody's fault except hers.”

The Shillelagh

Sprague Grayden guest stars. Dan and Linda enjoyed immense privilege and are terminally damaging to Betty. Linda plans her tacky Cabo Chicks hen party. Friends mock Betty and celebrate Linda's whoreishness. Linda smugged. Perception is reality. Dan had unfettered power. Linda desserved endless targeting for acting so egregiously. Dan was predatory and power-hungry.

Betty gets a gun and is treated as illogical as though her reactions are unexpected. Betty wants to release tensions and Dan and Linda are to marry. Betty has discontents and anxieties and is not reconciled to her fate. Dan gets married to Linda near his and Betty's wedding date. Where did the daughters go? Betty's dishevelled. There are horrific absurdities. Dan and Betty are oblivious to the impact of their behaviour and mood.

Linda's awful and Dan is over-judgmental. This is a negative narrative. Dan and Linda are sullen, difficult, contrary, awkward, argumentative and self-centred. Dread sets in. Dan is a pathological liar with no alarm. There is no dramatic effect. Dan remains resolute and Linda breaks into Betty's house. Betty is overwhelmed and unsupported. Betty resents Linda's impact. The show changes the names of the children.

Linda commits B&E and reads Betty's diary. Betty is judged and dismissed leading to disappointment. Betty is held responsible for all and sundry and reaches breaking point. She's emotionally vulnerable and Dan had no security system. Dan has no photos of Betty. Dan hires security guards for his wedding. Dan can't be relied upon. People think the worst of Betty. Dan says Betty only cares about money.

It's 1989 and Dan and Linda are married. There is anxiety, fear and dread as Betty is afflicted by unwelcome thoughts. There are anxious thoughts and catastrophising and unpleasant tasks and Betty gets a sense of relief and even exhilaration from murdering Dan and Linda. Betty felt a deep sense of injustice and anger. Dan does things without Betty knowing or agreeing to them. Betty's uneasy and Dan acts deceitfully. Linda baits Betty via the answering machine.

Dan and Linda seriously compromised Betty's mental health. Things get extremely serious, Dan acts petty and cruel taking Linda to the place he met Betty. There is harmful activity and Betty's bitch friends ditch her. Dan has strong, macho entitlement. Nothing is shameful or genuine. Dan and Linda did intentional continued harassment of Betty.

Things only harden Dan's resolve. Betty's children are terrible to her. Dan and Linda plan trips and dump Dan's children on the housekeeper. Linda wants a baby. Dan and Linda have complacency. Things are fraught. Dan is a constant source of tension and Betty faces total cataclysm. Dan harassed Betty into madness and the feud ensured as a result. Betty lived through her worst nightmare. Dan's brutal responses to Betty led to the disastrous turn of events. Dan and Linda were hostile. This was implausible but it happened. This was confusing and Betty is heartbroken.

Best Lines:

“Define what truth is.”

“Stories I heard about myself.”

“That's what she does.”

“That's what Betty does, she talks.”

“All Irish lace.”

“Wedding to his office girl.”

“Standing in the backyard like some goddam derelicts.”

“You made a mix tape?”

“Mental disease.”

“Nice girls don't do that.”

“It's Betty Broderick going over the edge.”

“Hard to kill hope in people.”

“He left me for his secretary.”

Perception Is Reality

The snotty prosecutor treats dead Dan as a noble soul. Betty inspires a t-shirt. Betty had a sense of vengeance and there are insinuations in the trial. How did Betty know where Dan and Linda's bedroom was? Betty's slightly disturbing breakdown is ignored. The law is relentless against Betty.

People are sanguine about Betty's ill-treatment. The Anita Hill case takes place on tv. Betty is gormless and the prosecutor is her new nemesis. The 1st trial ends in deadlock. Betty gets fanmail. Jeffrey Dahmer got bail and she didn't?!? There are fearsome levels of punishment awaiting Betty. A few different decisions could have changed things.

The law is deplorable. Betty's sons were turned against her. So much for the Brodericks her children were scattered to the wind and Dan's brother stole Dan's life insurance. Not that either of those facts make it into the miniseries. Betty's bitch friends testify against her at the 2nd trial. Betty had dependence on Dan. Betty's distress was and is ignored.

Betty lost who she was, people see her differently. There is public disquiet. Betty had a veil of misery. Betty's terrible friends are terrible and her vile daughters testify. Betty is an object of criticism. Dan's self proclaimed status of king turd of crap hill goes on. Betty had self-determination. The prosecutor, Betty's friends and kids are repellent and without conscience. Dan's chaotic and aggressive aspects are ignored.

There is no dispute settlement. There are implications and a stupid juror. There is moral unsustainability and the strident prosecutor makes Betty's hopes futile. Betty remains in jail. The hectoring po-faced prosecutor ignores how Betty had no self-reliance and the prosecutor is unbearably preaching in tone and heavy handed. Betty has troubles and her case reamins mirred in controversy and Betty lives with the consequences.

Best Lines:

“The infamous No Fault.”

“She should have been perfect.”

“Breaking in and confronting him in his bedroom at 5 in the morning.”

“Promises he had made to you.”

“She was getting boring, no one really cared.”

“She worshipped money.”

“An alcoholic person.”

“Disgusting person.”

“Giving up on herself.”

“Wasn't good at the fathering thing.”


“Confrontation isn't working.”

“Closet full of clothes with the tags still hanging on them.”

“I don't know if she can get well. Not now.”

“Chose not to.”

“Hate became her life.”

“Stripped of my life as we knew it.”

“Total untruths.”

“After careful thought.”

“Cold, calculated judgement.”

“Forced to endure.”

“She went nuts.”

“Thank you for the socks.”

“Other people think you're worthless.”

“High degree of callousness.”

“What took her so long?”

Room 320

I haven't seen 1x10. David's in hospital and meets a killer nurse. Kristen meets her predecessor and continues to be one of the world's worst people. This show is not what I thought it would be, I don't hate it to 'Prodigal Son' levels though. There is lunatic rage yet this bored.

Best Lines:

“Should I be afraid here?”

“I don't open the door on friday.”

Justice x 2

A woman keeps a man prisoner. The serial killer that Kristen got locked up is getting out. Kristen's useless husband chants in the back garden. What about the prophet and the old book? Leland smugs. David ends up locked up by the woman too. The daughters shriek and Kristen ignores her sick child. The woman calls out a war criminal. Kristen calls out Leland for not being the devil and just being an incel nerd. The sick child is healed and the serial killer walks free. Will Andy die in return for the daughter being healed? The final scene of this ep is BIZARRE!

Best Lines:
"I know what a horror movie sounds like."


Evil' 1x12 Review: “Justice x 2” -


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