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The Resistance Issue 3 Reviewed

People have shrugged off the near apoclyptic plague to embrace the super-powered. There is a powers placement agency and a term: reborns. Masks are a style choice. Nobody wears a mask in the post plague world. What is The Sanctuary? People choose their hero name. Heroes are mostly mascots. This was good. Someone recovered from the plague and is angry and what is going on? The cover shows a shop that sells discount masks, emblems and sidekick apparel. Ha!

Best Lines:

“And the letter of recommendation--”

“Oh, yes...from your junior high English teacher. Very compelling.”

“I grew up on comics--”

“Yes, well, didn't we all.”


“It's all about the vibe,”

“Stick the three-point landing and hold long enough for the photos.”

“You call that fear position? You call that battle-ready? You look like you're auditioning for a remark of the Thriller video!”

“You can't come in. Ever.”

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