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Movie Review: Color Out Of Space (2020)

Cage. Lovecraft. Nuff said. Arkham. There is talk of witch legends. There is portentous narration in this tale of a farm family who encounter something otherwordly and it does NOT want to phone home. People mumble. A girl is called Lavinia. Purple light shines in the windows one night. There is a smell and weird plants and more mumbling. The wife cuts her fingers off and Cage is humilated on tv as a drunken UFO obssessed delusional hick There is an ominious well. The water is contaminated. Tommy Chong is in this. Nathan and his idiot wife don't listen, Cage goes full on. There is bad acting. This was not manically spectacular. Nathan can't farm. We get a vision of the color out of space's home world and it is creepy. Things go badly for the family but this was not good. This Lovecraft tale was previously done in a 1987 Wil Wheaton movie.

Best Line:

“Animal of the future.”

“Intelletually abusive voice.”

“That was my front yard.”

“Couldn't somebody have given me a comb?”

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