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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Away' trailer

Hilary Swank in space! Bad vfx and Josh Charles. Mmmm.

Best Lines:

“Only 3 years.”

“Haunted by the sacrifices you made.”

“Didn't come here to fail.”

“Houston we have a situation.”

Chicken breast with cheddar cheese, sundried tomato & garlic butter – mmm.

Wagyu steak = yum.

Red pesto = nice.

'Outcry' had no narrative grip, because he was guilty as sin.

My ex roundly ignores me. My ex left me, he disposed and disregarded me. Talk about toxic masculinity and its behaviours. My ex was unrelenting in his pursuit of me, until he wasn't. I'm marginalised and left out. I was ruthlessly discarded. My ex has disengagement and sees me as irrelevant. My ex had continuous engagement until, discomfitingly, he didn't. He just discontinued. Dismal tool. To my ex I was expendable. Things went horribly wrong with my ex. WHY? My ex is maliciously disruptive. He committed maltreatment and deception. My ex turned out to be unsentimental to the point of callousness. He had toxic venom. His actions don't come to regret for him, I don't think he is capable.

Robert Duncan McNeil was in a 'Murder She Wrote' ep wearing ugly baggy 90s clothes.

What are whiskey stones? Or millet cakes? Or a Japanese long peppercorn?

There is reindeer milk cheese?

I'd try grilled peach and walnut pesto and Cuban bread.

I want Tie & Dior earrings in yellow gold, platinum, pearls and gemstones and La Gioia di Pomellato Gourmette chameleon necklace in rose gold and gemstones.

'The Trials Of Oppenheimer' (2009) Quotes:

“Intellectual life.”

“Inability to connect with people.”

“That special despair.”

“Certainty disappeared.”

“Arrogance and contempt.”

“People who needed saving.”

“He wasn't the only one to think so.”

“Fateful suggestion.”

“Secret war party.”

“Questionable pasts.”

“Terrible, terrible mistake.”

“Concerned about how he was viewed.”

“Theory division.”

“Casting more doubt on his own loyalty.”

“Dangerous to the country.”

“Refused to engage with life.”

“Actual combat use.”

“Journey of death.”

“Going to change history.”

“So many elements of high promise.”

“Weapons of aggression.”

“Loudly disagreed.”

“Misjudged his response.”

“Advancing west.”

“They didn't trust us. With reason.”

“Enemy population.”

“Opposed from all sides.”

“Weapon of genocide.”

“Made their judgement.”

“New era of warfare was upon us.”

“Escalation all the way.”

“Dreadful weapon.”

“Moral revulsion.”

“Scientific patriot.”

“Dreaded foe.”

“Searching for people to blame.”

“Scale of the campaign against him.”

“Confidence in his decency.”

“Smiling public man.”

“Can't recall ever seeing him happy.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Le shuttle.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Fact pattern.”

'Dark Advent' Quotes:

“I bet in a month this whole town will be a memory.”

“Special Pathogens Branch.”

“Bleak and lonely and desolate.”

“Things are gonna get ugly.”

“Third-rate Charles Bronson.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“New grim record.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“An obligation not to behave like this.”

'American Horror Story: Hotel' Quote:

“Shunned by the elites of East Coast society.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Quite frustrated by some of the narratives they see being formed in sections of the tabloid press.”

“Halted economy.”

“Public indifference.”

“Cultural importance.”

Deplorable and despicable.”

“Handed over to become the near-exclusive and permanent domain.”

“Alarmed by the changing world.”

“Men exactly like him.”

“A significant factor in their survival.”

“Deflecting reality.”

“Oblique confrontation.”

“Impose narrative on senseless things.”

“How to behave and what to believe.”

“Ultimate aim of having a happy afterlife.”

“Neanderthal gibberish.”

“Made a huge commitment detrimental to all the things many people have in their lives that I did not make space and time for.”

“Drifted down darker paths.”

“Discontinuous memories.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Failing to adequately social distance as they chided him.”

“Solidified olive oil dating from AD79, the year Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the city.”

“Eaten something that was older than Christianity and the Chinese empire.”

“Pleasure of the unexplained.”

“Unless they can constantly delight and read their crowd and echo their mood, their influence and fame will quickly die.”

“Price integrity.”

“Flurry of negative press.”

“Doom Boom.”

“Lasciviously immoral.”

“Period of darkness and silence.”

“Different assumptions about life,”

“Knew a thing or two about isolation.”

“Etiquette elitism.”

“Nutured a decades-long grudge-”

“Nostalgic longing.”

“Where each generation assumes the nature they experienced in their youth to be normal and unwittingly accepts the declines and damage of the generations before.”

'Expedition Unknown' Quote:

“Wiped it off the face of the earth.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“Took it down with him.”

“Alarming suspicions.”

'Evil Twins' Quote:

“Will all end badly.”

'The Big Bang Theory' Quote:

“Don't make me climb over this counter.”

'The Sunday Times' QuoteS:

“So eager to inflict suffering.”

“Lived long and well.”

“People had this connotation of me.”

“Howl of fury and outrage.”

“Talk darkly.”

“Casting aspersions.”

“Distrust verging on dislike-”

“Profound trust.”

“Foisting its will into the rest of us and will brook no argument.”

“It seems to be the only institution in the world that every year announces it is “in crisis”, no matter how much dosh is poured down its gaping maw.”

“Highly unlikely to land jobs in the elitist world of designer fashion.”

“I think he's starting to doubt the PR wisdom of giving this interview.”

“Made very clear I was leaving in disgrace.”

“Didn't particularly care to be shouted at constantly.”

“Ancient belief systems hiding in plain sight.”

“Desire to exist outside the mainstream.”

“Go on to dictate taste for a decade.”

“Pretentious tosser?”

“Societal explanation.”

“Much that had taken place in prededing decades was ignored or openly attacked.”

“Everything from the past was rubbish?”

“Vile job.”

“Digest their own stomachs.”

“Secretive in a way that comes across as deliberate.”

“Come to destroy all life.”

“Stoke unfounded fears.”

“Technological alarmism.”

“No place in the every day.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Hard times were coming.”

On the classic 'Hollyoaks' rerun: Becca played the victim. There are twins who'd later die in a pub fire. A hell of a lot of people would die in that pub over the years. This show was insanely misguided. Jake beats up Becca and Nancy. Becca is a catastrophic failure of a human being. Jake is violent and unpredictable. Jake outs Becca as a sexual predator in public. There are serious ethical concerns and life destroying reveals. Becca is now notorious – it would be more effective if the actress playing Becca could actually act.

Remember when Max threw away his best friend for the murderous slut? Well Max and said slut are mocking Max's ex BFF OB. Becca is not the victim. Max feels very pleased with himself. Becca cries in the gutter. Jake does tirades and is violent. There is no restorative nostalgia. Becca is distraught and Jake is arrested for GBH. Max was a tool and Becca shrugs off the gravity of her crime and crisis of hate. This whole plot would later be ripped off.

Best Line:

“Disgusting cow!”

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