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Betty Broderick Story 2x02-2x04+Librarians1x04&1x05+Blacklist 7x17+Prodigal Son 1x18+Future Man 1x01

The Turtle And The Alligator

There are flashbacks to when Dan and Betty met and were happy. Betty did marksmanship in PE?!? Dan causes adverse effects. Betty has terrible parents. So much for Betty's 'friends', they'd turn on her. Betty would win a national reputation by her murderous acts. Doug Savant guest stars. Betty does not see Dan's flaws and said flaws go unelucidated. Dan had a drink problem. Dan does hapless bar tricks. Betty was forgiving and generally well meaning. They married in 1969.

Betty wore a lace wedding dress but Dan didn't wear the right suit to his wedding. Dan knows exactly what he wants to achieve out of life. Betty was pushed to a point where she lost her sense of self. It wasn't the happiest marriage and Dan made Betty make the bed after their wedding night. Grievances led to Betty's murder trials.

Dan's deplorable treatment of Betty went unhalted. This was really disappointing. Dan didn't even have chilly civility for Betty. Their married life was absurdly difficult. Dan had gripes and snide asides. Babies come. Dan was never there in a supportive capacity. There is a fissure in the marriage. Dan had 3 custom made white coats.

People were derogatory. Betty did so much work. Dan committed a long list of wrongs and injustices. Dan didn't want to be a doctor after he was a doctor and decided to go to law school. Betty faces an uncertain fate. Betty was the perfect wife, mother and hostess. Dan was useless and Betty was his helpmeet.

Marriage to Dan was a time of anxiety and uncertainty. Betty had a stillbirth and doesn't know what became of him. Marriage was an undeniably challenging time for Betty. Dan was ridiculously awful and ludicrously terrible. Betty dramatically raised her national profile. This was a seriously macabre soap opera.

Betty faced hellish moments and Dan had awful final moments because he dismissed Betty as a nasty, angry mad woman. Dan was particularly awful. Dan didn't reflect anew. Dan was ignominiously terrible and Betty had idealistic objectives. Dan is unsavoury and Dan aided deception. Betty wanted to preserve order and Dan opened his own law firm. There were emotional responses and Betty supported the maudlin Dan. This was grim theatre and there was loss and tragedy. Dan was strangely cruel. Dan lied straight faced about marital infidelity and Linda is finally mentioned.

Best Lines:

“Whole serving set now.”

“I can't stop them.”

“Are you a slut?”

“All your Ivy degrees.”

“Dragged me off my bed by my feet screaming I must be on drugs.”

“Exhausted because they had loose morals.”

“All of your friends dream about being you.”

“Stop loving me.”

“Futures are already secure.”

“I don't have you Dan. I have no one.”

“I'll be better.”

“Why would I have to?”

“Still sponge painting.”

“Med school became law school.”

“Try and please people.”

“Greedy and restless and selfish.”

“MD JD.”

“So much credit.”

“Spilling champagne over the new furniture.”

Marriage Encounter

Despite their new affluent life Betty sees cracks in her marriage and is worried when she sees a friend's marital meltdown. Dan and his friends discuss divorce and the friend's divorce is a source of shame to the wife but not the husband and his new bimbo. Dan and his mates plan to screw the wife out of her marital assessts.

Doubt is sowed. Dan and his mates/drinking buddies are pernicious. The man plans to oust his wife. There is no emotional connection. Dan communicates impersonally and Betty helped Dan study and Betty typed up Dan's briefs. Missi Pyle and Doug Savant guest star. Dan was never held accountable and Dan seems to hate being around his family.

Dan was a snob and hated being reminded about his hard life pre money. Betty was indignant people want to go to the friend's ex husband's wedding. What is reconciliation that the preist talked about? Betty gets Dan to go to a marriage encounter. Dan is the benefactor of a reputation. Dan has no religion. Dan is amused by mischief. Dan always has cool and calm delivery.

Dan didn't buy a sofa for his house. Dan is complicit. There are oppressive patriarchal structures. Betty the custodian of her family. Dan didn't acknowledge or support Betty and never uttered the words thank you.

There was emotional fallout from Dan. Betty ended up incredibly miserable with no perspective about her life or lifestyle choices. Dan did an assertion of will and Betty had mistaken assumptions. This is not a redemptive tale. Betty ended up an unwelcome outsider in her own family. Dan yelled at Betty about her spending. Betty's future looks bleak and Dan and Betty made horrendous chocies. This was not poignant.

Dan was full of simmering rage and Betty had growing irrelevance. This was uninteresting. Things went horribly wrong. Betty faced suffering and devastation due to her all-consuming, omnipresent love for Dan. He did terrible damage with his strict unyielding belief in himself. Betty was inspiring and unrelentingly positive. Dan had distraction but no engagement. Dan could be brutal at times. Betty had misdirected energy and Dan was a self styled alpha.

For reasons, she cannot entirely comprehend Betty's wary. Dan's uncaring. Things brim with madness, chaos and cruelty. Dan does assertions of will. A remark has significance and relevance. Soon Betty would be the one to face communal coldness. Dan became adversarial. The infamous Linda Kolkena works at Dan's firm. Betty is increasingly anxious.

Linda's totally unreadable. Under gentility and grandeur – there is desire and confusion and weary bloated sinfulness. Dan, Betty and Linda are abysmally bound by fate. This was not mesmerising. There is no contemplation. Betty is driven to despair. Dan and Betty find it impossible to converse. This case made an indelible impression. There is emotional manipulation and emotional rhetroic.

Dan does carefully constructed theatre and concepts of truth are twisted. Dan acted in a baffling, nihilistic way. The narrative is dull and has no dramatic technique. There is no brilliant insight. Betty was a suburban housewife – a demographic that barely exists anymore. What did Linda see in Dan? That has never been answered. Dan clings to the world as it was in 1969: a passive housewife and an alpha provider.

Dan is oppressively patriarchal and Dan reveals himself. Betty is susceptible to the morally bankrupt Dan. This was not nuanced. Betty has paranoid nihilism. Cracks continue to show. Betty is particularly vulnerbale to melodrama. Truth, fact and identity are thrown into doubt and things are unremttingly dark and tense.

Best Lines:

“Police lying to defendants has justification.”

“Lying serves a greater good.”

“There is a why.”

“Library science.”

“Didn't use to be like this.”

“Gentleman of the bar.”

“Establish the legal date of seperation.”

“Exhausting to be so right all the time.”

“Stronger in the broken places.”

“Marital privacy.”

“Never pawn you off on an associate.”

“Because you don't have any.”

“Care and skill.”

“They protect their own.”

“Living on food stamps in Boston.”

“New life to together.”

“Ever get bored with a place this expensive?”

“Of course you are.”

“Irish coffee minus the coffee.”

“She knows how this goes.”

“Made a vow to.”

“Anticipating something terrible happening.”

“Simple minded weak people.”

“Go to bed in love.”

“Need to be loved by you.”

“Put my relationships last.”

“Hiring a girl with no education and no experience.”

“Pleasure and happiness.”

“All his suits are European.”

“Make the money that you spend.”

“I pay for your life.”


More To It Than Fun

The slutty homewrecker Linda tempts Dan and Betty means nothing to her. Betty was profoundly jealous and Linda became Dan's legal assistant and got an office despite having no skills or paralegal training.

This was pleasureless and not very interesting. Dan was tiresomely arch and he and Linda had grotesque awfulness in their aggressive pursuit of each other. Linda was insidious and Dan and Linda wanted to have fun and live their lives. Betty's luxurious cirumstances would soon end. Betty behaved ridiculously and has a plight.

Linda's surname Kolkena is pronounced differently. Linda was disgusting and this was not strangely thrilling. Dan was frankly bonkers and did Betty a disservice. It's 1983 and Linda steals Betty's life. Jess Perry guest stars. Dan is abrupt and Linda has absolute ease in stealing another woman's husband. Dan's notoriously difficult and Betty is prickly. This was not strangely compelling. There are hideous 80s clothes and Betty burns Dan's suits in a rage over his affair.

Dan tricks Betty into moving out of the family home pretending they are 'moving' so he can move Linda in. There is stark reality and was gaslighting a phrase in the 1980s? Dan plans to exit his marriage. Betty faces disaster. Dan is confronted over his affair. Betty is indignant. Dan has no remorse and screws Betty over money wise.

Betty angrily disputes things and Dan uses the law as a tool of intimidation. Dan is a malign influence. This was fairly poor. In 1985: Dan leaves and there are unspoken judgments and malignant tensions. Dan's coworkers have respectable silence about Linda flaunting her affair. There is inevitable conflict. It is a grim situation.

Why is the lying bastard lying? There is an increasingly nasty tone and vile abuse. Dan obliterates nuance. Dan wasn't mistaken but evil. Betty's new house is full of rats. Betty left the children on Dan's lawn to teach him a lesson but he just took custody and will only let her see them with permission. There is no moral calculus just moral intimidation. Dan's unfettering pursuit of Linda goes on. This was not an absorbing psychodrama. Betty stubbornly refuses to obey Dan's whims. Dan is wilful and his adultery is blatantly obvious. Dan is rapacious and acquisitive and has a grim nature.

Best Lines:

“Why are we always talking about 'Knot's Landing'?”


“Guy destroyed some family with his incompetence.”

“You make me wanna do great.”

“Can never be unsaid.”

“Loss of that faith.”

“Did you buy this?”

“I tried not to.”

“Intent to end the marriage.”

“Every day is filled with lies.”

“You have 13 credit cards.”

“Life has become a mockery.”

“In fact is her enemy.”

“Undermining her sanity.”

“I've been miserable for years.”

“Absolute unsupport...anger toward everyone.”

“Destroy our family for her.”

“A new house they never intend to live in.”

And Santa's Midnight Run

Bruce Campbell guest stars as Santa. This show lacks a core philosophical position. There is violent havoc and grim content and this was not continuously fascinaitng. There is mistletoe and wasn't Lindy Booth's character autistic? Now she isn't or something. Matt Frewer guest stars and bores. This was flippant and a total descent into melodrama. Especially repugnant characters have whimsical tendencies. Strange happenings are occuring.

Santa talks in the 3rd person. This was pitifully inadequate and there are no moral princples. There are moral transgressions and implied moral judgement. There is no moral benefit or moral framework. People are motivated to rationalise their own inconsistent actions. Morally abhorrent people run around in this particularly baffling ep. The adversary returns.

Their choices are bad for others. There are insane compromsies. Gaffe prone and garrulous types lurk being grudge bearing and suffering from inner demons. People don't reek of decency. This exceeded my worst expectations. There are disquisitions and self inflicted public humilation and miscues and this was not taut. The foes are not a source of concern as they are ineffectual. Things are not simmeringly uneasy. People disagree ideologically in this mediocre ep.

Best Lines:

“Immortal avatar of goodwill.”

“Trying to murder me with a sword.”

“Don't ho.”

“How stolen is this?”

“Somebody jacked Santa's ride.”

And The Apple Of Discord

Flynn's back and babbling about dragons. Eve whines. There are unreconciled atrocities and this was long and terrible. This was bad with extraordinary dedication. There is fact muddying. There is a relentless accumulation of inconvenient crap. This was maddeningly crap and this was fraught with stupidity. This was all inertia, venom and appallingness.

This was not desirable or insightful. Eve is hostile. This was frustratingly incompetent. This was terrible with no positive change. There is no civic peace and there is a portent of terror and philisophical digression. This was unpromising and irksome and utterly relentlessly terrible. This was without redemption and they're not magnificently unsuitable. This was disastrous. They are dread merchants. I don't care. I just do not care.

Best Lines:

“No blood drowning.”

“Was that the pope?”


“Cryptic banter.”

“Seem kind of evil.”

“Man costume.”

“Good luck in prison.”


There are flashbacks to Ressler as a kid in a working class area as TPTB remember he exists. His family is acrimonious. This was stark, unsentimental and not seriously accomplished. The family closed ranks and there is murder and secrets. This was not emotionally charged. Ressler has a secret. This was not crushingly bleak and Ressler and his brother have a shared goal. Ressler has garrulous charm. This was vapid and Ressler bigs up Liz. Yawn.

Best Lines:

“Some nights, not many.”

“Connected kind of local guy.”

“I am not a screwup anymore.”


Jessica and Eve annoy. Dermot Mulroney guest stars as an obvious baddie. This was crap. There is a reveal and a dead ballet dancer and sabotage. Malcolm walks out on psycho dad. Someone worse than psycho dad is out there.


Josh Hutcherson saves the world in this show which ran from 2017 to 2020 for unexplained reasons. There are video game jokes and sex jokes and swearing, so much swearing. There is talk of herpes. This was SO BAD. I'm done. The janitor (Hutcherson) meets people from the future who say he's the saviour. He compares the plot to that of 'The Last Starfighter'. Everyone is a jerk. Why is the future woman orange?!?

Best Lines:


“Grab a skull trophy.”

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