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Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars (2009) Review

Well it was better than ‘The Planet of the Dead’. The Doctor and his face pulling and wild over acting arrives on Mars in 2059 and meets the doomed crew of Bowie Base One. Their deaths are a famous space disaster and can’t be prevented. Then when people start turning into water zombies for some never explained reason, the Doctor is utterly useless. Until he has a psycho moment and the overdone recycled ‘hero’ music and ‘hero’ poses kick in.

This was okay if dull in places. It wasn’t scary; this was no ‘Blink’. What was the water and what did it want? Did no-one wonder how the survivors got back to Earth? Who are the Ice Warriors? What was the oil apocalypse? Why does nobody rein in the over acting? Nothing really changes: Bowie Base One destroyed. World in morning.

Best Line: “That’s not funny, that’s pollution.”
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