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Movie Reviews: The Diabolical + The Assent

The Diabolical (2015)

Ali Larter of 'Heroes' faces a deranged meance that surely intends nothing good. A single mother and her shrieking children face insurmountable odds in this utterly obscure film. There is unfathomable terror and slow rising dread. Larter lives in genuine fear in this film which is not enormously original. Merrin Dungey co stars.

There are more weird events in the house and there is a social worker and ghost hunters won't help. The opening is effectively unnerving and this was so very good until it isn't. Later on this film becomes rich to the point of parody and ineffectuality. This was not immensely satisfying and people disdain decency and this was extremely medicore and had a bad 'twist'.

The Assent (2019)

There is a sick father, his son, a cat and priests. The father faces losing custody of his son and there is an exorcism. The dad's accent changes from scene to scene and line to line. The dad, Robert Kazinsky, was Sean Slater on 'Eastenders'. The dad is schizo and a social worker is ever-hovering and this was low budget and it has compelling intensity. Tatum O'Neal plays an ordained doctor. 2 priests urge an exorcism and there is a reveal and a persistent threat. This was good. There was purposeful selection and an enduring legacy.

Best Lines:

“You're Catholic now?”

“Public uproar.”

“Learn to start making better chocies for yourself.”

“Rejoice in the darkness.”

“Children of filth.”

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