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The Return Of The Archons

On a weird planet: people dress like the old west and are brainwashed and made subservient to a sinister godlike computer. There is bad acting and the buildings are modern day. This was not evocative and is in fact brain searingly dumb. Promises are cheap and the cost lies in keeping them. The future looms ahead like a vengeful god. This was too awful and bland and there is quiet desperation. McCoy's brainwashed. So is Sulu. McCoy turns into a raving lunatic and did Kirk have to choke him out? Can the trio remember a time when they didn't know each other, so surely it will be that way for the rest of their lives. Nobody does much of anything. This was not notable but it was strange and different.

Best Lines:

“Harmonious contribution.”

“The graspable.”

“Vacant contentment.”

“Absorption chambers.”

“Freedom's never a gift, it has to be earned.”

“Stone age characters running around in robes!”

Tomorrow Is Yesterday

The Enterprise has travelled back to 1960s Earth. There was a homage to this ep in the novel 'Federation' which told of the city on Titan: Christopher's Landing. An Air Force pilot named Captain Christopher is told his son will be the first man on Saturn. He is overjoyed that his as yet unconceived son will be born. He has daughters but this son is all that matters. This was okay despite an asspull ending that makes no sense.

Best Lines:

“Earth Saturn probe.”

“Black star.”

“Prowling by stealth.”

Treasure Hunt

I missed 1x03 'Sacrifice'. Luke isn't the perv's son. That's another baby. Are they hinting that the perv's son stole the grandson? The perv's son was unwanted and does not want to be found. Is Neil Napier's character the perv's son? Henry's an ass and Helen is told to abort her unborn consolation prize by the vile Luke.

Anthony is still missing and Luke is an ass. Luke did have an affair with Anthony's teacher and Luke is polemical in his crapulence. Katherine's patient (Napier) lurks. Henry is a surly old fart and this was stupid, stupid, stupid. People don't want to talk about the perv's son. There is regret and failure and awful implicaitons. This was mean spirited and contrived and there is oppressive darkness and this was disturbing. A killer taunts and Luke and his frat boy hair cries. An idiot cop is shot.

Best Lines:

“Are you really that stupid?”

“They hid it from us.”

“How oblivious we were.”

“Saw this lunatic.”

Episode 1

Yun Se-Ri paraglides itno North Korea and meets Ri Jeong Hyeok in this subtitled mess. Who paraglides near the DMZ? There is Hollywood darkenss and this was not febrile. There was a silly looking tornado. This was not a pleasant occasion. There is a hate fuelled atmosphere in the billionaire's family The family has horrific, murderous times.

The billionarie is an idiot. There are no security prequisites and the family's hateful atmosphere grows. Is this a comedy? This inexorably heads for the bottom.

American Horror Story: Hotel 5x02

Chutes And Ladders

The junkie likes sewing men into mattresses. The vampire children lurk. There is a dead body disposal room in the hotel. People have aggressive tactics and Bates serves the countess the children's blood. Donovan looks like he is allergic to wearing a shirt.

There are no ominious rings and this tries for discomfiting events and terrible fates. There are horrid influences. Naomi Campbell and Madchen Amick guest star. The cop's wife is all weariness and desperation. Plights are ignored and this is the world people bequeath. The cop's missing son is one of the countess' children. The cop is in a desperate state. There are no aesthetically unacceptable people.

Teeth fall out of the junkie's mouth. The cop is harassed by the junkie. The cop's daughter finds her vamped out brother. There are grotesque goings on and vilification and threats. This was abysmal and unreliable. This was an abject failure. Conflict is promoted and grievances are articulated. The countess is rapacious.

This was stagnant. We get the sad story of a dead family. Clearly hurt people lurk and there are damaging skeletons. People are vulnerable to criticism. People are wayward and others are empty shells. Other types are jittery and horror is seemingly unending in this disaster.

There is a drama queen model. Is this a morality play? There is a fashion show and there are wild urges, vice and horror and macabre notes. This was stifling, lurid and OTT. People commit more aggression and there is no creative mayhem.

Best Lines:

“Binge watch 'House Of Cards'.”

“Weird things go down especially at night.”

“Shut her up!”

“Poems were like glass shattering.”

“Endless ladder.”

“Somebody called.”

“Desperate gesture to earn my wife's forgiveness. It almost worked.”

“I'm not sure who you are.”

“You do have a type.”

“Make me stop you.”

The Librarians 1x02&1x03

And The Sword In The Stone

People mumble. Baddies are dumb. Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and John Larroquette star. Matt Frewer and Bob Newhart and Noah Wyle guest star. There is mumbling and they're cut off from the library. This was dumb. Flynn's dead and then he isn't. There is magic and the traitor is easily forgiven.

Best Lines:

“As big as we need it to be.”

“Blood. Mine.”

“Waiting. I do that.”

“Hobo camp.”

“Power I can't let you have.”

“Knock off librarains.”

“You're in charge now.”

“Less apocalyptic stuff.”

“Make yourself useful or make yourself gone.”

“Silly midwestern person.”

And The Horns Of A Dilemma

Tricia Helfer and Tyler Mane star in this subpar 'Relic Hunter' knockoff. There are conveniently glanced newspaper clippings and despite supposedly leanring valuable lessons, they are useless. This was homogeneity. A baddie makes a speech. There is a labyrinth and a minotaur and this was annoying. Helfer feeds the minotaur interns until it eats her. This had bad vfx.

Best Lines:

“I don't do punching.”

“Hid. Badly.”

“Brain grape.”

“Mr Stompy.”

“Under-appreciated work.”

“How substandard were they?”

“Magic back door.”

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story (2020) 2x01

No Fault

In this tragic true story, Betty Broderick unravels and is in denail over Dan's decision to divorce her and so unwisely disregards her husband's calculated legal manuevering. Christian Slater and Amanda Pett star. Betty's in miserable distress in La Jolla 1986. This was based on the Bella Stumbo book.

Dan inflicted horrific repeated abuse on his wife. Dan is an untiring scourge. Emily Bergl and John Getz guest star. Betty disregards legal advice. Clyde Kustatsu also guest stars. There are at least 3 books about this case, I've read 2. Betty's parents lecture. Dan hold the furniture and money hostage. There are implied assumptions and it is baffling how Dan got away with this.

Dan sells the family house from under Betty. Dan is irritating and is tenaciously awful. Betty has acute disillusionment and the domestic realm is ruined. Betty has angry responses to Dan's crap and inconsistency. Dan is expecially brazen and there is a litany of failures, delays, obfuscation and barely concealed exasperation. There is depressing disrespect and ruthlessness and guile by Dan. Betty wants to salvage something. Betty's commensurately diminishing options narrow. Dan has a legal and a medical degree. Dan does a negative characterisation of Betty.

There are sad misunderstandings and no solidarity. Betty's rights aren't respected. Dan has underlying animus and apathy. There is exposition and Betty's anger has only grown. Betty is not spoken about in any favourable way. Betty's parents abandon her.

There are serious strains on Betty. Dan won't pay for Betty's lawyer and Dan ends up dead eventually. Dan threatens ominiously. Things are outstanding, undiscussed and unresolved. There are melodramatic developments and Betty's earnest. Dan jokes with his divorce judge.

Betty's deeply unsettled and Betty and Dan have 4 kids who berate her. There are disastrous developments and Betty's lawyer dumps her. There are constantly unsettling moments and Betty is a desperate protagonist. The unsympathetic Dan is an appalling sleazebag. Betty is pitiable and has broad paranoia. Dan is part of the malign elite and Betty is misused and undervalued. Betty is ignorable.

Dan toys with domestic cirumstances with disingenuous concern. Betty has no judgement or perception. Dan is deliberately inflammatory and has no sincerely held concern. Dan generates Betty's fury and frustrated melancholy. This was enjoyably OTT.

Best Lines:

“I'm amazed it only took 1 bullet to kill Dan Broderick.”

“You're a widow. Nobody's judging you.”

“Dan Broderick never loses.”

“Sues actual doctors for a living.”

“Driving a car into his house.”

“Bleed out trying.”

“I have bad news.”

“That's not the kind I like.”

“I can't be on a doorstep?”

“Paid the landscapers to fill the hot-tub with manure.”

“All that was gone.”

“Put you in a mental hospital.”

“Robbed me of my children.”

“Walked out on us!”

“What settles this?”

“Shamed yourself.”

“Had a judge declare me an obstruction.”

“I don't pay for things.”

“Life without you looks like.”

“Losing already.”

“The rule book only works if your husband follows it too.”

Prodigal Son 1x17

The Stranger Beside You

Eve and Malcolm date. Psycho dad annoys. Eve lies. A mommy blogger's husband is murdered. This bored. There is another evil father and Eve is trash.

Best Lines:

“Perfect can be an illusion.”

"Socially deranged."

"Everything good in my life is hiding some terrible lie."

"Do you want to talk about it?"
"Not even a little."

"You don't do happy."


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