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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Saved By The Bell' teaser

A reboot? Zack is the governor? Jessie and Slater still hang around their old high school. Talk about peaking in the 80s. Students look old and neon clothes are worn and pills are waved.

Best Lines:

“Who Rob?”

“Shut up, he is still in their family.”

'Funky Phantom' intro

Ghosts and teens solve crimes.

'Jabberjaw' into

A talking shark in the future. No.

'Speed Buggy' intro


'Captain Caveman and The Teen Angels' into


Oatcakes – no.

Mint Chocolate truffles & fondants – nice.

Buddha bowl – no.

Voodoo Reaper damn hot sauce (Carolina Reaper) – HOT!!!!!

What do myrtle branches smell like?

My ex treated me abominably. My ex has absolute intransigence and is remarkably reluctant to explain and he has deliberate obfuscation and he downright lied and did shenanigans and was anything but honest. He had failings and negative aspects. My ex manipulated and hurt me with irrationality. My ex is bad, vindictive and dismissive. I feel intensifying anger.

Watched some of an ep of 'The Curse Of Oak Island': if people have been looking for treasure for 200 years: it's probably not there. This was boring and an abject failure and there was dangerously misconceived denialism. It was simply appalling.

Best Line:

“What exactly was being transported and why?”

On 'Smallville': Lex had no friends his own age and as for Clark: do not get me started.

'Mars: A Travellers Guide' Quotes:

“Oceans that came and went.”

“Dreams of walking on Mars.”


“Discovery of the century.”

“Desolate and hostile planet.”

“Alpha particles.”

“Future human missions.”

“Long duration planetary surface mission.”

“Crew dynamics.”

“Dust storms rage for weeks at a time.”

“Ferocious Martian climate.”

“Transit time.”

“Deep space communication complex.”

“Deep space network.”

“High speed celestial body impacts.”

“Pressure controlled.”

“Lost moon.”

“A world that has long since been lost to the winds.”

'Mars Uncovered: Ancient God Of War' Quotes:

“Religious magpies.”

“So very hostile.”

“Bane for mankind.”

“Worthy of suspicions.”

“Organised violence between humans.”

“Before society itself exists.”

“Travelled down the centuries.”

“Win and exploit an empire.”

“Do not welcome his presence.”

“War worship.”


“Once beautiful capital.”

“Fall of Carthage.”

“Terrible, distressing account.”

“Centuries worth of military aggression.”

“Foundation myths.”

“Not a pretty story.”

“Divine paternity.”

“Accept her dominion.”

“Just a generation later.”

“Divinely sanctioned war.”

“Celebrity in his own day.”

“Engulf the globe.”

“Moral crusade.”

“Almost a living presence.”

“War poems.”

“War god.”

'Marple' Quotes:

“Is she ill?”

“Not remotely.”

“Don't sit there with your mouth open like a beached cod.”

“Didn't you threaten to shoot her?”

“I'll get even with her in the end.”

“You look every inch the queen.”

“So do you.”

“Rural idyll.”

“Dastardly deeds.”

“Most unfortunate past.”

“Doomed from the moment she started talking.”

“Born greatly damaged.”

“Proud of what she'd done.”

“People like her lack any real consideration.”

“Caused her tragedy.”

'American Houewife' Quotes:

“Your generation is truly the worst.”

“Combing the front lawn.”

“Harnessing my distain.”

“Damn you and your poor person strength.”

“Just poor talk.”

"All roads lead back to poorness!"

"I open all the important mail that comes to the house. I'm still hoping my real parents are trying to find me."

'RT' Quotes:

“Started 7 wars.”

“Ringed by 400 US bases.”

“Defend itself with the most lethal weapons.”

“Low alert.”

“Destroy whole fleets.”

“For all its faults and there are many of course.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Grisly departure.”

“Received more complaints on this subject than on any other single matter.”

“Held out for five days against about 3,000 mercenaries.”

“Cultural landscapes.”

“Large tracts of afforested lands which are dark, foreboding and eliminate all life on the forest floor.”

“Traumatic nature.”

“How many latent cases are walking around the streets.”

“Stuck firmly the 1980s,”

“Rolling his arse over a cylinder of foam.”

“Angry red faces outside the kiosks, some banging on the glass, threatening all kinds of murder if I did not move my ass out of there.”

“Don't print that they are vandal-proof – we don't want to give the bastards a challenge.”

“Inherently hostile.”

“Predating to advent.”

“Appalling campaign.”

“Hostile cultural forces.”

“Shattering national emergency.”

“Impending collapse.”

“Would not be found wanting.”

“Against his conscience.”


“The tight to manifest your religion or belief has a negative aspect.”

“Cannot oblige you to disclose your religion or beliefs.”

“Aftermath of chaos.”

“Harm reduction.”

“In case I caused an argument.”

“Being of good character is central.”

“Serious consequences.”

“Fearful thinking.”

“Young toughs.”

“Deeply contentious.”

“Led to the downfall.”

“Society's garbage.”

“Conflictful situations.”

“Contentious issue.”

“Rigorous analysis.”

“Accused him of politicising the office of President.”

“Decisive victory.”

“Extraordinarily damaging.”


“We didn't know what might happen if we spoke to them.”

'Northside People' Quotes:

“Intolerable pressure.”


“Revolting absurdity.”

'Sky & Telescope' Quotes:

“Darkness reigns.”

“Stygian realms,”

“If a planet orbiting a red-dwarf star could harbor life.”

Unless there's something seriously wrong with our ideas about planet formation, they must exist.”

“Accelerating mysteriously.”

“Careful analysis of a shadow in a photograph,”

“Solar position.”

“A mortal enemy.”

“Clear impossibility.”

“Sarcastic asides.”

“Deep carbon observatory term.”

“Deep biospheres.”

“Subsurface inhabitants.”

“Upside world.”

“Mars's surface was a wasteland.”

“Great Oxygenation Event.”

“Intense impact bombardments.”

“Life can originate in the subsurface.”

“Conditions would have remained stable long after the surface became hostile.”

“Frozen and hyperarid desert bombarded by high-energy radiation for more than a billion years.”

“Deep life.”


“Cultural icon.”

'Devolution' Quotes:

“The eruption not only cut Greenloop off from rescue, but also left it vulnerable to a troop of hungry, apelike creatures that were themselves fleeing the same catastrophe.”

“That flick constantly from the terror on the screen to the dark, rustling trees outside the window.”

“The charred wreckage of what had once been Greenloop.”

“Frustratingly credible.”

“Seem reasonably plausible.”

“Living on someone else's stolen water.”

“Actively resenting the city around you.”

“Called a fish tank a prison.”

“Not her job to please us with conversation.”

“Who'd he'd become, across the table from who he thought he'd be.”

“Rescource conflicts.”

“The endless need.”

“That's a valid impulse,”


“We don't know our neighbors, or even if we have any. We don't know anything about this land past the end of the hiking trail.”

“A human voice that never came.”

“Tony trusts 'they'.”

“That's what would have been waiting for anyone trying to go for help.”

“Greatest national unrest.”

“I can't tell you how many backwoods cabins and communities are out there, mostly because they don't want to be found.”

“You've never known starvation.”

“Apocalyptic musings.”

“What happens when the delivery trucks don't come? What if they can't?”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Couldn't find her nowhere.”

“Prison of contempt and judgement.”

“No joy in me at all.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Shooter's stance.”

'Inside Porton Down:' Quote:

“Quarantined for 40 years.”

'Evil Twins' Quotes:

“Remains closed off to the rest of the world.”

“Silence always draws attention.”

“Didn't hide his distain.”

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