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American Horror Story: Hotel (2015) 5x01 + The Librarians (2014-2018) 1x01 Reviewed

Checking In

Some seasons of this show are okay and some are boring and generic. The show takes sadistic pleasure in reducing characters to a complete sense of helplessness and comic delirum and an irrevocable decline. But so many are characters are relentlessly horrible people you do not care.

The Hotel Cortez is the setting for this season. You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave. I know I'm supposed to be enjoying this. This show has been derided for its perceived reluctance to be logical. 2 idiots find something in their mattress.

Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Matt Bomer, Denis O'Hare, Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley and Lady Gaga star. The opening credits are okay. Richard T Jones guest stars. The 2 foreign bimbos hang around the hell despite finding someone sewen into their mattress. Leave you morons! There are negative results from their moronic actions. There is moral outrage and a serial killer and a cop is tough. Nobody lives life at their own easy pace.

The hotel is a dated sad sight. The cop's life is a disaster, leaving aside the horrible murders. Highly distressing things happen. How big is the hotel? Liz Taylor lurks and there is sexual violence. People are robustly condemned. Some things may be of little consequence. Some things are silly and there are no sanctions or remedies for awful irrelevant people.

There is uncertainy and Matt Bomer's ass. Uncomfortable things happen. Lady Gaga wears fancy clothes and people get naked. Nobody is a kind beautiful soul. Lady Gaga and Bomer are vampires who drink blood and snort cocaine. Blood squirts. The cop has a bitch wife because of course he does. He also has trauma and is emotionally reticent. Lady Gaga owns the hotel? Viewers are initiated in the customs of the hotel.

People have a conscious intention to do harm. A junkie (Paulson) is poorly received and unlovely. There are soul crushing sights and the cop has a stupid kid. There are negative human emotions and dark horrific stuff takes place. The cop also had a son who vanished. There is speculation and scrutiny.

The hotel has been sold to a rich burk. There is uncertainty and worry and hopes and ambitions in shreds. Extremely devastating things happen in flashbacks. There is a secret passage and creepy kids and trauma and stress. This was sufficiently competent and had vagueness and interested me. There are nuisances and Bates is Bomer's mother? He died in 1994 and was a junkie. If that was not potentially disastrous enough, other people also made especially negative life chocies. People are seriously deficient. The junkie got pushed out a window by Bates. The cop checks into the hotel as The Eagles play. I am curious to where this is going. People are derided and make deeply regrettable chocies.

Best Lines:

“This whole building is a dead zone.”

“They were married. But not to each other.”

“You brought this on yourselves!”

“Shameless junkies!”

“Impersonal business trust.”

“Godforsaken cesspool.”

“You're the beginning and the end of all my suffering.”


“Feed that thing in room 33.”

“Moving our life out here.”

“Messes are always forgiven.”

“Weirdos banished.”

“Cast to the wind.”

“No one's calling anyone!”

“The more you scream, the more he likes it.”

And The Crown Of King Arthur

A spinoff from the Noah Wyle tv movies. Flynn Carsen overacts and gets sidekicks. There is a lot of fast talking and shouting in lieu of acting and or plot. Various annoying characters lurk. There are silly baddies. There's a traitor. Flynn gets stabbed. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:

“Start with don't!”

“You heard the janitor!”

“Ninjas? In Oklahoma?”

“Europe is overrated.”

“Made a cutting torch out of a picnic lunch.”

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