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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'I Hate Suzie' promo

“Slightly above average actress.”

'Two Weeks To Live' promo


'The Third Day' trailer

Jude Law gurns.

'Reborn' promo


'Crash Landing On You' promo

A woman ends up in North Kora and finds romance. This looks DUMB.

Gluten free zesty lemon cake slice – dry.

Ben & Jerry's Poppin' Popcorn ice cream – mmmm.

I cannot believe these 1970s cartoons really existed: 'Funky Phantom', 'Jabberjaw' and 'Speed Buggy'.

There are fruity nachos?

I'd try watermelon gazpacho and kulfia and hrous and pomegranate and maple water kefir.

My ex was feckless and I feel miserable and lonely. My ex wasn't grateful. My ex's unreasonable silence goes on. My ex = unreliable and soul-numbing. I feel so betrayed by my ex – how unbearable this situation is for me. I still can't find a logical explanation for his behaviour. It doesn't match up to who I thought he was: someone thoughtful and kind and committed to me. My ex had disintergrating decency, he made a series of decisions and a truly unforgivable betrayal. Don't dare feel sorry for yourself ex, you chose this. He's unempathetic, inconsiderate and cowardly. My ex was unbearably disappointing. My ex has an absence of kindness and he's seriously lacking. I have caring responibilities. My ex professed to be devoted to me. My ex disappeared from our lives. My ex had connivance. My cheerless ex treated me with distain and sapped joy from my life.


'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Strategic reserve.”

“Finger blaming.”

“Small boat crossings.”

“Only theatre in Europe banned by the government.”

'The Twilight Zone' Quote:

“Ominious send off.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Super spreader events.”

'Evil Twins' Quote:

“With sunlight, comes shadows.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Deep and urgent threat.”

“Didn't know what they were heading towards.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Essential family visits.”

“Hull cracked.”

“Prison stint.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Skilled positions.”

“Reputational giving.”

“Dread word.”

“Range anxiety.”

“Facing great uncertainty.”

“In distress.”

“Hopeful for the future.”

“Creeping complacency.”

“Regretted their decision to move home, how they were treated.”

“Shared connection.”

“Wellbeing hit.”

“Tendency to overblame.”

“Lasting legacies.”

“Constant source of immediate anxiety.”

“Obliterates the future.”

“Inserting meaning into things and situations that don't have any. We see patterns when they don't exist. We say: things happen for a reason, even though they don't. They just happen.”

“Bring our date selves.”

“Changing my life plans.”

“Why is he ignoring me.”

“Structured social experences.”

“Finding it hard to re-engage.”

“Will not correct his behaviour as he argues with anyone telling him he is out of order.”

“Cannot cope with any interference in our lives.”

“Stuck at home with my family, whom I know want me to leave.”

“Behaving like this is completely normal.”

“Amplified its own mystique.”

“Long line of people whose jobs have become obsolete.”

“Unheralded and rejected in their own land.”

“Rage generation.”

“Fetishised isolation.”

“Americans were always going on erotic journeys.”

“Went silent to the grave, doomed to be soon forgotten.”

“Cultural trust.”

“Infamous as the focus of a recent TV docu-series.”

“A town's complicity in the tragedy.”

“Can't say how long temporary is.”

'Murderers And Their Mothers' Quote:

“Cannot do change.”

'Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated' Quotes:

“Desperate need for teenage mystery solvers.”

“Who to follow: dog or foopish ghost?”

“How should I know? I'm just a shark from the future.”

“Get it right sidekick!”

“Modern ink symbols mock Captain Caveman!”

“Just blow woman! Blow!”

“Pathetic mackerel!”

“The sidekicks have solved the mystery!”

“Sick of being a sidekick. Resentful, even.”

“Clock I could squat in.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“Never any consequences.”

“I don't believe you.”

“Clever girl.”

“I'm staying 3 weeks and I'm wearing the shortie robe!”

“Move on from your sad life.”

“Revenge inviting.”

“Spite invite.”

“We're making memories.”

“Not good ones.”

“Your half brother from your father's secret family.”

“The internet is not good for you.”

“That platter survived 2 world wars and Lee Majors.”

“Never approved of anything I did.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Rage against the elite.”

“Misrule was ruining the country.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Life in lawn country.”

“Noir cliches.”

“To the consternation of some purists.”

“Enjoy this stuff straight out of the box, watching Netflix.”

“Technology had evolved beyond recogition, pets and hairstyles had come and gone, and loved ones grown frail.”

“Time they hadn't even noticed passing.”

“We never talk about the past because I don't want to ruin my relationships with anyone.”

“Multiple narratives, multiple sides, multiple truths.”

“What the neighbours heard and saw.”

“Pervasive climate of denial.”

“Rightwing media outlets dance on the grave of the American city.”

“His forecast seems unsettling,”

“Drain cities of their appeal,”

“Try and find a memorial commemorating its heroes or vicitms.”

“Loss aversion.”

“That feat failed to impress his father,”

“Shunned and mocked by his family,”


“Didn't love me, or acknowledge me, or respect me.”

“Too grim to think.”

“How they treated him over time-”

“Ruthless, unkind and purge all trace of empathy,”

“The amiable manner of enemies too lazy to make a true go at violence and harm.”

'Contact' Quotes:

“Is our planet safe?”

“Any presently known culture on Earrh.”

“Revealed no explanation for these objects.”

“Conflict analysis.”

'Unreported World' Quotes:

“Only film those fans who are willing to be filmed and that's not many of them.”

“Gratifying desires.”

“Not that innocent.”

“Satisfy the emotional needs of lonely men.”

“Virtual love.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:


“Officers battled for five hours to break up a party in a 3,700 sq ft rented Airbnb mansion.”

“Future life.”

“Orbits realign.”

“Faced judgment.”

“Immediate belonging.”

“That sense of belonging was clear manipulation of course.”

“Ultimate decision maker.”

“Dark and looming presence.”

“Allegedly receiving prophecies.”

“Wrong and unpleasant.”

“Conditioned to follow the rules and know no other way.”

“Had not chosen this way of life and had no way out. We were controlled by fear of all outside systems,”

“Distrust in the outside world.”

“No sense of having a future or striving for something better.”

“Did not have the freedom to express my thoughts, feelings and opinions."

“Never be silenced again.”

“Make the decisions about what your narrative was going to be.”

“Bug-eyed beardies ranting and raving in excessively Frenchified accents that render much of the dialogue impenetrable.”

“Wronged voices.”

“Stories have no reflective to real life.”

“Dubious reputations.”

“Ever more extreme stories to gain attention.”

“Limited realism.”

“They had a talent for violence that entertained other men who also had a taste for it.”

“Not worm-eaten.”

“Someone else's definition of who they are and who they should be.”

“Unexpected revalations.”

“What impels them?”

“Spoke glowingly of his gun collection.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“Worse it could be.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Go to school all his life looking homeless.”

“Excuse for years.”

“Didn't fulfil promises.”

“Household dysfunction.”

“Latest gun incident.”

“Loved heroin more than me.”

'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Quotes:

“Hidey closet.”

“Ever been trapped in a sentient cave?!?”

“Had to fight a yeti for my own shoes!”

“Nobody's authorised to pass out!”

“Admiral stuff.”

“Bug alien!”

“Sarcastic Vulcan salute!”

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Star Trek: Lower Decks Preview: Paying a Price for Romulan Whiskey


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