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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Wonder Woman: 1984' teasers

Yeah, and?

'Prodigal Son' promo


'World's Most Wanted' promo


'The Diabolical' promo


Orange drops – mmmm.

Seagold thorns – tart.

'X Company' is a joke.

My ex was destined to disappoint me. Why won't my ex show love? I have a deep loathing for my ex – why doesn't he massively regret what he did? I thought my ex had an unshakeable commitment. Sometimes I feel terrifying loneliness and isolation. I feel totally desolate. My ex gave me false hope. What turned my ex so conclusively against me?

'RTE News' Quote:

“Gave his life for this country and his health.”

'BBC Newsline' Quotes:

“Lack of the absence.”

“Broken city.”

“Terrifyingly assume.”

“Byword for lawlessness and fear.”

“Beyond flag based identities.”

'Empire Of The Tsars: Romanov Russia' Quotes:

“Staged a failed uprising.”

“Final century.”

“Raised expectations.”

“Disillusioned generation.”

“Brutal reaction.”

“Tragic and bloody end.”

“Hammer of Napoleon.”

“I am Emperor...but my god, at what price.”

“Being ruler is much easier if people are scared of you.”

“Created to impress.”

“Very Russian response.”

“The landowners.”

“Mobilise public opinion.”

“Insulted the landowners of Russia.”

“Motivation was poorer.”

“Increasing horror.”

“Still essentially in the pre-industrial era.”

“Perpetually downcast.”


“Suicide by snow.”

“Kept Russia static for 30 years.”

“Country was a backwater.”

“Last great Tsar.”

“Just send out a document and it would happen.”

“Less than generous.”

“Many according to their choice.”

“His carriage was bombproof.”

“What happens when you try and offer people reform.”

“Have nothing of them.”

“Wasn't exactly an intellectual giant.”

“Rather terrifying looking castle.”

“Sent to be forgotten.”

“Era of reaction.”

“Chillingly named.”

“Responsibility for this and nearly everything else.”

“God knows what is good to us.”

“Vessel of god.”

“Unwavering firmness.”

“Unkind gossip.”

“Paved the way for what was to come.”

“Signed away his throne.”

“The gapers.”

“Once great Romanovs brought so low.”

“Grave consequences for the dynasty.”

“Changing nation beyond their gates.”

“Stage managed Russia of their imagination.”

“Kissing the ground where his shadow had fallen.”

“Their hearts are ours.”

“Final golden summer.”

“Make a fateful decsion.”

“Malign power.”

“Enjoyed the flattery of society ladies.”

“Tainted by association.”

“Calling into quesiton her judgement.”

“Hooligan movement.”

“Use all necessary force.”

“Believed he was completely useless.”

“Complete collapse of order.”

“Renounces an empire.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Held the country's grain reserves.”

“Society seared by hate.”

“Family's pleas ignored.”

“Enormity of his impact.”

“Difficult time for the world.”

“Blown out 2 miles away.”

“Brought to ruin.”

“Turn away the injured.”

“Public distrust.”

“Functionally housebound.”

'Evil Twins' Quotes:

“Something terrible lies in wait.”

“Much feared.”


“Much larger plot is already in motion.”

“The one with the reputation.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“We all know that no one is held accountable for their actions in this country.”

“Global norm.”

“Legally impede its co-operation.”

“Living testimony.”

“The sheer impossibility of any adequate humanitarian response.”


“Fine words butter no parnsips.”

“Mythological, ecumenical and archaelogical complexities.”

“To escape the glass they knew would break.”


“So many facets of human opinion.”

“Every house looks as if it expects to be there for millennia to come.”

“A visible mark of difference.”

“He consistently alludes to great learning, but rarely says anything that demonstrates this alleged erudition.”

“The villian is more interesting than the scrubbed-clean hero.”

“Ruined economy.”

“Formally an enemy country.”

“Not that they would have been welcome on the seething streets.”

“Has no hope of recovery.”

“Evade detection.”

“In light of world events.”

“Population disengages.”

'The Religion' Quotes:

“One of those jet-set women on the Time's society pages.”

“Other people's children were bedwetters or tantrum throwers or pathological liars.”

“Forced to like me.”

“Malevolent wishes.”

“Cut sugarcane, show support for the revolution.”

“Malicious request.”

“Evil purposes.”

“Rationed the warmth of his response.”

“The way one chooses to worship.”

“Wrathful plans.”

“Ultimate disaster.”

“Wonderful neighbors: five junkies, three hookers, and a gang that had a meeting room in the basement.”

“It's a conspiracy, isn't it?”

“The discussed it no more.”

“In the sixties it had been rock and acid and dropping out and “radical chic” causes. In the seventies it was rolfing and est and cocaine.”

'Secret Knowledge:' Quote:

“Only parted with it on death.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Future, if he has one.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“Fax you.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“I have this mocking tone.”

“My biggest accomplishment is a papiermache horse I made in art class!”

“It has no legs Taylor!”

“It's sleeping!”

“Which family member is most like satan?”

“Poison in a jar.”

“Who else is gonna bake me fresh croissants that I can take one bite out of then throw to the swans?”

“Practice my soothing voice routine.”

“Smooth jazz radio station.”

“Mall kiosk lady.”

'Britian's Nuclear Secrets' Quotes:

“Devaste life on this island and beyond.”

“Terrifying accidents.”

“Legacy ponds.”

“Just think what might be possible.”

“Shield plug.”

“Terrifyingly apparent.”

“Didn't know what we could do to stop it.”

“Mankind had not faced anything like this ever before.”

“A terrible fate.”

“Lethal consequences.”

“Not needed.”

“Public concern.”

“Metre thick glass.”

“Very very toxic.”

“Exotic heavy metals.”

“Foul and dangerous stuff.”

“Won't be safe for thousands of generations.”

“Things got forgotten about.”

“For a hundred generations.”

“Locking it away forever.”

'Marple' Quotes:

“What are you looking for?”

“Not you. Yet.”

Watched a 'World's Most Wanted' ep 'The White Widow' about a dangerous woman who is still at large. There is dangerous behaviour and people are under threat from her. She caused terrible moments of carnage and destruction. She was aggrieved. This show was ailing.

There were catastrophic consequences to her deep rooted conviction. She causes ever more devastating consequences. This show was not significant. She bears overwhelming responsibility for her chocies. Her father was a British solider and her mother was Irish. She had bad options and has a succession of dead husbands.

She liked Beyonce and why is it so hugely difficult to arrest her? How many husbands and children has she had? She gained symbolic importance. What's become of her 2 older children? Did all this happen because her parents divorced? She has caused fury and despair. I don't care about the psychological impact on her. This was a convoluted tale. She can unleash killing power and has lived through countless attacks. We see hardfaced photos of her. This was dire.

Best Lines:

“Most wanted woman in the world.”

“Defining factors.”

“No suspicion had been cast on her story at all.”

“She's called her child martyr.”

“Wanted her on the suspect list.”

“Of course she's gone.”

“Knowing where is she doesn't mean she can be reached.”

“Why are they behaving like this?”

“Not looking like our ladies around here.”

“Lived amongst it.”

“Served with distinction.”

“Produce the future fighters.”

“She cannot survive.”

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