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Prodigal Son 1x15&1x16+Reality Z 1x09&1x10+Star Trek 1x15+The Twilight Zone 1x02 Reviewed 🛫🏝⛰

Death's Door

This show is a fascinating concept yet each ep is progressively worse. Malcolm is his father's healthcare proxy and has power of attorney – against his will. There is no simmering tension. The dysfunction level rises and Malcolm is full of misgiving. Psycho dad dreams. Jessica's me me me attiude bores, she has the same self-perpetuating narcissim as psycho dad.

This was not emotionally rich or bracingly authentic. Jessica and Malcolm lie. Ainsley is useless, cold, rude and conceited. This was samey and uninspiring. Who is ringing Jessica? There is no whiff of something dangerous. An embalmed body is found. The plot is not reasonably probable. Malcolm relies on Gil's goodwill. There is no real depth or resonance.

Jessica's in peril, which causes no perceptible heightening of interest. Malcolm is aggressively passive. One can do without psycho dad's excruciating campaign to attract his son's attention. There is a funeral director convention. This was not thought provoking. Ainsley whines and is irrational and does not care about the adverse affect psycho dad has on her brother.

This was dispiriting mediocrity. This was best forgotten. Jessica revels in her plenitude. Jessica talks to a scummy lawyer. Ainsley is selfishly motivated. Eve resurfaces. How did psycho dad pay for his scummy lawyer?

Best Lines:

“What would a nightmare even look like for a man like him?”

“I stabbed my father in the heart.”

“The impulse is understandable.”

“Without the weirdness.”

"And the homicide.”

“DIY learn it on youtube way.”

“Feel how firm he is.”

“Our suspect pool.”

“You stabbed our father!”

“Change and save their man.”

“Like it once was.”

“My mommy didn't love me enough...daddy did horrible things to me.”

The Job

Jessica and Malcolm are blackmailed by psycho dad. Who is listening to psycho dad? This was not immensely complicated. Psycho dad wants more visits. There is a rancorous dispute. This was not an unflinching depiction of the dark side of human nature. Psycho dad loves his violent coercion. Jessica shrugs off psycho dad trying to murder Malcolm.

Where did the FBI go? There are no grave reservations, just threats and deception. Eve bores. Why are Jessica and Malcolm in no position to refuse psycho dad? There is no wholesomeness or resspectability. Jessica has frustration and bitterness at appalling events. Things are fractious.

There is no uncompromising realism. This was not a positive contribution. There is boring malignant dysfunction. Malcolm meets an old boarding school friend. Psycho dad is feared and reviled in equal measure. Jessica acts as though phones still have receivers. Psycho dad rings Jessica – why didn't she change her phone number?

There are stolen watches and a thrill killer. This was an utter failure. The friend is an insurance investigator. Malcolm went to boarding school? Jessica dumped her PTSD afflected son at boarding school? There is talk of Europe, because downtown Europe is a thing. How many concussions has Malcolm had this season? Malcolm had a falling out with his friend, who turned his back on him. Malcolm is in peril.

Malcolm is disparaged. Malcolm is angry to the point of recklessness. Eve plays Malcolm and he has suffered hard learned lessons. There are valid concerns and Malcolm has inarticulacy. This was uneasy and forced. His friend's dad was a drug dealer and there are predictable consequnces. There is moral sanctitude.

Best Lines:

“Weird loner in high school.”

“His dad went to prison for smuggling cocaine.”

“Bad dad kids.”

“He is, I think.”

“Controlled by a monster, not me of course.”

“Please don't touch my suit.”

“Riding bikes with that kind of precision, indoors.”

“Another overdressed expert.”


“The rejects, the bad seeds!”

“I hope you like scallops, that I ordered.”

“Ghost phoenix.”

“Ran down a Colombian hitman in his Bentley.”

“My dad running over the coke dealer.”

“What happened?”

“We happened!”

“How often do you get to run a guy down in a vintage porsche?!?”

“Used to own the corner table at lunch. The one no-one else sat at.”

The Gate

This was not a compelling insight into the end of the world. People bristle and there are whipped up security fears and a furore. There is no chronic anxiety and this was objectionable. There is irresponsible behaviour and this was insignificant. The zombie horde is ignored. Where's the nutjob getting his cocaine?

Nobody's articulate. There is relentless vilification and abuse and there is no fortitude, tenacity, intelligence or savvy. This did not live up to the promise. There is no good, necessary trouble just cliches and cliches.

This was a negative experience. There is no persistence, dignity, passion or tolerance. Just baser instincts. This ep causes deep frustration as they ignore their parlous state. Zombies stalk menacingly. There is totalitarian ideology as the congressman ruthlessly imposes his subjugation. There are escalating retaliatory actions, malice and thuggery.

There is slo-mo and unworthiness and this was crap and not subtle. This was unnecessarily frustrating. This was dopey and people have permissible uselessness. There is no jovial kindness. There is social isolation and a herd of zombies. Leo is in peril.

Best Lines:

“You don't know what it's like to be left out.”

“There's no us and them there's only us and the dead.”

“Harbouring malice and anger.”

“None of us will be ok here.”

“We were found.”

“The apocalypse is no place for good people.”

Be Human

There is collective uncertainty and a new diverse cohort of new arrivals. They want in. Those already is want a withdrawal from the social situation. People have severe mood swings. There is a legacy of terror and a milita show up. Levi the congressman causes crap. Leo's alive, for now and there is no accountability. Devastating damage has been done to society.

This flounders and there are false assertions. Safety has been squandered. People move precipitously. There is a devastated world and this was a major failure. Many ills persist. There is no benevolence just indignity and blighted lives and desperate conditions and there is no inherent dignity. A phone rings, who was calling?

There are dark days and no resolute action. There is no making of allies just hatred and conflict. This was unjustifiable and people are pretty useless as zombies attack. There is blatant abuse and maltreatment and betrayal and death and gunfire. The survivors try to leg it. Where is there to go? There are threats of sexual violence and rampant moronic behaviour by morons. Nobody is fair and reasonable.

There is no moral obligation to be nice. This was unbelievable and appalling behaviour. There is no community importance. There is fury and despair and reputational damage and the burden of death. It all falls apart, again. What'll become of Leo?

Best Lines:

“The world is over!”

“Be better than we were.”

“Motivate his co-operation.”

“You sold me out.”

“The threat comes now.”

Shore Leave

Not within the realms of believability. A tv aerial is waved meancingly at one point as the crew end up on a weird planet. Kirk and Mccoy perv over various women. Kirk fistfights while ignoring McCoy's apparent 'death'. This wasn't good.

Nightmare At 30,000 Feet

Adam Scott is on a plane and finds an ipod with a podcast about a plane crash, namely the plane he is on. Nicholas Lee is in this as is Chris Diamantopoulous. This is based on the Richard Matheson story. The more Adam Scott tries to prevent the tragedy the worst he looks. This was not a complete failure like 1x01. Adam Scott ends up ziptied in his seat. Adam Scott once had a breakdown. Adam Scott befriends Joe who is anything but harmless. Adam Scott is going where John Lithgow and William Shatner have gone before. This was good with a cruel twist ending.

Best Lines:

“Harbinger of bad things to come.”

“Where no human was ever meant to be.”

“Still to this day unknown.”

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