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Stargate Universe Episode 7 Review


IOA scientists hatch a plan that could return the crew to Earth. Meanwhile Telford assumes command and the enmity between Telford and Young takes an ugly turn.

Back on Earth, Eli visits his mother pretending to be his own new best friend. Chloe whines and goes clubbing. Telford stomps around Destiny being hated by everyone. He also has Greer locked up, Telford holds a grudge. Telford has guards posted on the communications stones, he knows people dislike him. Isn’t anyone wondering if it a good thing for Telford and Young always be the ones switching places? It’s not healthy.

Young checks out his wife and they get it on. Let’s take note of that: Emily Young does it with her husband while he’s in Telford’s body. Ew. A malfunction causes Telford and Young to switch back and forth during this. Ew. Telford isn’t happy. Not one little bit. Rush sets it up to look like Destiny is going to blow up and so Telford cuts and runs. It seems Rush is in with the other scientists.

So Young was banging TJ? Well that’s not good. Why is O’Neill so bloated and callous? Isn’t anybody studying Atlantis? Telford wanted to kick Rush off the expedition, does anyone like Telford? What is the point of Chloe? She’s a useless whining skank. Why did Telford visit Emily Young at the end? That can’t be good. This was okay. There will be fallout from all this, oh yes there will be.

Best Lines:
“So all of this was just to get rid of Telford?”
“Had to be done.”

“Well unfortunately the something goes wrong part would most likely mean the ship exploding.”

“What if they screw up and the ship explodes?”

“We’re not convinced Rush wants to come home.”

“I think I want to go over there and punch him in the face.”

“These aren’t even my tears.”

“The ship will not be exploding. At least not today.”
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