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V Ep 2 Review

There Is No Normal Anymore

Erica can’t trust anyone; she worked with Dale for seven years after all. Dale turns out to have been married but is his wife human or not? Chad is smug. Ryan’s fiancée whines. The jerk Tyler is manipulated by Lisa and her low cut outfit. A captured resistance member is subjected to Visitor interrogation techniques. Anna’s lackey glares. Anna looks unwell. Diplomatic relations are established and Dale turns out to be very much alive.

If the V’s are reptiles, what do they eat and how do they fake being mammals? Why is nobody wondering how they speak Earth languages and look just like us? It is suggested that the V’s ships arrived earlier than they should have. Still this is dull, the original may have been unsubtle but it was better than this and stuff actually happened.

Best Lines:
“Thank you for your trust, it will be rewarded.”

“We can’t be the only ones who know the truth.”

“A new resistance would be unacceptable.”
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