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Star Trek 1x13 +South Of Hell (2015) 1x01 +The Blacklist 7x15 +Batwoman 1x20 +Evil 1x06-1x08 🗡💀🦇

The Conscience Of The King

An actor is accused of being a war criminal. This was darkly gruesome seething nihilism. This ep was in search of a purpose and this was dissonant. A man is visibly distraught and things reach a tragic endgame. There is exposition and is the actor really the war criminal Kodos? Kodos was a colony governor who killed off 1/2 of the colony's population in a cold equation.

Star Trek: The Original Series, The Conscience of the King

DNA does not seem to exist and Kirk mansluts with the actor's daughter. Who the mother of the daughter is, is never addressed. There is rampant danger and violence. Why do they need witnesses to ID Kodos if a photo exists of him?!? McCoy is sexist and the actor is Kodos. Shocker. Kodos is finally brought down. This was not poignant and it had no touching sincerity.

This was an ill begotten achievement. And it was dull. McCoy seems stupid and unobservant and he isn't mordantly acerbic in this ep, he is just wilfully ecentric. On the colony the food source was destroyed by a fungus. With 8000 colonists in peril, Kodos had 4000 colonists executed. The surviving 4000 were to be rationed the remaining food – only for the supply ships to arrive early rendering it all for nothing. There are no dreams of the stars. McCoy and Spock's presence isn't immediately welcome to Kirk. Why was Kirk on that colony anyway? Where were his parents?!?

Star Trek: The Original Series, The Conscience of the King

Best Lines:

“Is anyone sure?”

“Blasted out of existence without mercy.”

“I'm satisfied.”

“I'm not.”

“Surging and throbbing.”

“Double red alert!”

“Voice file.”

“20 earth years ago.”

“Accept my thanks.”

“Star service.”

“My father's race was spared the dubious benefits of alchol.”

“Your continued existence represents a threat to the well being of society.”

Demons Are Forever

This is a justifibly forgotten Mena Suvari horror show. A woman is possessed by a demon and does exorcims. Why did her father let a demon posses her? There is no illusion of possibility and the plot gets badly out of hand. There is convoluted corniess. The woman has a skeevy junkie brother. Their father was a cult leader and there was a massacre when police raided her father's compound. 200 people died. There is a conspicious lack of coherent ideas and this was not an era defining contribution to tv. This was very stupid and there are no terrifying presences and the woman is portentously drawn to the darkside.

Best Lines:

“Look more like con artists than exorcists.”

“Spooky flea market witch.”

“The Order Of Everlasting was a doomsday cult.”

Gordon Kemp

Fat Red shrugs off a girl getting shot. Brett Cullen guest stars. Red admits a murder to Liz and she does nothing. Liz and Ressler go after a gun maker. Ilya's cracked up. Red makes threats. Liz betrays the FBI. Red whines about losing friends to gun violence. Oh FFS! Red is on to Liz.

Best Line:

“The wrath of men like me.”

O, Mouse!

Ruby Rose's swan song. Jacob is a moron. People are stupid idiots. Jacob has gone nuts. Mary claims Jacob is her dad – NO HE ISN'T! Mary lists off all the ways Jacob bullied Kate as she grew up. Are we to assume Jacob killed his own daughter after this season finale seeing as Ruby Rose won't be in season 2? Jacob never seemed to hope Kate would become something. Tommy screams. Mouse is sick of Alice's crap. Jacob screams like a lunatic. Mary is not Jacob's daughter. What a jerk he is. Alice murders Mouse. Sophie is useless. How does Jacob not realise Batwoman is Kate? Julia is useless and an obvious liar. Kate deals with her dad trying to murder her. Mary and Kate call each other sisters. No you're no sisters cos crazy Jacob married a lying whore. Tommy is given Bruce Wayne's face – not Kevin Conroy. This show was not what I expected.

Best Lines:

“Ripped the ref's spine out of his neck.”

“When does this end?”

Let x =9

God talks to a woman. There's an Epstein joke. Kristen annoys, someone smack her. I don't care about Kristen, her dreams or her 4 screeching daughters. People babble about a book of prophecy. They cannot believe in a prophet from Flushing. The prophecies are about the end of the world. This irritates. David bores. Leland shows up in Kristen's house cos he's doing her slutty mom. Ha ha ha ha. Kristen slits Leland's throat with an ice axe. Kristen throws out food Leland made. Kristen's slutty mother values dick over her daughter. This was appalling. ICE grab the Flushing prophet. This was entirely devoid of talent. Nobody helps the prophet.

Best Lines:

“How does god speak to you?”

“Very slowly.”

“I don't want a drop of your blood on my floor.”

Vatican III

Leland mentors an incel. The team are interviewed about the prophet. David can speak Italian. A possessed woman confesses to murders. What became of the prophet? There is more talk of demons and a demonic serial killer. This was boring.

Best Lines:

“The vatican doesn't apologise.”

“Do some priesting.”

“What are you doing fleabag?”

“I no longer find you amusing.”

2 Fathers

David looks up his daddy who has remarried (plurally) and has a new baby enroute. Ben bores. Kristen's husband comes back from Nepal. Why is this show so useless?!?!? The slutty granny does Leland in Kristen's office and hates Kristen's husband. Ben's love interest is a nutter. Seriously a NUTTER. Kristen and David get high. Lord this ep was USELESS and about as welcome as piss flavoured birthday cake. The baby is born and it's a ghoul or something.

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