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Where'$ The Money (2017)

This was a dreadul comedy full of no names and exposition and societal discontent. There are no unwarranted demonstrations of competence or signs of an active intelligence. People are threatneing violence and other people are in debt. There is endless sexism and this paints a grim picture of the situation in Hollywood.

This was excruciating. A man has a number of active requirments: money, money, money. This was sluggish. The man learns a bank thief relative hid a million dollars from said bank theft in a flophouse. But in 'hilarious' comedy fashion the flophouse has been turned into the KAX frathouse which is full of rich dumb morons.

This does not cause exhilarating joy, it's Rush Week – so the man rushes the frat. There are unforseen eventualities and there is no absence of malice. The frat boys act maliciously and there is ideological zeal. There is slow decision making and tenuous logic. There is awful reality and no inherent culture or caution. Frat boys have a lack of responsbility.

There is no fairness and the frat boys are spiteful. This was much despised. The frat boys delay their day of reckoning. There is no fascinating conclusion. There are wrongs, bad jokes and no credibility. The frat boys wear outfits that make them look like the KKK while whining about being white men in modern day America. The frat boys are aggrieved types and there is no dignity or compassion.

This was shambolic. This was a monument to bad taste and it was unquestionably weak. This was an incalculable disaster. Frat boys are much maligned. There is a gentrificaiton comedy in places and there are tedious rambling and dreary bravado and dullness and subtle bellicose antagonism and this was formulaically done.

Men have nagging apprehension and make tragic errors of judgment. There is an inherent willingness to be sexist and vile. This was dauntingly bad. People sit and seethe and this was bizarrely unlikely. There is incalculable devastation caused by idot frat boys. This stinks and it was tenaciously awful. This was not even average quality.

There is financial uncertainty and frustration is not a strong enough term for what this film causes. Frat boys should be a dreaded category. There is tackiness and inherent bad taste. There is bad decison making and this bowls you over with its stupidity. There are under informed idiots and you are flummoxed at how bad this is. One cares not one wit. This rings hollow and 'stars' Method Man, Logan Paul, Mike Epps and Terry Crews.

Best Lines:

“Nothing he says can provoke me.”

“I'm the man of the house how.”

“Since when?!?”

“You hang with stupid!”

“How not to get into a fight.”

“Quit trying to get my staff pregnant!”

“Stop smoking weed and playing video games!”

“Bank problem.”

“How can I hate black people? I ride the bus!”

“White guilt fear of lawsuits.”

“Technically we also live in the ghetto.”

“True but that's the good ghetto.”

“Have tried and died.”

“What has happened to the ghetto?!?”

Passport To China (1961)

There is exposition and narration by a 'travel agent' who lives in Hong Kong. There is talk of Red China. This was racist and dull.

Shampoo (1975)

This was despair inducing and this was once popular, what a terrible thought. This was a horrifyingly sexist Warren Beatty 'sex comedy'. There are bad behavioural choices and this makes you bristle with righteous anger. This was appalling. A young Carrie Fisher has a small but memorable role.

The Legend Of Halloween Jack (2018)

This UK 'horror' was unwatchable due to pantomine dialogue, plywood acting and shonky directing and white male grievance. This was incomprehensible.


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