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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Sputnik' trailer


'The Tomb: Devil's Revenge' trailer

William Shatner, Jeri Ryan and Jason Brooks. No. The line readings are weird.

What is a meadow turf lawn? Or an ox eye daisy?

I want to read 'Resistance' issues 3&4, 'Billionaire island' 4&5, 'Dceased Dead Planet' issue 2, 'Ranger Slayer' and 'Teen Titans Annual 2'.

Looking at 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' in retrospect: it is quite astonishing to see how BAD it is. Why are 2 creepy patronising men (Giles & Wesley) hanging around teens? Why is Wesley perving over Cordelia? Xander was an enraging opportunistic jerk and the show does not resonate powerfully. It tried for an important sense of seriousness – how it tried. Xander had nefarious aspects and indignant angst that wasn't deeply affecting. The narrative was economic and clunky and not strongly rendered. That was grim enough in itself without getting into the lingering problems of Faith being ignored, selfish Willow, the very existence of Riley and Spike and Xander's sexist homicidal rage. Xander was ghastly and makes the show unwatchable today. The show was gothic lite grotesqueries. It was grim farce and I loathed Xander and his entitlement. I cannot believe I once found him 'funny'. This was not richly bonkers.

What my ex did isn't understandable or forgivable. My ex has disencumbered himself of me. My ex is heedless and he over-promised. I was not well appreciated. I sometimes feel bleak and helpless with desolate nights. What I believed was lasting romantic love was as unpredictable as snow. My ex is uncaring and despicable. I have a cry of anguish at being betrayed – I have no theory of the cause of this estrangement. I feel bitterness tinged with nostalgia. My ex used to be convival. What caused his dismissive attitude? I thought my ex was infinitely caring. Why was my ex dissatisfied with me? I feel plaintive longing. Attention lavished does not equal love. Why was my relationship rendered impossible? I have bitter memories and my ex did a callous betrayal and he had grim iniquity. My ex is irritatingly feckless. My ex's behaviour is indenfensible. My ex is actively unpleasant. I have a fixed conviction that my ex = evil. My ex has uninterest. My ex is not an insurmountable loss. I don't want to be reacquainted with my ex – he has no emotional capacity. I have grievances.

I'd beef nachos and lime cake and radishes with rosewater and tongdark. I'd try orange and lemon posset with berries and I'd try burnt cream. I'd try 8% ABV can 02 and pomegrante & Hibiscus water kefir. I'd try pecan brown sugar butter. I'd try pumpkin pancakes.

I want a Piaget gold and malachite braclet watch. I'd like a vintage Piaget style selector.

I'll review 'Phantom Of The Soap Opera'.

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“Fork stabbing distance.”

“Am I really that awful?”

'Morse' Quote:

“Very much disliked you.”

'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' Quote:

“Counter cafe.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Profound sympathy of the whole nation.”

“Jobs market is so competitive.”

“Electoral cost.”

“Didn't know what a position paper was.”

“Limits of what can be done.”

'Raised By Wolves' Quotes:

“If the breakdown of society happens in your lifetime you gonna wanna know how to make a rabbit trap out of a coathanger.”

“I don't believe in keys, I won't have em in my house.”

“Killing claw.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Keeping company with men for money.”

“Aging out of this business.”

“She loves drama.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Occupies an almost mythological position in the cultural, social and economic life.”

“A sad, dark thing.”

“Diabolical history.”

“The virus is lurking, it is menacing and it will pounce.”

“Left to fall into ruin?”

“Cultural closeness.”

“Feeling out of place in their own city.”

“Tolerating them in their midst.”

“Caused the downfall of everything I care about and everyone I care about.”

“I sense this could get ugly.”

“She's smiling but you can tell she doesn't mean a word of it.”

“Take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints.”

“Required to conduct themselves in a quiet manner.”

“Crimes of reason.”



“Even capable of acting.”

“Foreginers are angry at us for unclear reasons.”

“Has, on balance, what reads like a very pleasant life.”

“Moral, ethical and intellectual basis.”

“Someone was always in crisis.”

“No allegiance to the “normal”.”

“Niceness was not ber project.”

“Never having been led down the path of a conventional upbringing.”

“Says what there is to be said, even if it is unspeakable.”

“Refers to women only as bitches, chicks, whores and groupies.”

'The Fugitive' Quotes:

“Running aorund back alleys.”

“What happened?”


“Do you blame me?”

“They do.”

“You first and me second.”

“That's another lie.”

“Got some back alleys to visit.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“You're all bastards!”

“I miss the horrid suits worn by your estate agents under the mistaken assumption that they confer some sense of trustworthiness.”

“The last celebrity to successfully sue for libel without collateral damage was Liberace in the 1950s.”

“Actual malice.”

“Booed his ex-wife Amber Heard whenever she appeared.”

“So surreal that at times I wondered if I had taken as many drugs as Depp himself.”

“The balance between free specch and truth goes awry.”

“The answer seemed worth knowing.”

“The wit, the imagination or the inclination.”

“Universal deceit.”

“Instead of being grateful,”

“Denounced as a villain.”

“Making him angry toward me.”

“Embedded practices.”

“Wasting huge human talent.”

“Hierarchies are inherited over generations.”

“Hierarchies are upheld through coercion.”

“Vicious backlash.”

“Consciously unheroic.”

“Cruelest thought processes,”

“Savage consequences.”

“Digital illiteracy.”

“Crazy edge.”

“Snakes eat snakes.”

“A class of Frenchmen who live without vocation and while away their hours arranging furniture and bidding on Sevres porcelain-”

“Not to exist in public,”

“Access problem.”

“Bodily capital.”

“Intellectual insight.”

“Models and bottles.”

“Bottle trains.”

“Why are you creating difficulties.”

“Unfairly perceived as a threat.”

“Extraordinary degree of exaltation.”

“Churning innovations that are supposed to make our lives more – not less – productive.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“No one can fix this.”

“Didn't seem innocent.”

“Negative work review.”

“Cold stinky loud jail.”

'City In Fear' Quotes:

“Devil worshipping serial killer.”

“Faceless, nameless, violent criminal.”

“Slowly simmering panic.”

“Sound walls.”

“Not really normal.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quote:


'The Religion' Quotes:

“Rebuffing Cal's every attempt to cheer him up with a balloon or pony ride or a box of cracker Jacks.”

“There were all kinds of crazy cults running around these days.”

“Who in God's name is Bo Derek?”

“She was killed by a toaster!”

'The Six Wives Of Henry VIII' Quotes:

“Held him accountbale for her doom.”

“Not once, during the years that were left to him, would the King be heard to utter her name again.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Perceived downmarket nature.”

“Class-ridden term.”

“Transformative moment.”

“Bound by oaths to a method of self-betterment.”

“Commendably withering scorn.”

“Forseen, predmediated, arranged, resolved upon, and decided.”

“Tourist-pleasing facade.”

“Wither deliberately willed or involuntarily suffered.”

“Did untold harm to his country's reputation.”

“Feign a lack of interest in everything, while deliberately being obstructive, stubborn, rude,”

“A crisises of both reputaiton and purpose.”

“Toxic obsession.”

“Devoid of widom or joy.”

“I don't want people like you writing about me.”

“Position is distressed and has been for some time.”


“Scary examples of how not to behave in a pandemic.”

“Supposed irresponsibility.”

“Listening to someone else's interpretation of how it should sound.”

“Badger enthusiast.”

“Suspicions about what was expected in return.”

“Sentiment was turning against him.”

“An entire civilisation could be annihilated.”

“Matter of significant concern.”

“No technical means to stop them.”

“Warn the world.”

“How history might have taken a different turn.”

“Very nearly precipitated a nuclear holocaust.”

“A deadly, viral, respiratory pandemic would someday spread and no nation was prepared for it.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Clearly concerning.”

“Made the wrong decision.”

On classic 90s 'Hollyoaks' reuns: what happened to Hollyoaks Community College and the student halls? Rob's revenge has festered into a broader reckoning. Cindy ends up in a grim caravan park with her creepy boyfriend – that isn't heartwrenching. Cindy's so stupid and uncaring that he beats Holly who is a toddler! People shrug off Cindy's abusive boyfriend. This was unsatisfactory and there are problems and Cindy is an awful mother. This show has never been consistenly excellent.

Best Lines:

“Let him try.”

“Wherver she is, you've driven her there!”

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