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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story' trailer

I'll watch this. Christian Slater plays jackass husband Dan. Betty (Amanda Pett) gets angry and smashes stuff and Dan's mistress Linda is smug. This looks good.

Best Lines:

“My husband left me for his secretary.”

“Actions ahve consequnces.”

'Prodigal Son' promo


'The Comey Rule' trailer

Brendan Gleeson as 45.

My ex doesn't seem much troubled and I never dreamed this would be the outcome. I thought my ex had warm concern but his word counted for nothing. Will I ever be able to repair that relationship? My ex was a dastardly deceiver. I remain bitter and I feel ignored, my ex has a total lack of interest. My ex hugely disappointed me – he is a continued failure. My ex is unreasonable and I feel poorly treated. Who'll hold me at night when the tears come? My ex is a source of ire. I feel ingignant angst. My ex has blatant disregard and total disregard. His company was supposed to be steady and devoted.

Pet grief is real – the impression of a phantom presence.

The poor Scottish wildcat.

Related image

RIP the Argos catalogue, it joins the Innovations catalogue in obsolescence.

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Erotic girls of warcraft.”

“Get your man in check.”

“Tazed 6 times.”

“Were you drunk in public in your girlfriend's shorts?”

“Readiness for change.”

“Banned from QVC.”

'Empire Of The Tsars: Romanov Russia' Quotes:

“Won him control.”

“Save Europe from ruin.”

“Leaving it barely governable.”

“400 years before.”

“Fancied himself as an emperor.”

“Quite intolerable.”

“Forces and resources were at their limit.”

“Famed for her collections: both of art and lovers.”

“Collapsed into turmoil.”

“Mightest military leader of the age.”

“Final century of the dynasty.”

“Rebellions and murders.”

“Really quite small and wet.”

“Indulge her taste for splendour.”

“Standard setters for taste and art.”

“Minor but well connected German princess.”

“Great urge to be educated.”

“European thought.”

“Plotting against him.”

“Enormous self-belief.”

“Rather conveniently dead.”

“Shown utter ruthlessness.”

“So relentlessly pursuing.”

“Using her clothes to create her personal image.”

“Earned by military success.”

“Had to be feared.”

“Rightly terrified.”

“Embracing science.”

“Noble maidens.”

“Stated purpose.”

“Useful members of family and society.”

“Domestic threat.”

“Evil landlords.”

“Lack of interest in culture and ideas.”

“Turning into a darker reality.”

“Had led to this.”

“Little faith in the future.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Returns with a vengeance across Europe.”

“1st wave never really broke.”

“Justify their business practices.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“I don't care what nobody says.”

“Clearly not sorry whatsoever.”

“Banning him forever.”

“Right in his thinking.”

'Our Baby' Quotes:

“Since I was able to know things.”

“Registering and acknowleding of you.”

“Little ball of rage.”

“Glow in the dark sheep.”

“Privacy of my own space.”

“Extremely kind to me.”

“Felt like I wasn't loved.”

“Not being listened to, not being heard.”

'Botham: The Legend Of '81' Quotes:

“Rain affected.”

“It didn't change my life, most of it for the better.”

“Photographer disguised as a bush.”

'The Big Bang Theory' Quote:

“Vowed eternal hatred for Will Wheaton.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Public heritage.”

“Could not, or would not, present medical evidence to support this version of their son.”

“Said they were decent people.”

“Caravan gothic.”

“Forgotten era.”

“Near-total erasure.”

“Lie on the couch and watch boxsets...doing the maximum of the minimum.”

“In order to be left alone later on.”

“A pet's life span is ill-matched to our own.”

“Quaintly innocent.”


“Overreacted to one of the moral panics of our current era.”

“Contrived controversy.”

“There's a way of life there that has suddenly stopped.”

“I don't discuss it at all.”

“Lived in fear and darkness.”

'Buried Worlds' Quotes:

“Devil's Throat cave.”

“River to hell.”

“Befriending the devil.”

'Fear City: New York vs The Mafia' Quotes:

“Show they're utterly terrifying people.”

“Creep club.”

“Godfather roundup.”

“Single overriding purpose.”

“Shadowy crime group.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Bred to hunt them.”

“A rover can't just rove into.”

'Great Continental Railway Journeys' Quotes:

“Blissfully happy, alas only briefly.”

“Temples of the intellect.”

“A speech remembered to this day.”

“Closed to the rest of Europe.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“Nonstop tenament style hollering.”

“Professional dogooders.”

“I don't want the relatives I have now!”

“You're too poor to even enjoy all the free time you have now.”

“No purpose, no options.”

“You stopped me from trying to pet that angry dog.”


“Cowering in the garage next to the water heater.”

“She clearly died a horrible death.”

“Open up! I led a manaic to your house!”

“Scare the innocence out of them!”

'City In Fear' Quote:

“Bleeding all over lawns.”

'Ireland: am' Quote:

“Angry guy taunt me in a shop.”

On classic 90s 'Hollyoaks': Rob has somehow trapped his enemies in a giant water tank. Cindy runs off with her boyfriend who obviously abuses and hates her toddler daughter. Oh ffs.

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