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Movie Reviews: Sorry + The Believers (1987) + Killer Workout

Sorry (2019)

This is a good short film about a bright new star who falls victim to cancel culture as she is driven to the premier of her movie. The gravity of the crisis is hilarious and showcases a far darker reality and the resulting surge of desperation.

Best Lines:

“Is this an apology video for the terrible tweet?”

“Thousands of death threats.”


The Believers (1987)

A Martin Sheen movie based on an alleged classic 1970s horror novel. Cal's wife dies in a freak accident involving spilt milk and a faulty coffee machine. Helen Shaver plays his new landlady/love interest. Cal is a terrible inattentive father. The kid is creepy. Jimmy Smits and Robert Loggia feature. Smits is tied to a chair and ranting in a nut ward.

The son is a horrible child actor and deserves being smacked. There is nice music and wild overacting. Weird stuff happens. Cal learns about human sacrifice. People are driven to their deaths. Spiders crawl out of a woman's face and Cal (Sheen) learns he can't trust his 'friends'. The final scene is creepy and this was good.

Best Lines:

“Don't break nothing!”

“Don't call cutting up chickens a religion.”

“Psycho cop?”

“What are you people so afraid of?”

“Your ignorance.”

“8 year old's don't usually OD.”

“What they suggested seemed unthinkable.”

“Strike down the enemies of our faith!”

“Give our sons to wars in the name of peace.”

“Create a world of our choosing...destroy those who oppose us.”


Killer Workout (1987)

There is 80s fashion and workouts and the male gaze, did Eric Prydz watch this? Awesomely silly, half witted and creatively bankrupt things happen. A woman wears a skimpy leotard that'll probably give her a uti and a yeast infection. There is a mean cop and this was bad and everyone mumbles and this was full of no names.

Best Lines:
"You want to feel? Try Hollywood Boulevard!"

"Next time I'm going to finish you!"

Killer Workout (1987) - IMDb

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