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Prodigal Son 1x13&1x14 + TNG 6x03 + The Twilight Zone (2019-?) 1x01 Reviewed

Wait & Hope

Would you trust the son of a serial killer? Bug eyed Malcolm has dad issues of a horrifying nature, inappropriately jaunty humour and a studided poise. Psycho dad dispatched people in inventive ways and Malcolm has complex PTSD and narcissistic tendencies and heavy meds as a result. The script is the usual bumper of cliches and psycho dad drips with malice, glee, neediness and gile. This is not particularly appealing. There is no narrative tension and one has negative opinions of psycho dad and junior.

Psycho dad is not scarily intense and he whines even in his dreams. Malcolm does not have my pity. Malcom whines about psycho dad turning his life Pinterishly upside down. Psycho dad has patients: this show is so predictable: crime, red herring, twist. Malcolm does yoga and psycho dad does intentional acts. Much is unresolved. Malcolm plans to go on holiday and wears a white suit.

Malcolm has significant discontent due to psycho dad's profound impact. The long hidden consequences of psycho dad's past actions go on. Psycho dad's legacy is tainted and questionable. This was moribiund and Malcolm has cultivated a reputation for making dramatic decisions. This was farcical and mindnumbing and makes no sense.

Lessons were tragically learned. This ep was pretty routine. Malcolm has no holiday and liked 'The Count Of Monte Cristo' as a child which is good as the nutter du jour is using the book as a murder guide. Malcolm ends up a 1950s Russian mine for, reasons. Is JT necessary? The whole plot makes no damn sense!

Best Lines:

“My entire life disappeared.”

“Everyone's your best friend until they find out you're a serial killer.”

“Enacts his vengeance on them all.”

“You're making jokes.”

“What you did to me.”

“Sick lunatic living in a delusion.”

“Last time I had to fly commerical, I felt like I was on the last chopper out of Vietnam.”

“What's up Miami Vice?”

“Dates back to the 1730s. I have 2.”

“Who brought their coke dealer?”

Eye Of The Needle

Ainsley bores. Malcolm had a vacation between 1x13 and 1x14. There's misguided anger and a killer has personal animus against Jessica. People condone moronic actions. Jessica's selfish and stupid and faces retribution. There is no incredible intensity and this was not wildly imaginative. There are assertions and psycho dad was arrested in 1998.

Psycho dad calls into his daughter's show and the NYPD. There is no pleasurable anticipation. Psycho dad is repulsive and ludicrous and sneering and supercilious. There is no horrified fascination. This was feeble and tiresome and overburdened with dastardly villains and vapid characters and Deadly Secrets.

Jessica is told to stab psycho dad. So? This was disastrous and there is a Regis reference. There is sinister intrigue and Jessica's thick as mince. There is diabolic, growing insanity and sinister meanings in perfectly innocent activities. Psycho dad admits trying to kill Malcolm.

Best Lines:

“Bash your skull into the table.”

“My meddling son.”

“Never imagined my opinion of you could drop any lower.”

“Learned what he is.”

“You're not! A good person!”

“She looks like the carpet at the DMV!”

“Clay time.”

“They insisted on a jury trial and lost.”

“Let him ramble.”

“I went to Colombia J school.”

“Haven't hired new guards there in years.”

Man Of The People

Some John Lithgow looking actor plays an ambassador who has a secret. He also a geriatric mother who rants and can't act, then she dies. Troi acts vain, weird and slutty and ages. The ambassador is a predator. Riker is a patronising, slut shaming man ape. Die Riker die. This was okay but Troi and Crusher's wigs are painfully evident.

Best Line:

“Psychic waste.”

The Comedian

A bad failed stand up comedian does stuff. The opening credits are BAD. The comedian erases people. Why do people laugh? He's not funny and is a life ruiner. This was BAD.

Best Lines:

“Argument classes.”

“If you go on a murder rampage, can you try not to do it when I'm here please?”

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