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The Red Mother Issue 6 Reviewed

The heroine goes to London, there is no Covid just modern discontents and brutal treatment. Evil has perverse appetites. There are obsessive memories, evil limits the heroine's life cances. There is fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Disaster is in the making as the heroine goes off track and is unmoored from reality. Evil has aggressive methods and a culture of deception. There is an emotional maelstrom. This was just about plausible. I'm wondering if this is some kind of 'Hellrasier' tie-in.

Evil has a global conspiracy and there is a pub called The Blind Stag. What is a pint of bitter? The heroine is not wary of other people, she greets things with either horror or amusement. This was beguiling. Sinister forces gather and in fact, they are closer than the heroine realises. This was very good and creepy.

Best Lines:

“I'm writing a dissertation on street art and its impact on modern culture.”

“Incredibly interesting, I assure you.”

“Ya walk on! Bloody weirdo!”

“The trauma, the pain, the dark things...”

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