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Book Review: The Catch

The Catch by T.M Logan

Ed meets Ryan, the boyfriend turned fiancee of his daughter Abbie. He hates Ryan on sight and is sure Ryan is a lying psycho. He's right of course, to his cost. His dumb bint wife and daughter ignore him and all the evidence that Ryan is a lying, animal abusing, faking, serial killing, psychopath.

Ed's boss is a bitch who deliberately sets out to humilate him. The police are useless. This book has so many negative aspects – it lacks narrative structure and is full of badly thought through decisions. There is no pleasure from reading this badly, catastrophically wrong mess.

This has draconian action, 'twists', unforseen issues, consequential stupidity, retaliatory measures, confrontations, an arsenal of accusations and a bevy of calamitously stupid women who are a disgrace to the nation. There is serious disagreement and stupid women actively interfering and overlooking outlandish lies.

Best Line:
“This Ryan fella wakes up in the dead of night with you and me at the end of his bed, baseball bats and balaclavas on, Milk Tray-Man style.”
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