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Book Reviews: The Hiddens Stars + Undaunted

Book One of The Rune of Unmaking: The Hidden Stars by Madeline Howard

This lushly written tale tells of a world where a wicked Empress rules. Using the darkest sorcery she enslaves and destroys all who would oppose her. But signs and portents have long suggested that there is one who may be able to end the Empress’ terrible reign. But prophecy does not easily come true.

This is an impressively written beginning to a wonderful fantasy saga. The narrative is a thing of beauty, the world, characters, magics and monsters described within are fascinating. This is a very good read. I look forward to finding and reading book two. Let us hope that this saga is resolved unlike what happened with the ‘Silken Magic’ saga.

Kris Longknife: Undaunted by Mike Shepherd

This is the 7th entry in the series after ‘Mutineer’, ‘Deserter’, ‘Defiant’, ‘Resolute’, ‘Audacious’ and ‘Intrepid’.

Kris Longknife (heiress, princess, space hero) is out exploring uncharted systems after all her previous adventures. Her superiors think that will keep her out of trouble. Nobody is prepared for Kris’ ship encountering an Iteeche warship. 80 years ago the great human/Iteeche war finally ended and the Iteeche haven’t been seen since, until now.

Why have the Iteeche emerged decades after peace was painstakingly negotiated? Kris has to find out and negotiates with the Iteeche representative. As she struggles with mastering Iteeche languages and culture, she learns more about the Iteeche and the long ago war. Certain assumptions she has always had are wrong and great change is coming.

This is good and takes the series in an interesting new direction. There have been hints and mentions of the terrible and bloody Iteeche war in all previous six books so finally encountering them is very interesting.
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