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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Prodigal Son' promo

“Hunt people like my father.”

'Our Baby' promo


'Batman' (1989) teaser trailer


'The Unfamiliar' trailer


'The Beach House' trailer

Jake Weber v nature. Maybe.

'Greenland' trailer

Gerard Butler v a comet! A sky full of planes and people look for bunkers. Okay.

Best Lines:

“Sky's on fire.”

“Planet killers.”

'Bill & Ted Face The Music' trailer


My ex wasn't interested at all. My ex has blithe indifference and he is increaisngly malign and hasn't bothered to say sorry. I thought my ex was mutually supportive. I am still without reconciliation with my ex. I didn't get to pause and process my ex: he's truly appalling. I'm left completely unsupported by my ex.

It is 7 years since I shopped at my fav shop.

I won't read 'Garden Of Eldritch Delights'.

The 'Bill & Ted' sequel has gone to VOD.

'Empire Of The Tsars' Quotes:

“When their end came, it was astonishingly brutal.”

“Stone buildings were virtually unknown.”

“Cope with the social reality of serfdom.”

“Their property: to be bought or sold.”

“Captive work force.”

“Wait for his revenge.”

“Really not very nice at all.”

“Right nasty.”

“Rational orders.”

“City built on human bones.”

“Enormous human cost.”

“Admitted. As anyone would do.”

“Mysteriously dead.”

“War torn backwater.”

“Boundless vision.”

“Let nothing stand in his way.”

“Above all: a future.”

“Largest stone ever moved by human hands.”

“Hard to warm to him.”

“Treated them with no little compassion.”

'Something's Killing Me' Quote:

“That's what we call a clue.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Death free days.”

“Know very well about.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Struggling for motivation.”

“Negative and hostile media.”

“Wayward shrubs.”

“Digging a big ominious hole.”

“Weep with perversely chaste joy.”

“There is no god there.”

“Start living normally again.”

“Publicly decline to do so,”

“Could prejudice jurors for or against them.”

“Without exception,”

“Please wake up and let us know they care?”

“Fearful of a supposed divine wrath.”

“Failures of statesmanship.”

“Done what they care capable of: nothing.”

“Distant water fishing fleet.”

“Unsustinable rate.”

“Lost to this generation.”

“Famously aggressive.”

“Local animosity.”

“Said he is powerless to tell them to leave.”

“Trying to get people to take my money. Why could nobody take it?”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“No stranger to local police.”

“Sitting around his apartment laughing.”

'The Unexplained With William Shatner' Quotes:

“The same flood story.”

“One of the most feared.”

“Pre Mayan artefacts.”

“Figures out how to decrypt it.”

“Even his allies began to hate him.”

“Drenched in the blood of its prior owner.”

“Kingdom would be lost.”

“Curse legend.”

“Course of one's entire life has been predetermined.”

“Ancient archaic people who don't know anything about the world.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Retro desserts.”

“Cooking 70s food.”

“Thrown out of her accomadation.”

“Take my unborn kids off me!”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Choke on your lies!”

“Found you smouldering in the bushes!”

“My earnings remain unstolen.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Armed with a crab.”

“At worrying levels.”

“Disordered law.”

“Lack of rational anyalysis.”

“Huge digital queues.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“Steph hasn't tried to do you in.”

“I'm off women, I don't need one.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“The great day.”

“Plain speaking accounts.”

Watched another 'Unsolved Mysteries' (2020) ep 'Berkshire UFO': there were peculiar cirumstances in a small town USA on sept 1 1969. People claim they were abducted and lost time. People had an encounter with something and damage was inflicted emotionally and reputationally. There was a different sort of threat and lost time and lights.

There is talk of swamp gas and a painful legacy of the ufo encounter. There are no records of it. There are no police or newspaper references. The ufo sighters are beleaguered. People dismissed it as baloney. There was precious little goodwill towards the ufo people. Reality is polarising. And the issue is contrnetious. Did it really happen? This was interesting.

Best Lines:

”Change their diet from a doughnut to a roast beef sandwhich.”

“6 generations.”

“America was really changing rapdily.”

“Steal cigarettes from our mom.”

“Followed home down this road by a pickup truck.”

“Get that foul.”

“Strange occurance.”

“Abductions that took place years ago.”

“Look at you kind of strange.”

“Scare the hell out of everybody.”

“Don't want to hear it.”

“Like I was the black plague or something.”

“Blame it on something.”

“Already outsiders to begin with so this wasn't obviously going to be received well.”

“Go badly.”

“Truth is truth.”

“Forever changed my life.”

“Mental telepathy I had just experienced.”

“Non-believer in any of that stuff.”

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