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Movie Reviews: Walking Out + The Cleansing Hour

Walking Out (2017)

Matt Bomer and Bill Pullman star in this tale of survival and fathers and sons. Sigh, mothers are irrelevant in Hollywood. This covers many sensitive issues, badly. Bomer plays a dad who berates his son in the wilds of Montana. Bomer has no discernible character traits other than having endless flashbacks of his own father (Pullman) and berating his son and his eBoy hair.

Bomer is objectionable and doesn't regard his son at all. He only sees his son once a year for reasons never explained. He seems to regard himself as a Great White Hunter yet lacks common sense survival sense like gun safety and a first aid kit and makes absurdly reckless psychotic decisions. His son is not much better: who touches a wounded bear cub?

This is also about how badly nature lovers cope when nature does not reciprocate that love. Bomer wants to raise his son in an acceptable manner, to him. Bomer yells at his son for not having a dog and is not even reasonably competent at being at dad let alone a Great White Hunter. Bomer has malicious intent and is an imposition on his.

Bomer's own father is dead. His was not heartfelt, Bomer is seeking catharsis. His son is forlorn and Bomer threatens to break his son's phone. Why is he such a jerk? The son seems to have been victimised his entire life by his absentee crazy macho man's man father. The son has a sense of discontent. The father wants to sleep in a hut and does not own a tent.

Bomer has ineffectiveness and emotionally blackmails his son. This leads to an excruciating dilemma. The father has an absolute imperative: to control his son. The son does not want to hunt or camp. Bomer offers his son whiskey, his son is 14! The father is absolutely committed to being a dangerously deluded jackass.

The father does not live a produtive life. All he does is whine, utter quasi profound statements and do his son terrible wrongs. The son is socially marooned and disconnected and has a grumpy mood. The father yells when tourists shoot an animal. He judges his son and never learnt to sort out his communication. Bomer causes hurt and has narcissistic negativity. There is a lack of normality and they shoot a poor elk.

There are tensions within the family unit and communication difficulties. The father provokes discomfort and is not a stabilising role. Bomer is not trying to enjoy life and the social relationship. He does not anchor his son to safety and just exacerbates unease. There is a cycle of stress and emotionally troubling events and cumulative stress.

Things are in threat rush mode. The father is a negative person. The son was bittena nd seems to walk it off. The father dies, eventually. There is no positive connection and a CGI bear. There is blood and hunting consumes Bomer to the point of irrationality. The son is sent to find help, there is no help only an eerie looking wilderness. Consequences are profound for the son due to his dad's callousness and the son suffers emotionally.

Things got complex and frightening due to Bomer's deranged pursuit. The son goes on about deadlift. Bonding was made bleak. There was a cascade of sorrow and eerie calm. It all comes to a sobering conclusion. There is no turning point or warm engagement just severe consequences.

Best Lines:

“Stupid and slow.”

“Let's hear your best quail.”

“I don't know what dogs are for.”

“Die in the darkness.”

“Memory of a memory.”

“Dry and warm and good.”

“Came home from a good kill.”

“Be firemaster.”

“Years later.”

“This whole mountain's ours.”

“Case he's not dead.”

“A man's gun.”

“Elmer Fudd hat.”

“Snow is not our friend.”

“Another bear got a cub.”

“Bleed and keep bleeding.”

“Find our creek.”

The Cleansing Hour (2019)

A hot 'priest' does exorcisms on a web show. It's all a fake scam, he's not even a priest. This is dull and low budget. The 'exorcism' becomes real. This is not the film I thought it would be. There is a bad CGI demon that looks 1999. There is a twist ending full of gore that involves the Oval Office. The ending is better than the entire film. Recommendation to avoid.

Best Lines:

“Return to the wasteland he accorded you!”

“You can't just read random bible verses!”

“Slime of hell.”

“You don't stream in 4k? That's ghetto!”

“Pit of torment!”

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