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Yellowstone 1x05 + Prodigal Son 1x11&1x12 + Signs (2018) 1x01 Reviewed

Coming Home

Kevin Costner's character is ludicrously rich with militarised security and a fleet of private helicopters. Jamie wears a suit on the ranch and people talk about horses. One of Costner's son has been arrested. The Dutton daughter acts like a cliche from 80s soap operas. The Duttons are a weird cult who brand their workers. Michael Nouri is in this. The rebel yob son yells at his son. Jamie has an interesting ringrone. Beth and Jamie have a fight in a moving car, Beth waves a gun and is called on her slutty behaviour and wilful malice. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Open a door we can't close.”

“Contact me when there'a a solution to discuss.”

“You and trouble.”

Alone Time

Psycho dad is still looking to bond with his son. He and his protegee have done some of the most awful thngs that a human being can do. Malcolm's mind is a horrible, destructive, painful, grief-filled landscape and it is about to get worse. There is more repressed under the surface horror to come. This has no operatic feel. This is not as if Tennesse Williams wrote horror. More taumatic things happen and Malcolm's unpredictable emotional state gets worse.

Malcolm's alone with the psychopath. Psycho dad has been granted undue influence. The Junkyard Killer takes on Malcolm. The Junkyard Killer makes a concerted effort to annoy. There is exposition. The FBI annoy and the FBI has hostilities. Jessica's useless and psycho dad gets a visit from Gil. This was underlit and Malcolm is stabbed. Ainsley is selfish and psycho dad reaches new levels of depravity. Psycho dad wanted to kill Malcolm, something that is shrugged off.

Jessica is dismissive of sense and TJK isn't brutally, fiendishly clever. There are defiant stares and a secret passage under psycho dad's house. That nobody ever found! Malcolm walks off his injuries to fight TJK. Morally corrupt men lurk and there are chasmic gaps in logic. What became of TJK? The screen was so dark I couldn't tell.

Best Lines:

“Rookie work.”

“You became your father's son.”

“Nothing but a stain.”

“Vests are for valets.”

“Doesn't bode well for me.”

“I'm not a killer.”

“Not yet.”

“Drilled hate into you.”

“MeTooed off to the Hamptons.”

“I'll be overly vague, they'll love it.”

“You're a stress induced hallcination.”

“She's not the reason you're like this.”

“He can kill you. He almost has.”

“I'm his origin story.”

“You judge, you hunt!”

“Sadistic meglomanic.”

“A house as old as this has a lot of secrets.”

“Less than helpful.”

“You think you're an original John but really you're Chapter 1 in the first profiling book they gave new recruits at Quantico.”

Internal Affairs

Malcolm's colleagues are aware of his lineage. Jessica mainpulates. Trust Malcolm, he's an expert on serial killers. This show's production values look impeccable yet they don't light it properly. This is not a horrifying insight into a damaged broken family. There is a blackout and the FBI are gone and never said sorry for blackening Malcolm's name. The family name is thrashed and Malcolm's not welcome at work.

The newest homicidal threat is in plain sight. This show has been a litany of failures. There are no creepy realisations. Some accept Malcolm's denial that he's not like his father, but not many. Malcolm fends off suspicion. It's weeks since 1x11?!?! There is non linear storytelling. There is an appraisal of Malcolm.

An 'event' impacts on the reputation of Malcolm. There are persistent concerns and Malcolm really shouldn't drink. Who cared for his bird? There is speculation and psycho dad was a formative influence on Malcolm. Hurtful and false claims are made. There is growing malcontent and a mention of the place where prisoners dig graves which gained such fame in 2020.

Malcolm wears Gucci loafers to work?! This show is not an urgent necessity. The case of the week is vociferously dull: another killer with perverse appetites. The FBI has a cult index and a local cult is on it. Malcolm enrolls in said cult.

This was a terrible combination of dull and uninteresting. This was not facinating to see. The cult fear a killer cult deprogrammer. One doesnt know whether the stories they told the suspect du jour in this ep were true. There was an agreed plot. Psycho dad tried to kill Malcolm when he was 10 and it is shrugged off.

Best Lines:

“Mentally competent.”


“Job slash coping mechanism.”

“Too soon for a pee break?”

“Delcare me deranged.”

“Unruly nightmares.”

“My son sleeps in chains.”

“Weird German lady.”

“Not always wanted.”

“Incident in the field.”

“Unhappy family life.”

“Low self worth.”

“Comically dramatic.”

“Thank you for revealing your pain.”

“Resistant trauma.”

“Regulate anger.”

“Predatory psychopath.”

“Purge your memories.”

“Such a cliche.”

“Don't sound like your words.”

“Whenever you say you're fine, a warning bell goes off in my head.”

“The only thing they're afraid of is you.”

“Questionable methods.”

“Determined to reclaim their wayward children.”

“Friends are indebted to me.”

“Thought he cared.”

Episode 1

There is a village conspiracy in a small mountain village in this Polish limited series. This was dubbed. The village stands over the indefensible. A new cop deals with unreasonable levels of flak as the village presents problems. Why is there a bin full of vodka bottles in the police chief's office? What happened to the cop before him?

One female character is seen in shorts and another woman is seen in her bra. Holy water is waved and reasonable ideas fail to get traction in this village. This had no substance and the new cop is not measured. Irritation is felt by the new cop. The locals are spiteful and there is vile provocation. There is distain and the new cop has a daughter.

There is blatant disregard for sense and death and no motives are evident. This was insanely incoherent and rambling. People are decreasingly gleeful. There is resulting chaos and this was deeply regrettable. People are allergic to logic.

Is there a terrible reckoning coming? There is a slutty daughter and no intensity in this untheatrical ep. There is no sense of the heroic in this unstaged ep. There are expressions of anguish and a broken social and ideological order. People in different ways and degrees bear some responsbility for something.

There is spiked tap water and the cop reacts with fury. This was a complete failure. This was illogical and people have an astonishing lack of curiosity. The cop acts like determination and what year is this set in? There is talk of Owl Mountain Mysteries. We see a hand sticking out of a tree. This was a litany of failures. The tree thing did intrigue though.

Best Lines:

“You'll learn to love me once you're all by yourself.”

“Protects from evil.”

“I speak God's truth.”

“You shall serve him.”

“Wolves found him first.”

“The Lord's teachings.”

“We don't have a sobering station.”

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