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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'An Klondike' promo

“No paying back what you did.”

'Star Girl' 1x11 promo

Gluten free pitta bread – mmmm.

I will review 'The Twilight Zone' (2019).

What's a grouse?

My ex does continual bad actions.

Who was 'Identity'?

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Every country is looking after itself here.”

“Some form of life there.”

'Montage Of Heck' Quote:

“Sucky band.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Protect the whole world.”

“Designed for fun and laughter.”

“Fought off so many attempts to finish his career.”

“Crime minister.”

“Town he left at 15.”

“Lad next door.”

“Tik-Tok free.”

'The Rise Of The Murdoch Dynasty' Quotes:

“Another nasty man at the door.”

“United in opposition.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“The defining factor in your decision-making.”

“Last public appearance.”

“Grim evidence.”

“Collapse – physical, psychological and ideological-”

“Ordered defended “to the last man and the last shot”.”

“Reckless spending.”

“Struggle for existence in a shattered world.”

“Dog-drawn stretchers.”

“Starting with tanks and howitzers, it ended with flamethrowers and house-to-house street battles with grenades and amchine guns,”


“A sense of abandonemt and isolation.”

“Failure to threaten punishment.”

“Catastrophic institutional, cultural and reputational damge has already been inflicted.”

“Send your mind to future years.”

“It was a really bad break-up and I was heartbroken.”

“Making the wrong decision at a pivotal point.”

“Relationship you want to commit to,”

“Grieving for what is lost.”

“Checking everything against your past relationship.”

“Deserves to be chosen for the person he is,”

“Started feeling afraid of going to crowded places;”

“How she had reacted and how she had had to apologise to her daughter about that reaction.”

“Strongly dislike being called negative.”

“Component of my personality.”

“Irrational fears.”

“Democratic deficit.”

“Mature into a global, responsible citizen.”

“Ethical approach.”

“It should have never been allowed to get out,”

“Wastes a precious resource.”

“Material from recent wars.”

“Killing any life there. Nothing lives in the water, no grasses or plants grow nearby, even the desert birds avoid perching too close to it.”

“Never known silence nor seen a dark night sky.”

“The flares roar day and night,”

“Oil rain.”

“Noticeably silent on the issue.”

“You're to be feared or kept away.”

“What they respresented,”


“Yell over blaring alarms.”

“Live in homes with multiple generations.”

“Communal hasty burial of victims of plague or otehr trauma,-”

“Largely shuttered and deserted party of the city,”

“The city centre is dead, completely dead.”

“Nothing has been recovered.”

'Bullseyes And Beer' Quotes:

“Paid 50p a head.”

“Pot bellied polyesther.”

“Little short of a god.”

“Lost in the mists of ale house smoke.”

“Steely resolve to win.”

“Holiday camp competitions.”


“Arrow slingers wandering from pub to pub in a lawless world of darts.”

“The coming thing.”

“A pub olympics.”

“Sweaty celebration of all things male.”

“Needed a bit of controlling.”

“Darts groupies.”

“Sozzled in some roadhouse, smothered in tattoos and darts mags.”

“Crying in the toilet.”

“Mounting unrest.”

“Slick American style coverage.”

“Darts lifestyle.”

“Carny glamour.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Drove their son to drugs.”

“Give him a wrong look.”

“Locked out of the house in the snow.”

“Afraid to be in my house.”

'Murder She Wrote' Quotes:

“Bare bottoms and rude songs.”

'The Big Bang Theory' Quotes:

“How is that a fight pose?”

“Assign blame.”

'TVnow' Quote:

“Had no friends at school.”

“Bland sterility of the street.”

“Just curtains twitching.”

“Chaotic wildness.”

'Marple' Quotes:

“Don't make a drama out of it.”

“I still dream about it actually.”

“Pretty disgusting.”

“Go off and die for his country.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Unforseen consequences.”

“Challenges have been many.”

“Emergency closure order.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Such is his legacy and status.”

'RT' Quotes:

“Battlefield consequences.”

“Relationships and reputation.”

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