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Billionaire Island Issue 2 Reviewed

I missed issue 1. All the world's ills are laid at the feet of the rich. There is an island hideaway for rich jerks – on it is a restaurant entitled Natural Selection – and the options are Endangered, Rare, Last Chance To Eat. This is a chaotic state. The rich implicitly accept the island as their due.

The rich tries to silence their enemies. This is an accurate depiciton of the cultural landscape. Island security is FUPD. A hitman comes to the island with belligerent defiance. Reporters are locked up and the rich do not feel great personal shame and are beneath contempt.

Things get contentious and smart bullets don't kill the rich. PAs are locked up. This was okay and purposeful and heroism goes unrewarded. What are people's covert objectives? Why are PAs kept in confinement? The rich are evil with deliberate intent.

Best Lines:

“Who do your turn to when your very existence is a crime?!”

“To kill those who have been killing us for generations.”

“I've been working here for thirteen years.”


“It mostly just writes passive-aggressive emails!”

“Fear of losing what little you ahve. Maybe it's time for them to be afraid for a while.”

“We're going to knock the door down eventually!”

“We employ more failed actors than P.F. Chang!”

“All of my degrees and awards would be useless.”

“Shape the future.”

“How would you like to wind up unemployed, you lazy moron?”

“You don't deserve any of the good things that have happened to you.”

“They can fire you for the most mundane crap nowadays.”

“It wasn't that long ago that the technology we're using right now would have been impossible. You're using amazing technology that has reshaped the world in ways you cannot even begin to comprehend.”

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