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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Jaws' promo

See it before you go swimming.

'Dastardly And Muttley In Their Flying Machines' intro

Why do they want to stop the pigeon?

Chocolate soya with cognac – nice.

There's cucumber ketchup?

FOGO – fear of going out.

There is peanut curry.

RIP the Brown Booby.

My ex just cared less and less. I have unfulfilled longing. I thought my ex had unwavering concerned, that was just ill-placed optimism. It doesn't seem like I concern my ex. My ex is ever present but never there. Not anymore not for sometime. My ex exhausted my goodwill. My ex was an emotionally manipulative schemner who furthered his dreams at the expense of mine. An ineffectual man. I want rectification from my ex. He had a lapse of judgement and needs to be held accountable. He's baiting me. I feel growing discontent and I thought he was a source of fascination. My ex never confirmed his commitment to me. My ex is synonymous with betryal. Regret does not filter through. My ex is unfathomable. He had a capacity for betrayal and chocies I didn't understand the ramifications of. There's an unbrigeable chasm between dream and reality. My ex shattered my expectations. He's wilful and I didn't know the fragility of my future. I didn't know I was living contentedly under false pretences. My ex has a bottomless capacity for negativity, scorn and misery. My ex made an unforgiveable choice. He has taken no personal responibility. In the blink of an eye, I became his past. My final and lasting memories of my ex are bitter: he didn't care. The magnitude of harm caused by my ex is uncountable.

I'd try seared steak with garlic and herb butter and leafy sald and I'd try lemon verbena and meringue pot. I'd try poached cherries.

What is an apricot galette? Or an oyster emulsion?

I want a scalloped plate and a Luna sapphire heart pendant in gold and pink sapphires and I want a swivel signet ring.

Nathan Darrow was on a 'Blue Bloods' ep in 2014 and is in an 'FBI' ep.

'Molly's Game' Quotes:

“Gold plated resume.”

“They weren't the problem, they were the medicine.”

“Reacted to the shame.”

“Showing seething contempt for me.”

“You tripped over a stick.”

“I'm hiring someone to kill him.”

“What could they possibly offer me to do that?”

“Cause of justice.”

“Move from failure to failure with no loss of enthusisum.”

Amber Heard Quote:

“I've never vomited in a parking lot in my life.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Get their own balls now.”

“Multi-generatioanl house.”

“Innocence tax.”

“Incredible claim.”

“Model for the world.”

“Socially justified.”

“Citizen and the state.”

“Cultural disregard.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Told as forcefully as possible.”

“Voiding mask mandates.”

“Life, like it was before.”

“Don't think the logic made sense.”

'RT' Quote:

“Committed suicide in a very bizarre way.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Stabbed with the back of my hand with a carving fork, at the Christmas dinner table.”

“World's lousiest parent.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“The books you chose to read were a stick to beat you with.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“As bad as we can take it.”

“Gold family reunions.”

“Incendiary pledge-”

“Public meance.”


“People on garden and manor tours.”

“Jaunting car.”

“Without them, we may be nothing or something entirely different.”

“Consider refusing Americans, or other foreigners, entry.”

“Feel all eyes on them as they enter restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.”

“Hate mail to our restaurant for acknowledging that we have served Americans.”

“Irish people are not renowed for being on time.”

“None of their counties would allow them entry.”

“Passports for ferrets.”

“Decision could not be appealed.”

“Something standing in my way through no fault of my own.”

“Catastrophic lab leaks.”

“Dominate the urban ecosystem.”

“Like Jessica Fletcher when she has the sniff of dishonesty in her nostrils.”

“She had an actual tan.”


“Er, it's been raining in Irleand since the end of may.”

“Only limited tolerance for local mores.”

“Are on TV too much as it is.”

“To please a man who's determined to be displeased.”

“Smug, retrospective moral superiority.”

“Seen by its fans as the future.”

“Moral compass of our country.”

“Illegal to purchase an untagged salmon,”

“Confronting poachers can be a hazardous job,”

“Cases of aggression.”

“Whose concerns are profoundly removed from the lives of most people.”

“Few have held the spotlight in this programme for positive reasons.”

“Enjoy a leisurely saturday morning browse through the various supplements.”

'Reality Z' Quote:

“Another corpse in the living room.”

'Killer Families' Quotes:

“Not living a dangerous lifestyle.”

“Didn't cause trouble.”

“Strife in the family.”

“Paid in adult videos.”

'The Catch' Quote:

“It's as if you think you're Liam Neeson in 'Taken'.”

'What We Do In The Shadows' Quotes:

“Witch proof carpet tape.”

“Witch dust.”

“Burn the garden.”

“Naughty goat.”

“Did you fall down a hole again?”

'FTWeekened' Quotes:

“Chaotic fallout.”

“Chains of encounters upon which interesting careers (and personal lives) are constructed.”


“You would wait 30 seconds so that the porter would be gone before you opened the door.”

“Plague-style public health threat.”

“Vengeful justice.”

“Have been lucky to avoid worse.”

“Powerful agents of viral destruction out there,”

“Potentially apocalyptic virsuses,”

“Incarnated histroy.”

“Covered Europe with tombs, ashes and tears.”

“Would be school friends if they ever actually went to school,”

“Personal harangue.”

“Ruthless hostility.”

“Grumbles about the newness all around him,”

“Personal/national embarrassment.”

“Befuddled pariah.”

“Establishment worthies.”

“Chtonic deities.”

“Of course there are guttering candles, rearing horses, improbbale castles and medieval manuscripts whose mere persual induces horror.”

“By wanting it badly enough, by thinking about it ingeniously enough, a different kind of society could be built.”

“Dead bad people.”

“Another character's judgment of her.”

“Just this side of a cult,”

“Great glass ark.”

“A shrine to human optimism.”

“They favoured nursery food – meat and potatoes in puddles of gravy, dead carrots, all beige. They could handle haddock mousse or steak and kidney pudding, and they like apple crumble.”

“The reckoning came,”

“Social fascination.”

'The Other One' Quote:

“Bog standard private school that just so happened to have a rowing club.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Having failed to produce it, as requested.”

“Stepping up the intensity with which we are verifying the details.”

“Perceived moral slip ups.”

“Fire spread.”

“Fractious relationship.”

“Is there a plot afoot?”

“Isolated from any source of help.”

“Claimed by force if necessary.”

“Prides itself on its pristine reputation.”

“Can't afford to have accusations made about you on the internet.”

“Dictated to by a loud minority of mostly younger employees.”

“Denotes integrity.”

“Uncompromising moral force.”

“Caused national outrage.”

“Questioning his ability to led the country at a time of crisis.”

“Stripped of their careers.”

“Vicious invective, vile accusaitons.”

“Self-reinforcing terror.”

“Screeching the loudest and harshest abuse,”

“Annoying as many people as possible.”

“Vile insults.”

“Notorious figures.”

“It swallowed two inland seas and created a giant 250-mile long crack in the Earth's surface.”


“Its greatness was lauded.”

“Famously filthy.”

“Squalor generally wins out over love.”

“Everything colour-adjusted to resmble an oak-smoked gents' lavatory.”

“Unnecessary mouths to feed.”

“Their prospects, the decisions they made.”

“Only way to a life.”

“Otherwise, grimness.”

“Grim inevitability.”

“Designed for people with staff.”

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