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Movie Reviews: 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri + Cobain: Montage Of Heck

3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

3 billboards not used since the 1990s are rented by an angry grieving mother whose daughter was murdered. The killer has not been caught so she forks out $5000 per month to rent the billboards to draw attention to the case. The idiot yokel cops are more obsessed with the billboards than the murder.

There is a tortoise and racism and the police chief is dying. The woman's ex husband has run off with a slut. The dead daughter, Angela, was no angel. The woman faces relentless harassment. A useless racist violent cop has many manifestations of inadequacy and a combative personality and he has an agenda. He's simply horrendous and aggressively awful. This was a circus of absurdity.

There is no social imprint. The cops are deeply unhelpful. The police chief's wife looks young enough to be his daughter. There is death and how did the racist fool become a cop? He's stupid and incompetent. He beats up people in public and causes property destruction. There is a new boss and the useless cop is fired and the police chief's widow bitchs with her stupid accent.

The racist has a ghastly mother. There is arson and a town midget. The ending is a total WTF. Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Abbie Cornish, Zeljko Ivanek and Peter Dinklage feature. People are felled by uncertainty and there are no consequences for geezer-laddish actions.

Best Lines:

“A road no one goes down.”

“Talking nice to you.”

“Nobody is with you about this.”


“Of what?”

“Stupid news.”

“Town midget.”

“I cannot be sorry for the act itself.”

“Cock jokes.”

“I read it on a book mark.”

“Tragedy came calling today.”

“Begets greater anger.”

Cobain: Montage Of Heck (2015)

This is a bizarre Kurt Cobain documentary. He is a poster boy for the disenfranchised. This is an irritating miscellany that is very male. Cobain was an unwanted child of divorce with obvious mental health problems that people ignored. There is talk of a gross sexual encounter in this tedious lump that was joyless.

This was not serious, insightful or evocative. This was unmoored and there is no genuine insight. The ghastly details and dark consequences of Cobain's psychological and emotional demons are laid clear. He was clearly malicious and drifted aimlessly with deadening fatalism. It was a doomed cycle of barely controlled madness.

This was an ugly echoing clatter and it was also incredibly juvenile. There was mumbling, indignation, rage and ostracisation. Things got tempestuous and fractious as Cobain derided everyone. There was mutual recrimination from adults in Cobain's life but no one ever helped him.

Best Lines:

“Your whole family reject you.”

“Resorted to becoming friends with.”

“White trash lowlife scum of the earth.”

“I hated everyone.”

“Isolated hellhole.”

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