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Red Mother issue 5 Reviewed

The heroine has resigned stoicism and her helplessly wretched life goes on. The plot is vague to the point of ludicrous meainglessness. She gives cause for concern. Things that will be consequential happen for some no doubt horrific reason. This was joyless but I am interested – evil is increaisngly aggressive.

I'm sure there will be dramatic repercussions to the inescapable evil. It's all exceptionally serious. The encounters with evil are aggressive. There are veiled warnings and a miserable protagonist with a deteriorating psychological state who is trudging miserably through life. There are dark ruminaitons, evil cackles manically and nothing of consequence has been resolved. The minions of evil all look quite happy with themselves as the heroine is beset on all sides by malevolent forces. The plot is impercetible, but I am interested.

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