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Movie Reviews: Molly's Game + Corman's World

Molly's Game (2017)

This Aaron Sorkin film is the true story of underground poker fixer Molly Bloom. This is bizarre and very good. Kevin Costner plays her hypocrite dad. Molly was arrested and charged for arranging illegal poker games. There is poker lingo I don't understand. Her players are rich jerk gambling addicts. She had her own chips that had infra red markings and a player tried to use a Monet as collateral. There is a horrible poker player named Player X. There is talk of rigged games, the mob, losers who stiff her and Molly having to act as the bank. Idris Elba plays her lawyer and Jessica Chastain plays Molly. Molly has to escape absurdly harsh charges and it is obvious that Player X is meant to be the actor who played OG Spider-Man.

Best Lines:

“Darkest desires.”

“Give them my money or they'll take it again.”

“You've won: never.”

“Low rent productions.”

“Trashy cardrooms.”

“Life rights.”

“I'd be the April treat.”

“Playboy playmates.”

“Is everything I heard true?”

“Chasing winter.”

“Irrationally anger at nothing in particular.”

“Bottle service.”

“Showed Dean what a spreadsheet was.”

“Trying to prove he wasn't going broke.”


“I don't have anything.”

“ATM in the hall bro.”

“You are unimportant.”

“Still making good decisions.”

“Laws are written down.”

“For your life to be turned into a very public hell.”

“Sarcastic dealing.”

“I like destroying lives.”

“Uniquely terrible.”

“Only way out you have.”

“Playing like a frat kid.”

“Never climb out of that.”

“I married dull.”

“It had to end sometime.”

“A defined place in a world that was inaccessible.”

“Play and pay.”

“Start the mythologising.”

“Defeat the time release.”

“Dark and friendless where I was.”


“Frat house I'd built for degenerates.”

Corman's World (2011)

A documentary about Roger Corman featuring many stars like David Carradine and Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson and Bruce Dern and Pam Grier and Ron Howard and Peter Fonda and William Shatner and Martin Scorsese. There is talk of outlaw movies and clips from terrible movies. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“No need for taste.”

“Genre notes.”

“They're eating the guests sir.”

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