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The Boys 1x07&1x08+Mrs America 1x03&1x04+Reality Z 1x07&1x08+Dempsey & Makepeace 1x03&Evil1x02

The Self-Preservation Society

Homelander has a thou mayest attiude to life and a chilling ability to be bad. 8 years ago Butcher and his wife were happy until Homelander was a career damaging situation for him. The 'experts' mythologise nutters. Homelander utters insidious invitations. Superheroes are not good for all and Butcher wants to decisively push back against them.

Heroes are supposed to keep people safe, we don't see any of the Seven doing that. Butcher has utter despair and Starlight bores. Homelander is an intimidating presence. Some are worshipful of Homelander. There are no moral imperatives just a dawning realisation that this was all for nothing. Homelander is on to Butcher and co. The Deep has been banished to Ohio.

This show is an affront. Starlight is in denial mode. A-Train is a jerk. Even the rest of the Seven are scared of Homelander. Simon Pegg shows up, piss off Simon Pegg. A-Train gets what he's had coming. This does not resonate. Hughie does not avoid a confrontation; people reiterate opposition to Butcher. Homelander is a frightful influence and a terrible force who has horrifying effects on people.

This show is a moral cataclysm and heroes are not beneficial. There are no plaudits for this. The Deep faces the dissolution of his life. Hughie decides to stop being passive, uptight, controlling, fearful and a worrier. The Deep has gills and is a jerk. Who was the woman who put Butcher on his dark path? The Deep talks to a lobster. The Deep has lost his favoured position. This goes worse than I envisaged. Homelander's name is John?!?

Butcher's wife got pregnant with Homelander's child. A unique thing that. It has powers. Homelander has issues and can't rise above his raising. Hughie is moronic and there are resprisals. Nothing is alleviated. Nothing drives Homelander to be better. There is silencing. Homelander has a dark legacy: super baddies.

Supes are inextricable. Homelander cares about eternal glory. Butcher has internal rage and Homelander has a preferred image and is irremovable. Butcher shoots Starlight. Haley Joel Osment and Jennifer Esposito guest star.

Best Lines:

“There is a but coming.”

“Pump out a few flying babies.”

“That was not smart.”

“2016 Comic Con edition!”

“That accident had a name.”

“Swore to me and Jesus Christ.”

“Went missing and remained so ever since.”

“What you can now do to everyone else.”

“Chosen by god.”

“Jamming illegal drugs into babies arms.”

“Running around in your capes.”

“They have a super terrorist?”

“I don't know you. I never did.”

You Found Me

Homelander's in Syria and massacres 'bad people'. Butcher and co are wanted. Starlight shrieks at her stage mom. Isn't The Deep cold in Ohio with no sleeves? The Deep doesn't want to open waterparks in Ohio. Starlight is not proud to have got into the Seven at all. Butcher can't extricate himself from his mess. Things go badly.

Who was Lamplighter? Why did he kill Grace's family? Grace trained Butcher? How did Lamplighter die? A-Train has a public meltdown and Hughie is a tool. The Deep does a Britney whilst he's naked. Starlight recovered from being shot.

A-Train's brother gives up on him. Black Noir plays piano. Things are dark, dangerous and desperate. Starlight's slutty outfit has massive heels. Homelander has made himself irreplacable. He's a formidable enemy. There are grim fates and the inevitable conclusion takes place. Homelander is warped and there are lies and secrets. Stillwell faces consequences.

Is A-Train dead? Butcher's wife Becca is not dead, she's living in the burbs with her and Homelander's son. Homelander and Butcher have a standoff. 2 kiwis putting on fake accents. Homelander kills Stillwell and Butcher blows up her baby son. Becca abandoned Butcher, lord she is a cheating slut and a bitch. Giancarlo Esposito and Ann Cusack and Jim Beaver guest star.

Best Lines:

“Bottomless causal cruelty.”

“Did want to make a difference.”

“Give anything to be what you are.”

“Not exactly a hotbed of scientific expertise.”

“Your smug tennis toned ass.”

“Whole new world now.”

“Run for your lives.”

“Walked out on us.”

“I never got a chance to choose my own dream!”

“Psycho killer friends.”

“Taught me a thing or 2 about broken promises.”

“Nothing else to say.”

“Weren't even teeth left.”

“Vengeance isn't a path to glory.”

“Blood and awfulness.”

“More awful secrets.”

“Almost arrested for knowing you.”

“Villains all over the globe that only we can fight. Sequel after sequel after sequel.”

“I came to save you! Yay!”

“They searched me. Very, very throughly.”

“Spit that bitch out.”

“Open that mouth.”

“Get up in there.”

“He'll never stop coming for you.”

“Rapey santa.”

“What's your endgame?”


This is all second wave energy. Phyllis continues being the anti-feminist villain and is meticulous in her awfulness. Phyllis and co have abject dependency on their husbands who they must placate. Politics divides and there is racism and Phyllis obsesses over a suprise nuclear attack. Shirely goes unheard. McGovern a POTUS wannabe betrays the feminists because of course he does. Gloria fence sits to her detriment. Phyllis' daughters rarely speak. Phyllis is a prepper. This was medicore.

Best Lines:

“I am the movement!”

“You wrote a book 10 years ago!”

“Big college words.”


It's 1973 and people obsess over Roe V Wade. Betty has volcanic jealously of Gloria. Phyllis has the sheer force of her piety. There is legislative action and public expectation. Things are inequitable. Betty knows the ERA is in danger but nobody listens. Gloria has apparent disinterest. Nobody listens. Betty's not overburdened with charm.

Betty hates the norms she was trapped in whilst Phyllis cherishes them. Fred and Phyllis are dreadful as they discuss the lavender menace. Phyllis lies about women being drafted. Phyllis ignores what happened with her parents and bullies one of her daughters. Gloria is told to say thank you to Betty. Gloria is oblivious to sense. Betty messes up a debate. Yawn.

Best Lines:

“Spending money on his new wife.”

“You going out in that blouse?”

“Blonde beehive.”

“Got some white sheets in her closet.”

“That's your right and I think maybe you should just keep that to yourself.”

“We know about the bread.”

The Calling

It's 4 days since the outbreak and there is bad news. There are areas of mutual concern and a fundamental risk. There is inadvertent bonding in this irksome ep. Gondor calls for aid so to speak. There is a heap of venom and frothy mouthed yelling. What depopulated the earth? People promulgate misguided views and there is toxic fallout. There are reprehensible twits and people are lambasted and there is a societal problem. People assert authority and things are untenable. People are aggrieved. The old biddy is infected. I get confused which character is called Leo and which is called Levi. There is a new arrival.

Clearly desperate people show up. Jerks are resolved not to oblige. There is trouble and complaint. There is gormlessness and this was badly wrong. There is widespread condemnation and people create animosity. People draw attention and ire and there is a bitter response and threats. There are malicious lunatics and this was unjustifably dumb. There are no unifying moments and this was meandering.

Best Lines:

“Crappy show with people locked in a house.”

“Stench of rotten flesh.”

“It's worldwide.”

“So the Americans aren't coming to save us?”

“Out of food in 3 weeks.”

“Secure the outside all the way to the gate.”

“Map to the manhole.”

“Help us take back this place.”

“Soon there won't be anyone left to hear us.”

“I was very wrong.”

“Those 3 psychopaths.”

“Make it look like you're actually done something to help.”

“I'm who you should listen to.”

“Nobody ever listens.”

The Future

This started badly and quickly got worse. There are aggressive actions and rambling and unsubtle people and people make little effort to disguise their evil intent. This was wretched. The son is called Leo and the congressman is Levi. There is cleaning and no gloves. How did they start the fire? This people are morons and there is no assistance coming. This was frustrating but with consequences and complications and this was comparatively underwhelming. There are no high moral requirements. There is nothing worthwhile here in this farce. This gang are the awkward squad and people ramble nonchalantly in this terribly stupid ep.

Lucky Streak

This show had a good theme song. This was not terribly convincing. Somebody robbed a casino. Dempsey is a peeping tom. Makepeace has no desire for his affection. He's callow. This was mind numbing and causes irritation. There is earnestness. There is an OPEC mention and one of the baddies is Bunny from 'Raffles' aka Christopher Strauli! This was entirely uninteresting. The sight of Strauli in white trousers being chased through alleyways by Makepeace in an ugly 80s car is hilarious.

Best Lines:

“Let's him behave as he pleases.”

“Why are you dressed like a waiter?”

“You're raving.”

“Come in Dempsey.”

“A refugee from Batman and Robin.

177 Minutes
Leland yaps. A girl may have come back from the dead. There is wild overacting and screaming kids. This bored.

Best Line:
"Devil person!"

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