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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Star Girl' 1x10 promo


'Audible' ad

“Blessed be the fruit and veg.”

'Trending Fear' promo


'Possessor' trailer


'Hollywood Boulevard' promo


'Jackson Country Jail' promo

Tommy Lee Jones!

'The Hot Box' promo

Nurses with uzis.

'Rock N' Roll High School' promo


'The Good Times Are Killing Me' = crap.

My ex changed the trajectory of my life. He has now done something so crappy that words fail me to describe it. He is a liar and a sneak and he's not appreciative. My ex ended things very abruptly. My ex commited a fundamental breach of trust. I feel disappointed, overlooked, slighted and terminally disaffected by my ex. My ex won't voice the stories left unsaid. I'm abandoned and alone. He was so very nearly mine. My ex forgot me overnight and I feel blinding anger at the unfair whims of a man who has no regard for the consequences. My ex's inexplicable decision hurts. My ex is entirely uninterested in me. Things started off happily enough before going badly wrong. He doesn't care what he's ruined. He has his selfish interests.

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Oh how times have changed.”

“Purse bandit.”

“Marine dog.”

“The mother they once knew.”

“Stealing wallets from people gathered for a little girl's birthday party.”

'When Kids TV Goes Horribly Wrong' Quote:

“Beautifully BBC.”

'The Fugitive' Quotes:

“I'll make it.”

“You must want him bad.”

“My job to go in first.”

“Somebody washed up.”

“It's not unknown. Even here.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Memorandum of understanding.”

“Constructive purposes.”

“Petty criticism.”

“Oblivious to the sounds of chaos outside.”

“Tribal malice.”

“Socratic truth-seeking.”

“The 20th centruy's most unwittingly important man,”

“Malign activity.”

“A lot of things are going wrong at once.”

“Self-isolation and masking.”

“The apocalypse is upon him.”

“Rather than seeking community, as is the norm in every movie.”


“Ruin land and health.”

“Social function.”

“Refusing to make a statement.”

“Grave public controversy.”

“Reasonable quesitons arise.”

“Disturbingly quiet.”

“Supposed plans for world dominaiton.”

“Nefarious involvement.”

“To general confusion, as condemnation implies it is responsible while apology implies the reverse.”

“Abolish the suburbs.”

“High-touch areas.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Moral strength of the country.”


'Murder Comes To Town' Quotes:

“Fading rural whistlestop succumbing to vice.”

“Chruch ladies are revered as royalty.”

“Unholy sight.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Death surge.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“Keep a eye on the riff raff.”

“Yokels and nutters.”

“Only opens his mouth to moan.”

“Smells like a badger's armpit.”

“Not trusted in the village.”

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