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DCeased Unkillables Issue 3 Reviewed

There is no emotional and reality shifting climax. Things go very very wrong as the world's biggest dirtbags have to be heroes and save people. The virus has turned heroes into powerful enemies who will come back to haunt people. Zombie Wonder Woman attacks.

Who is Mary Marvel? People get a chance at life. But the sun will go out! There is utter bleakness and a crisis point. Zatana and Constatine show up in a safe zone. This was good and baddies became amenable. Things have unravelled completely, the ending is depressing but inevitable.

Best Lines:

“Has trained to strangle a pompus princess with her own golden lasso.”

“Planning a killbox? I like this side of you.”

“A corridor full of bodies is only an effective barrier for so long. Believe me, I speak from experience.”

“Unliving armageddon.”

“Blighted ones.”

“Batman would never install a good alarm.”

“Kick her princess ass.”

“An undead goddess.”


“Build something out of this mess.”

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