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Book Reviews: Little Disasters

Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan

Liz is on duty in A&E when her best friend Jess shows up with her injured baby daughter. Jess's story makes no sense and does not add up and Liz is suspicious. Questions are rasied and suspicions grow and police and social workers get involved. This is the tale of a mother's worse nightmare. This is compelling and absorbing and tense. Thought the end is a bit too neat, this is a good story of the dark deceptions of domesticity and the pressure of motherhood and the weight of the past.

Best Lines:

“Feel that things might get better at some point.”

“Make constant demands on her time.”

“Isn't the mother she thought she would be.”

“Acting on sabotaging thoughts-”

“He will always think the worst of her, and this will only confirm his suspicions,”

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