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Dempsey And Makepeace (1985 – 1986) 1x01&1x02+Trouble With Maggie Cole 1x06+Prodigal Son 1x09&1x10

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

This cop show was once the hot new show. An angry shouting NYPD cop named Dempsey is sent to the UK on an 'exchange' for his own protection. He teams up with Makepeace a blonde posh UK cop. The stars Michael Brandon and the South African Glynis Barber who got married after the show and are still married today.

There is crimped hair and 80s plot tropes and people remarkably unconcerned with violence. Dempsey inveigles and Makepeace has reproach. There is no incalculable complexity just ugly cars and baddies with malicious intent and a silly plot. There are fake accents and a fear of vicious reprisals.

What is the plot? Dempsey is angry, volatile and impatient. There are pathetic pretences at undercover work and people act without thinking of the consequences. This drags on and on and on. There is no uniform praise for this. There are brazen lies and distortions and this was better than the equally 80s 'Robin Of Sherwood', which was up itself pretentious trash.

I really disliked this, yet saw promise. This was exhausting and Dempsey tries to charm and impress and this was hopelessly inadequate. Baddies are warped with hatred and this is how it is with them. Dempsey is capable of calm, decisive thinking and quick action. The baddies are morally and ethically corrupt.

Makepeace has a torrent of unbrindled anger and she is increasingly dismissive and baddies are motivated by malice. Choices are justified and how can Dempsey carry a gun in the UK? Makepeace sours the atmosphere and Dempsey sees violence as the way to impose authority. There is an unrepentant tone.

There are sugar coated lies and no clear mind. There are verbal inadequacies and this was gloriously redundant and artifical, false and calculated. There is no great thought and this is not trying to say something.

There is talk of caviar. There is bad VFX and a lorry chase. There is self righteous indignation and no ramifications for their behaviour. There is sheer dour recklessness. This was absolutely horrific and they have no ability to forsee consequences. Tony Jay was in this.

Best Lines:

“You think the limeys can handle him?”

“They handled Argentia.”

“Are you offering me a bloody yank?”

“Think I'll go and powder something.”

The Squeeze

There is a daring and bizarre security van robbery. Dempsey is suddenly a sexist and walks around in a small towel. Dempsey is made to give up his gun. They combat major crime. Dempsey steals his gun back. Someone was in on the robbery to his ill fortune. Makepeace is married! Dempsey has the gun taken off him again. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Ex Vietnam soldiers touting bazookas.”

“It's been known.”

“They've killed Terry!”

“Take shooters.”

“Is he dead?”

“Just a bit.”

“He's gone to the morgue in lots of little plastic bags.”

The Trouble With Maggie Cole 1x06

Maggie whines, she brought all this on herself with her incorrect assumptions. Why is Peter saying sorry to her? This was banal. The characters don't seem to have any future. Maggie is an ignominious and deserved opprobrium. Maggie is grimly indefensible and moronic. Why didn't Roxy call the police over Alex? Why is it just shrugged off?

There is no beautifully choreographed piece of violence just ham acting and capers and dull histrionics in this irrelevant twittery. Maggie is vile, horrendous and selfish and plays the victim. Maggie's son is personality free. Maggie needs to be held responsible for her words and actions. Maggie brought all this on herself. Alex acts out.

This was dreadful and perplexing. The malignant underbelly of the village is on full display. Maggie has a near permanent inability not to be a narcissistic gossip. There is no moral intruction. There is no terrible plight just an undertone of negativity. Maggie is annoyed and shouty.

This was a flailing miscalculation. Nasty things happen. Maggie bitches and gets Jill hit by a car. It's all Maggie's fault and she has self-justification. This was dismal. There are cultural circumstances and no melancholy truth. There are no laws of morality and social order. Alex gets away with his crap and meancing.

Maggie tries to make it all about her. People have grievances and there is palpable anger. This was disappointing and wrong. The AWOL landlord legs it, again. The reporter from 1x01 shows up. There is clumsiness and this was disheartening. Maggie keeps on gossiping.

Best Lines:

“Your place! Is at the sink!”

“Poisonous little messages.”


I'm sick of Malcolm's mental issues. He tries to be normal and asks Eve out. There is a mystery murder victim and a sex club. The guy who had his hand chopped off in 1x01 shows up again. Jessica is so un-self aware it is scary. This was dumb. Where is the FBI?

Best Lines:


“We don't do normal.”

Silent Night

Ainsley is an annoying joke. This isn't the show I wanted it to be. Jessica annoys. It's christmas and the FBI bitches. Sean Pertwee and his bad US accent plays a jerkass former cop. Why was Pertwee allowed to scream accusations at 10 year old Malcolm? There is a creepy photo album. There is an evil old biddy and this was trash. Malcolm is in peril: yawn.

Best Line:

“6 beers in at 11am.”

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