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'The Fugitive' promo

The 60s tv show. Actors with bad teeth. Gerard.

'Signs' promo

A Polish tv show and candles look newly lit. WTF?

Thai sweet chilli crinkled potato crisps – nice.

Gluten free Belgian milk chocolate chunk cookies – nice.

My ex did not act like he wasn't commited and I thought I'd met the man I had been waiting for all my life. I liked him immediately and felt we were meant to be together – he was kind, considerate, generous and thoughtful. I thought we had a deep connection. We discussed our future together. I thought he was fully committed to us and supportive. But now he's done something that just proves what a cold, cruel, liar he was and is. He won't re-engage, he'll never re-engage. I'm plagued with uncertainty. People never bother to contact me and I feel excluded. My ex casually wrecked us and clearly doesn't care at all, he unleashed all of this.

Who saw 'The Experts', 'Mischief' or 'Secret Admirer'?

Saw a 'Murder She Wrote' ep with VR, Phil Morris and Kevin Sorbo = no.

'Bump' was dubious.

Best Lines:

“The back of the taxi's not a f**king toilet!”

“Chocolate's plant based.”

'Louis Theroux Extreme Love: Autism' Quotes:

“Behave in a way that is profoundly challenging for the people who care for them.”

“Tough choices they have to make.”

“You need nice hands!”

“As you understand it.”

“God forgive me. But I don't get a lot of enjoyment from them.”

“Give them comfort.”

“How disruptive their behaviour.”

“Miss me to death.”

“What's anxiety?”

“Bother the crap out of me.”

“Work we ask of you?”

“Aggressive tantrums.”

“That's what we do.”

“Had a behaviour today.”

“Why does he do it?”

“I don't care anymore.”

“Stopped doing everything.”

“Talking like that!”

“That's trouble!”

“That's a threat!”

“Behaviour specialist.”

“Have violent behaviours.”

“Still stuck in toddler stage.”

“Threat of stabbing another student.”

“Cursing me off.”

“Stakes are higher now.”

“Burnt down the family home aged 8.”

“To be afraid of your child is a terrible thing.”

“Get used to life in the outside world.”

“Can't get angry and hit walls!”

“Respect bordering on awe.”

'Tvnow' Quote:

“You know it's bad when a Dingle is the voice of reason.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Competing to his potential.”

“Nobody was compelled to come forward and speak.”

“Fattened on his own self importance.”

“Gleefully opined.”

“Demand his ousting.”

“I think of the word loyalty, sadly that is lacking tonight,”

“An accusation strongly rejected.”

“Could not at a later stage deny any knowledge.”

“Seen by his own sport as a meance.”

“Basic right to his good name and reputation...”

“Infamous judgment.”

“Metaphor for malfeasance.”

“Dwelling house exemption.”

“Safety planning meetings.”

“My hero, Ilya Kuryakin from The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a man so cool he could carry off a white polo neck without looking like a dork.”

“Unwelcome in shops, viewed with suspicion out walking.”

“Only group possibly more vilified.”

“Consideration for everyone else all but gone.”

“Represented mostly by their excess.”

“Make monsters of thsoe outsiders.”

“Civil society is posisble here.”

“Deep social, cultural and geographical faultlines.”

“Civilisational election,”

“Acting based on retaliation for all this abuse I shouldn't be getting.”

“People make mistakes and it should not he held against them for the rest of their lives.”

“Wanted to get away from being blamed and accused.”

“Asked to account for his movement.”

“Revolution in the story of human civilisation.”

“Recede in their influence.”

“Worrying trend.”

“Worried about how it would look in the community.”

'Home Game' Quotes:

“A man throwing a tree.”

“Unsurpassed pride.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“2 people laughing at me in public.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Normal things are going on.”

“I don't know that man.”

“Serial killer kid club.”

“Unspeakable incident.”

“Evil he visited on people.”

“No bad man here.”

“Don't have the right to be a vicitm.”

“Trauma thearpy.”

“Pawns in his game.”

“Reality never lives up to fantasy.”

“Everything he's doing is wrong.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“That's a cheery thought.”

'The Fugitive' Quotes:

“Be ready for the questions and hope there won't be too many.”

“He'll never stop.”

“Beware the eyes of strangers.”

'Little Disasters' Quotes:

“Something that drove her to choose this profession, and enable her to stand up to parents.”

“Parenting was largely contracted to boarding school.”

“Drunk and disorderly? In Tesco?”

“Appearing rational and compassionate.”

“Becomes a problem Ed wants to be rid of.”

“No longer gave it its name or thought or it lovingly in the least-”

“A poor person. In Liz's garden!”

“He had no idea what goes on at home when he's not there,”

'What She Said: The Art Of Pauline Kael' Quotes:

“Swaggering small town hot shots.”

“Convention of village idiots.”

“A country that didn't yet hate itself.”

“Sickeningly noble.”

“Not in sync with mainstream taste.”

“Muck up the past.”

“Christ complex spectacle films.”

“Feeling of loyalty to country.”

“Think of himself as a mythmaker.”

“Makes every interior look like a cold latrine.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“I'm the victim in all this.”

'RTE News' Quote:

Rumours of discord.”

Saw the 'Unsolved Mysteries' (2020) ep 'Mystery On The Roof Top': did a dead man turn over a big rock he shouldn't have turned over? How did he die? Was it suicide or murder? His friend Porter may not have been such a friend. There is talk of a houseguest. The best friend has impentrability and this seems irreversible. The wife has abject sadness. Rey vanished May 16 and was found near a hotel. There is a tiny hole his body may have fallen through. His body was found may 24. He was missing 8 days.

Questions are raised. Why was he in flipflops? Rey was scared of heights – so could he have got up on a roof to jump off? He had intense injuries. His phone and glasses were undamaged. Was it staged? His engraved antique money clip is missing. Where is it?

Nobody saw or heard anything. How did he navigate the hotel? There is no footage of him at the hotel. Why did his friend get him to move to Baltimore? The death was determined to be a suicide. There is talk about the way Rey's shins broke. There is talk of how the death was ruled undetermined. A note was found taped to the back of Rey's computer.

The note is weird. There is utmost seriousness. There is talk of Freemasons. The last call to Rey came from his friend's workplace. It was never explained. The friend had put up a $1000 reward for info on Rey. The friend's company put a gag order on employees and lawyered up and the friend won't talk and his friend won't be interviewed for this show.

The friend wouldn't return calls or give answers. He seemed to lack sufficient rigour. Why did the friend have such a protective response? Apparently the friend has views and tried to get a cease and desist on this show being shown. The friend had faced fraud charges and there had been break in attempts at Rey's house.

Did Rey have a psychotic break? Was he murdered? The investigating cop was transferred. This raises additional issues requiring further explanation and clarification and why won't his friend make a statement or answer any questions? There are legitimate doubts and additional quesitons are rasied.

Best Lines:

“Time to jumo off a big roof!”

“Something that wasn't right.”

“New temporary friends.”

“He wasn't anywhere.”

“That hole is still a mystery.”

“Severe and fatal.”

“Cash pull out.”

“Ritzy, high class place.”

“Not a great memory at all.”

“Pretty extreme at that point.”

“Brutal reading.”

“Came vertical through that thing.”

“How did he get through that hole?”

“Very far down.”

“It's a ledge.”

“Never afraid of anything.”

“Said it was a squirrel.”

“Move out here for him.”

“Something foul happened.”

“Interest in it faded.”

“Sour at life.”

“Much darker stuff.”

“Safe streets taskforce.”


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