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Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Something Wicked Issue 2 Reviewed

I've no idea what is going on. There is evil in Greendale or something. Salem broods. A mean girl whines and there is no dispute resolution. There is narrative uncertainty. Sabrina is notoriously recalcitrant and her aunts have nefarious secrets. This trades on past glories.

The plot takes one too many melodramatic turns and there is a secret witches council chamber. This was an abject failure. Sabrina does not engage constructively. Sabrina likes a bad boy and relentlessly searches for menaing and or villainous types. There are grim events that are bitter and tumultuous. Trust is long eroded and a real and immediate threat is ignored.

Best Lines:

“You never realize how vulnerable you are until things you always counted on are taken from you.”

“Feeling grim as hell.”

“Here you ever, like, trusted someone so much and then...”

“We are masters of destiny. Both our own and others.”

“Slid into the boyfriend slot.”

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