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Movie Reviews: Allegiant + The Lodgers + Inheritance + Daylight 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Allegiant (2016)

The 'Divergent' movie series will never be finished due to this flopping. Theo James and Naomi Watts star. There were no high expectations. So much for the ending of 'Insurgent', the gate is closed. What horrific incident led to the downfall of humanity? Designer babies apparently.

There is no gloomy inevitability. Tris has a new haircut and resistance to conformity. Maggie Q is barely in this. Where do the Dauntless get their hair product, punk clothes and tattoo ink? The iconography of the factions is still there. Daniel Dae Kim orates. One feels weary of this ad-hoc and episodic movie. This was dangerously incoherent and almost a cartoonish caricature of the YA genre.

There is no building of alliances and nobody works out where the threats are. There is vehement hostility and what lies beyond the walls? Not much. Caleb is desperately afraid. People talk portentously and this was not a wellspring of creativity and ingenuity. There is a quest. Peter annoys and there is no pathos. Tris and Four are hurt children. There are no high moral requirements. The truth is an inconvenience.

There is excoriation and Caleb is crap at wall climbing. Caleb is a harbinger of defeat. How does the city have electricity? How is there water? There is bad VFX. Who built the fancy guns? Maggie Q is killed off. There is a wasteland beyond the wall. Does humanity lie a-mouldering in the grave? Tris and Four set off on their quest with no supplies. What lethal anarchy happened? There are bubbles and flying trucks and talk of nukes and fevered speculation and holograms.

This was nuance free and no person ever sees themself as the bad guy. Toxic and vile people ignite fury and there is no inclusive, compassionate way of looking at the world. There is a Tris shower scene. Sigh. There is no meaningful discussion just exposition. A new vicious cesspool is found. A former airport is seen. Four's mom is unreasonable and intolerant. Where do they get their food? Tris is pure and there is talk of genetic damage to humanity that can't be fixed.

There is talk of Providence and the twist involing Tris' mom makes no sense. Tris has a favoured position. People live in the fringe and there are no consequential decisions. How did nobody know Tris' mom was a plant? People dwell on fate and free will and alternate lives. There is some appealing and unappealing qualities to this film as well as off putting qualities. The 2nd film was just awful and this was unwatchable.

There are questionable decisions and this was preposterous and the HQ looks a bit hotely. There is no substance to this frivolous, completely implausible film which is all adolescent angst and list. People are sanctimonious and Four's mom is actively hostile and this was not mesmerising. There is no poetic seriousness and how did they build all this high tech stuff in a ruined world? Who are the council?

People want Tris to self-exploit. There is attrition and people are fractious. There are infelicities and toxicity and David bores. People are lying and conniving. This was deeply dreary and people scowl so ardently. There is a moral vaccum and there is no trademark drama and no ethical boundaries.

This was not good and people are too fond of punishment, war and misbehaviour. There is mumbling and disgraceful and unpalatable facts. This is not socially complex. Four is in peril and this was not good. The ending is weird and Jeff Daniels, Bill Skarsgard, Xander Berkeley, Zoe Kravitz, Shailene Woodley and Keiynan Lonsdale co star. What blew up at the end?

Best Lines:

“Sometimes walls are there to protect us.”

“Wall must stay closed.”

“Nothing out there.”

“I can live with that.”

“Leaders of the city.”

“Great leaders don't seek power, they're called.”

“Murdering people in support of her regime.”

“Break from the past.”

“Others exist on this planet.”

“Divide us from the world.”

“Really cool upstairs area.”

“Beyond the wall.”

“That time is past.”

“Refuses to stand with us.”

“Crazed mom.”

“Time to see what's out there.”

“What happened here?”

“Somebody seriously messed up the world.”

“Sky's bleeding.”

“Toxins which plague the world.”

“You're clean.”

“Choose excellent.”

“Crossed a line.”

“Guardians of the future. Destiny begins today.”

“Nothing creepy about that.”

“I wasn't born Amity.”

“The damaged were worth saving.”

“You saved a city.”

“Forced out of my faction.”

“So what exactly are you allegiant to?”

“This is what we do.”

“Welcome to the future, we've been waiting for you.”

The Lodgers (2017)

There is crushing inevitability and a completely forgone conclusion in this crappy Irish 'horror'. An abusive brother hurts his sister. Everything that is happening is because of their choices. No one feels bad for them. This was gross.

Best Lines:

“Not my anger you need to fear.”

“What is there to be happy for?”

Inheritance (2020)

Simon Pegg is in this, which makes it crap. This is a tale of irrational, cold, calculating and inhuman people. A family estate is a hellscape and a woman learns she has a fantasy of success. Lily Collins is a DA. This was of little interest and there is improvidence when the DA's hilariously insincere awful rich bastard father dies.

Connie Nielsen is the widow and Chance Crawford is the brother. Collins finds Pegg in a bunker under the estate. He's been down there 30 years but looks fine. Nobody noticed this on the family property before? The bunker man is an unreliable narrator.

This was weak and ineffective and dismal and ghastly. There is no cheesiness. The father was excruciating and this is not interesting. There is bitter, naked agenda and destructive ambtion, cruelty and contempt in this laboured film. The DA has a husband and child and a job she ignores as she obsesses over Pegg.

There is yap and Pegg has a terrible wig and a bad US accent. The family is malignantly dysfunctional and this is a ghastly tale of dynastic anguish. This was discordant and dispiriting and there is disregard for any kind of strong narrative. There are secrets, lies and bad acting. There is talk of bribes and for a DA, she's dumb. This film makes zero sense and Pegg has no eye issues.

How did Pegg get poison whilst chained up in a bunker? There is exposition and this was written to drain audience sympathy. This was terrible and torpid and TPTB try to normalise the bizarre. Avoid this.

Best Lines:

“Some fates that are much worse than death.”

“In our backyard! In our backyard!”

“Built on integrity.”

“Learn how to win.”

“Advocate for the innocent and downtrodden.”

“Pay your for your comapny.”

“I can't hear it!”

“Stop asking quesitons you don't want answers to.”

Daylight (1996)

Stallone, Viggo Mortensen, Dan Hedaya, Amy Brenneman, Karen Young, Claire Bloom, Danielle Harris, Sage Stallone and Mark Rolston star in this disaster movie. Gruff NYers face disaster in a tunnel. There was no level of expectation for this. There is outdated tech, 90s hair and loads and loads of characters.

Stallone is a taxi driver and a former EMT type who was fired for reasons and disgraced for reasons. This does not serve any useful purpose and there is exposition and an accidnet. This disimproves. There is fire and nonsensical and contradictory behaviour and passive observation. There is ropey VFX and how is there air?

We see a melting dinosaur toy and how can they breathe? How is there light? Stallone tireslessly seeks to help. There is yelling and denial of sense and glorification and celebration of Stallone. There is a negative burden and assertions of bad faith and Stallone claims the higest integrity.

There is toxic positivity in this inadequate film full of ailing people. Stallone faces fans and there is bragging and false bravado and warped ideas of manliness. There is disrespectful behaviour in this absurd film which is not a feral pleasure. There are contentious options and public trust is eroded and there is severe distress in this calamitous bomb.

This was objectionable and people have a lack of insight and no motivation to cahnge. This was not satisfactory. This was farcical. There are catastrophic consequences.

Best Lines:

“Lot of toxic waste.”

“Renovation of 72.”

“Get it to Jersey and dump it!”

“This is the tip?”

“Wipe out clear up to the toll booths!”

“So many dead!”

“No second shutdown.”

“Help? You are help!”

“Canned in 95.”

“If you pray, pray.”

“There are no breaks.”

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