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Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume Eleven: Necessary Evil

I skipped volumes nine and ten as I had no interest in the 'Beyond The Grid' storyline. Tommy is the White Ranger in this bold new era. Saba is wielded. Putties are scared and the new black, yellow and red rangers are on the team. Kim is in a pissy mood about Rocky, Aisha and Adam. How did this reinvention happen? The new rangers feel denigrated.

Tommy has side-effects from the white ranger powers. Lord Zedd has arrived and seen off Rita. Lord Zedd is a commanding presence. Some dog/fox thing works for Zedd and orates. Skull has a girlfriend to the horror of Bulk. Meanwhile Jason, Zack and Trini have a secret and are omega rangers in space.

People have reverential respect for Tommy. The cold, callous fox/dog thing is an enemy. People want to ensure a shattering never happens again. The side-effects of Drakkon's actions live on after him. Where are Tommy's family? There is a mention of the Machine Empire. There is a continuing dispute with the fox/dog thing. Tommy's laid up again and this wasn't written for what I wanted to read. This was okay and it has self inflicted mishaps, accidents and disasters.

Best Lines:

“Ignore the rhino-bird!”

“Spending all their time defending this insignificant little rock,”

“Endless failures...incompetence.”

“Training little kids to my be my own personal army? Best way to spend a day.”

“They don't seem to believe in mercy.”

“Super secret space ninjas,”

“Walked through a door into the stars.”

“Vain idolatries.”

“In that time, we've uprooted our lives, changed schools, and somehow kept our parents from finding out we're superheroes...we've fought monsters, learned to drive giant robots,”

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