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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Spaceship Earth' promo


'Arkansas' promo

Liam Hemsworth.

'Military Wives' promo


'Blindpot' 5x11 promo

This is still on? The 100th ep is also the last.

'Star Trek: Lower Decks' trailer

A cartoon!

Best Line:

“Klingon prison stuff.”

Double stuffed Halkidiki olives – yum.

Dark chocolate and almond soya – nice.

Crinkle cut Irish sea salt and crushed black pepper crisps – okay.

Jalapeno philly – bland.

Nosecco – nice.

My ex has absolutely forgotten that I ever existed in his life. My ex seemed kind – kindness has an expiry date and then all you've left with is stupid and inconsiderate. My ex one day felt a lapse in care and responsibility. I forged what I thought was a life-long bond with my ex. It meant nothing, to him. I feel ravaging loneliness. My ex is missing from everything that I do. What is it that I didn't do? Pleasant days are long gone. I feel extreme resentment. My ex has scant regard and regarded our relationship as a finite experience.

There's a comet.

Cucina Pvera.


I won't read 'Fifty Fifty'.

Heard about a new comic: 'Year Zero': when the dead walk, the living run. Also heard about a new comic called 'Hotell': if these walls could scream.

The cinema where I saw 'Cabin Fever' has shut for good.

I'd try cherry sorbet and cranberry habernero. I'd try beer and cheese soup.

Saisie revolutionnaire.

Purse amnesia.

Was Meechum a disposable sexual playing for Underwood on 'House Of Cards'?

A pigeon has invaded our abode.

What is water mint? What is burnt lemon emulsion?

RIP Kelly Preston.

'Goblin Market' was okay.

'Evidence Of Evil' Quote:

“Extremely decent family.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Defecation incident.”

“Forever etched into Irish cultural and social life.”

“Very negative narratives.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Get back to the past.”

“Society's frozen.”

“Enforced isolation.”

“Smoke of death never steps.”

“I found a nazi flag in his bedroom.”

“Amber turd.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Gesture of triumph.”

“Transformed for a generation.”

“Anti-mask activists.”

“Political and emotional connection.”

“Open provocation.”

“Only just enough.”

“History should remember her.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Very little hope.”

“Covid infested prison.”

“Decades of loyalty.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“This needs a lot of correction.”

“Home was taken from her.”

'Dateline' Quote:

“Got married by your cab driver?”

'Only When I Laugh' Quote:

“Shout your symptoms down the bleeding phone.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Failed to secure the support.”

“Not sure how that would be perceived by the public,”

“National uproar.”


“Shocked and shamed at what was happening.”

“Historical grievances.”

“Not considered sufficiently of the right stuff even to merit an interview.”

“New normal looks nothing like the old normal.”


“Active presence.”

“People out there for whom normal can't return.”

“Seemingly loyalty doesn't seem to matter anymore.”

“In their opinion they are making too many calls and they decided to disconnect the line.”

“Martyrdom as weapon.”

“Vicious counter-reation.”

“Viewpoint is impossible to condone.”

“Sordid little tryst in the back of a camper van.”

“Trophy pets.”

“Challenges that are not of our making.”

“Cheating her of the sympathy that would have been her due.”

“Race implies someone will win...”

“Publicly declared intent.”

“Wide-spread inaciton.”

“Resting heart rate was a whale-like 29 beats per minute.”

“Vicious cycle of alienaiton, low expectations and discouragement.”

“Downfall of human dignity.”

“Christian monument built by Justinian.”

“Ferociously propelled.”

“Prevented him from achieving so many things in life.”

“Legal action would follow.”

“Threat of legal action.”

“Rebuffed for anger or indifference.”

“Uttered only one word of interest.”

“Complicity, silence and inaction.”

“Seething at the defeat.”

“Man tried to steal cars while high on crack and holding a chihuahua.”

“Reached for a word there, Ross, and taken the wrong one down from the shelf.”

'The Other One' quote:

“How can he be a geography teacher and a fatberg denier?”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Rural bandits.”

“Almost entirely organised around blood relationships or by intermarriage between clans. This has made them more resistant than other organised criminal groups to state penetration of their operations.”

“Intended to murder him and his bodyguards.”

“Those who are judged to have discredited the name of the family are at risk of being murderd.”

“Wherever they go to escape.”

“Matter other than grapes.”

“Cork dorks.”

“No interest in his children.”

“Something inevitable.”

“She is, after all, his possession.”

“Stumbles into her destiny.”

“One's real life is often the life that one does not lead.”

“The next guy's going to be more frighening.”

“In what was probably considered a sultry manner, though it comes across as more of a threat.”

“Men they thought were losers.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“A wait to see whether anyone actually shows up.”

“Gravely concerned about its future.”

“Orphan of the storm.”

“Not the threat to Europe we pretended it to be.”

“Wisely omits.”

“Delectable pettiness and greed.”

“Chain-smoking trash queen of petty human motives.”

“His emptiness contains multitudes.”

“Incoherent bumbling lunatic.”

“Attacked her with a ferocity that backfired.”

“Disconcerting strangeness.”

“Ruthlessly obsessive.”

“Cannot abide views that run counter to their own.”

“Vociferously opposed.”

“Says it sees it not.”

“Petty rivalries, causal bigotry, patriarchal bullying and simmering resentments over money. Recall the loudmouth uncle who hijacks every gathering, radiating entitlement and braggadocio.”

“Contested wills and a Darwinian culture of brutal one-upmanship.”

“Bullied into an early grave.”

“Apologising is weakness.”

“Supplanted him as heir apparent.”


“Writing and literacy did not develop until 3,200 BC. So assumptions about the thoughts and motives of the countless generations who lived before that time,”

“Insist ever more stridently.”

“The systematic destruction of their cities may have been a necessity of ar.”

“Cursed by underachievement.”

“Bat flu.”

“Driven by anger.”

“Couldn't imagine myself living that way.”

“Nasty treatment.”

“Could do nothing right.”

“All our plans fell away from beneath our feet.”

“Licking the moss in your cellar to stay alive.”

“Cultural presence.”

“Wasn't looking for acceptance or the love of the crowd.”


“Detestable insinuation.”

“Moral certainty.”


“Monstrous regime.”

“Cruel imposition.”

“Eye-rolling dismissal.”

“Disregards woman's thoughts and needs.”

“Desire for correct utterance.”

“Needed friends and money.”


“Something horrdeous must have happened.”


“Conjures images of medieval cauldrons with eels and the tails of large greasy mullets protruding.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quote:

“Endlessly curious about how people lived in the past.”

'Man V Food' Quotes:

“Texas gravy.”

“One of the last remaning.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Didn't run sooner and further,”

“Reliance on a particular kind of genre.”

“Socialites don't do well in federal prisons.”

“Those women's federal prisons are worse than the men's.”

“Ran his house and his lfie.”

“Dodgy connection.”

“Reputational manager.”

“Displayed a capacity for stupidity and arrogance.”


“Desperately keen to be invited to all the right parties, and who was 'assidously on the make'.”

“Died under mysterious cirumstances.”

“Plunged from affection to abuse at a moment's notice.”

“Terrified by the propsect of her father's anger.”

“Edifice of power and wealth.”

“Inelegant end.”

“Penniless arisocrats on the hunt for a rich young heiress to pay the heating bills in their country estates.”

“More feared than loved.”

“Took a header off his yacht.”

“Fabulously but mysteriously wealthy.”

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